The Vertical Holistic Leadership Profile Certification

This Profile is designed to enable executives to more rapidly and easily access Vertical Leadership Development. It is an automated Self-Assessment based on their self-rating of 160 leadership capabilities and shadow elements in the 3-dimensional StageSHIFT Vertical Holistic Leadership Model.

The process and report is automated yet sophisticated. The Assessment takes 60-90-mins. New insights into a person's Stage Spectrum have the power to ignite their vertical development to later stages. The reflective exercises in the Report will also uplift self-awareness and the Discovery Debrief with a later stage StageSHIFT VHLP Coach will offer revelations and guidance to realise later stages of development.

Becoming Certified in this Program entitles you to:

  1. Offer the VHLP direct to your clients and people in your client organisations
  2. Hold inspiring Discovery Debriefs with the people who take the VHLP with you
  3. Join global StageSHIFT assignments as a member of the StageSHIFT community.

The StageSHIFT PROFILE Certification Program

This Program is for StageSHIFT Executive Coaches and Leadership Development Consultants to access and debrief the StageSHIFT Vertical Holistic Leadership Profile.

The Profile is designed to introduce strategic leaders and senior executives to Vertical Development and to StageSHIFT's proven, innovative and rapid approach to enable them to shift to later stages in their strategic holistic leadership development.


  1. The Stages of Leadership Development
  2. The StageSHIFT Vertical 2-Step Square Dance
  3. The Spectrum StageSHIFT Operating System
  4. The Stages of Vertical Enterprise Evolution


  1. Foundations of the Vertical Holistic Leadership Model
  2. The VHLP Profile and 40p Report
  3. The VHLP Discovery Debrief Process
  4. Our Collaborative Affiliate Relationship


  1. Affiliate Setup with Unique Weblink to Sell Direct
  2. Undertake 2 StageSHIFT VHLP Discovery Debriefs
  3. Attend 3 VHLP Live 90-min Discovery Dialogues
  4. VHLP in Executive Coaching and  Management Assessment

Your Time Investment

The Program involves

  • 12 hours of Online Videos, Slides and Notes covering each of the above 
  • Inviting 2 prospective/current clients to take the VHLP, reviewing their Reports and providing them with a Discovery Debrief after Part II
  • Attending at least three 90-min Discovery Dialogues held every four weeks on Fridays following Part II to inquire into the interpretation of VHLP Reports, implementation of  Discovery Debriefs and sales of Management Assessment.



Fridays 12pm CET

Mostly every 4 weeks 

12 Events pa

3 September 2021 

1 October 2021

29 October 2021

26 November 2021

14 January 2022

11 February 2022

11 March 2022

8 April 2022

6 May 2022

3 June 2022

1 July 2022

29 July 2022

2 September 2022

30 September 2022

28 October 2022

25 November 2022

Continuing in 2023



Stages of Vertical Leadership Development

A review of the motives, means, modes and memes of Vertical Holistic Stage Leadership Development.

The Vertical 2-Step Square Dance

A review of the 2-Step Square Dance exploring the structure and process of Vertical Leadership Development.

Spectrum StageSHIFT Operating System

The Centres of Gravity across the Stage Spectrum in The StageSHIFT Holistic Energy Operating System.

Stages of Vertical Enterprise Evolution

The interwoven simultaneous interplay between Leadership and Enterprise Evolution relative to Role Levels.


Vertical Holistic Leadership Model VHLM

The 4D VHLM Model illuminates 6 Vertical Levels, 5 Leads, 4 Lines and 3 Limits of Leadership Capabilities and associated Shadow elements.

StageSHIFT Leadership Profile and Report

A developmental inquiry into the Strengths, Stressors, Blind Spots and Stretches in relation to robust vertical and horizontal growth.

The VHLP Discovery Debrief Process

Facilitating Reflections and Revelations through to a Mapping process to appreciate the resonance of emergent themes and growth avenues. 

StageSHIFT Transformative Vertical Coaching

How to create an empowering and inspiring Discovery Debrief by moving beyond Developmental Coaching with insights and revelations.


