The Management Assessment of Senior Executives is distinguished by StageSHIFT's deep expertise in Vertical Leadership Development. The Vertical Leadership Assessment Process (VLAP) incorporates the Vertical Holistic Leadership Profile (VHLP) and a distinctive series of live exercises assessed by later stage executive coaches that offer a clear view into a leader's current perspective and repertoire.

The StageSHIFT Vertical Leadership Assessment Process is distinctive in a number of ways:

  1. It is steeped in a deep understanding of the stages of Vertical Leadership Development demonstrated as behaviours and dynamics in the workplace.
  2. It is supported by a sophisticated 3D Vertical Holistic Leadership Model incorporating 4 Lines, 5 Leads and 6 Levels of Development from Specialist to Alchemist.
  3. It is designed for senior executives and strategic leaders to raise self-awareness and illuminate their developmental trajectory while facilitating talent management and succession strategies.
  4. It is not muddied by the transference, gaming and after-taste of 360 instruments that also take up significant time and energy of numerous people.
  5. A focused wide lens reveals the key mindsets and practices that epitomise the most effective leaders through a brief series of critical live exercises.
  6. The assessments are conducted by StageSHIFT Coaches all of whom have been assessed at Synergist or beyond.
  7. The individual VHLP self-assessment generates an automated comprehensive report and workbook that invites reflection and leads into a powerful Discovery Debrief with a StageSHIFT later stage executive coach.
  8. The Aggregate Leadership Capacity Analysis highlights systemic unconscious bias and cultural norms that can also be addressed and/or highlighted in ensuing strategic initiatives.
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The 3D Vertical Holistic Leadership Model VHLM

The VHLM holds 156 statements based on significant research and substantial experience in vertical leadership development in an organisational context. It is designed for senior executives.

There are 4 Holistic LINES of Development, 5 Behavioural LEADS of Leadership and 6 Vertical LEVELS of Development through to Alchemist. Each element is articulated at each stage of expanding consciousness and self-mastery. Shadow elements limiting leadership effectiveness are also included as Offence and Defence elements.

The leadership capabilities are described as behaviours incorporating each of the five elements within the process of leading, the 5 LEADS, from a 4th/5th Person Perspective: Mindset, Motive, Meme, Means and Mode.

We invite you to evolve

As you consciously evolve, you gain greater mastery in your life. You will discover how to navigate uncertainty and transcend complexity with ease. You will feel more empowered to lead your life and be significantly more effective in leading and developing others at divisional, regional, functional and global levels.

Choose to become a more inspiring purposeful leader so you can evolve your self, your enterprise, your ecosystem, and contribute to creating a more sustainable, healthy, equitable and joyful world for all.

Take the StageSHIFT Vertical Holistic Leadership Profile

Discover your individual Stage Spectrum and your unique Strengths, Stressors, Blind Spots and Stretches relative to your own vertical growth. Look through the window of your future and into the shadow of your past to unlock your potential and expedite your evolution with deeper insight and greater confidence.

This instrument takes a 4th person perspective to leadership development. It is designed to raise self-awareness and enable you to appreciate your vertical journey in a relatively sophisticated way based on over 10 years of research and practice. The design offers a thematic analysis of leadership character and presence in contrast to the conventional gap analysis of capabilities against role requirements or 360 evaluations.

The process involves assessing yourself in relation to the extent you habitually demonstrate a blend of 144 vertically-based leadership capabilities and shadow elements. It will take you approximately one hour of focused time to complete although you can pause if needed.

You will automatically receive a colourful and sophisticated 40p Report. It includes:

  • An explanation of Vertical Leadership Development and Enterprise Evolution
  • Your Individual Profile and Ratings including the Vertical Holistic Wheel of Evolution
  • A series of questions to reflect on your Strengths, Stressors, Blind Spots and Stretches
  • An explanation of how to expedite your vertical holistic leadership development and
  • A series of particular steps you can take to realise more of your latent potential.
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If you would like to use the VHLP for a broader population or have any questions, please connect with Dr Antoinette Braks.

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