Undertake 2 VHLP Discovery Debriefs

Invite two clients to undertake the VHLP and enjoy a Discovery Debrief with you. Attend the Discovery Dialogues to gain support.

Attend 3 VHLP Discovery Dialogues

Prepare for and follow-up on your StageSHIFT Discovery Debriefs by attending 3 Live Q&A Discovery Dialogues and continuing as needed.

VHLP in Coaching and Management Assessment

The VHLP automated Assessment is ideal for before and after Coaching Assignments and for Management Assessments across top 200 leaders.

Our Collaborative Affiliate Partnership

Your own unique weblink to offer the VHLP to your clients direct from your website sharing the income, and automated direct purchase of VHLPs for clients.

Becoming Certified in this Program enables you to:

  1. Offer the VHLP direct to your clients and client organisations
  2. Hold uplifting Discovery Debriefs with the people who take the VHLP with you 
  3. Customise your Coaching and Leadership Programs with before and after VHLPs
  4. Share VHLP customised Aggregate Reports and new Research Findings with your clients.
Download a Sample VHLP Report

The VHLP is distinctive from other Vertical Assessments

It is based on demonstrated leadership capabilities rather than awareness

  • The WUSCT sentence-prompt questionnaires are accurate indicators of awareness
  • This assessment focuses on demonstrated leadership capabilities in the workplace
  • The WUSCT-based Assessments tend to over-estimate demonstrable leadership capability
  • The accuracy of the VHLP depends on the participant's self-awareness and objectivity
  • The VHLP focuses on the Spectrum of Stages and may be more accurate the second time

The process is fully automated and the VHLP Report is delivered immediately

  • There is no time delay between undertaking the VHLP Assessment and receiving the Report
  • This means participants do need to be well briefed in advance so they know what to expect
  • This also makes it possible to undertake hundreds of assessments simultaneously
  • The VHLP is an ideal Management Assessment Instrument as part of Introducing Vertical

The 40p VHLP Report is sophisticated and instructive with reflective exercises

  • At StageSHIFT our focus is on the adventure of a Spectrum StageSHIFT in vertical development 
  • The Report therefore offers substantial information on how a person can expedite their journey
  • It also offers a sophisticated research-based overview on the nature of vertical development
  • The Report includes analysis and invites reflection on Strengths, Stressors, Blind Spots and Stretches

"The higher our self-expression and the deeper our self-awareness, the richer our life experience and the greater our soul evolution." ~ Antoinette Braks

Meet Dr Antoinette Braks

Antoinette Braks is a Master Certified Leadership Coach and Founder of StageSHIFT Coaching. She completed her PhD in Transformative Coaching in Vertical Leadership Development and is the author of Executive Coaching in Strategic Holistic Leadership: The Drivers and Dynamics of Vertical Development (2020). Antoinette was awarded a CEO Today Management Consulting Award in Leadership Coaching (2020)

Her previous experience includes C-suite leadership of People & Culture in the energy sector; Regional HR Management with Shell International; Head of Leadership Capital Solutions with Korn Ferry Asia Pacific; and Founder of the Coaching Division for Hudson Talent Management Australia.

Antoinette is highly purposeful in her intention to contribute to creating a more sustainable, healthy, equitable and joyful world. She co-leads vertical leadership development and enterprise evolution with StageSHIFT coaches around the world to guide strategic leaders to realise their potential to Synergist and Alchemist, and enterprises to Green and Teal accommodating all levels and all stages of vertical development.

Register for the VHLP Certification Program

The VHLP Certification Program is open to StageSHIFT Coaches and those on current programs. If you have not yet met Dr Antoinette Braks, please arrange a meeting with her.

The Recommended Retail Price of the VHLP is €185 and, with a Discovery Debrief, €885. You will quickly be able to recover your investment in the VHLP Certification with two VHLP Debriefs.

All coaches and consultants working in developing 2nd world economies such as Eastern Europe are welcome to use the coupon EAST to receive a 20% reduction.

You will receive instant access to the Online Program from 1 August 2021.

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