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Dr Antoinette J Braks

Hi, I'm Antoinette Braks

Founder of StageSHIFT

I grew up in New Zealand and then travelled the world while building a career in People & Culture, Leadership Development, and Executive Coaching. While rising to the challenge of becoming a more effective strategic leader, I invested lots of time and energy into becoming a more conscious person.

It turned out that this combination of strategic holistic leadership activated my vertical growth and enabled me to confidently lead Culture Evolutions for organizations, and coach other Executive Leaders to do the same.

I've distilled this transformation in vertical development into the StageSHIFT Coaching Methodology for Executive Coaches and Senior Leaders. It enables you to set purposeful aspirations, orchestrate engagement, resolve shadow, uplift culture, redefine identity, and cultivate an inspiring leadership presence.

You too can use this proven systemic approach to unlock your potential as a Coach or Leader, and start leading collaborative evolutionary transformation to co-create a more sustainable, healthy, and equitable world while enjoying a more purposeful, meaningful, and fulfilling life.

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Executive & Team Coaching

Tune into your latent intrinsic potential by developing a more advanced expanded mindset, and gain access to the proven StageSHIFT frameworks and techniques to become a more inspiring leader and executive team. Create a more mindful, purposeful, collaborative and innovative values-based organization where everyone takes responsibility for their socioeconomic impact.

You'll be able to become much more effective despite complexity, diversity, uncertainty and volatility. You'll enable your organization to thrive and flourish while building a more sustainable, healthy and equitable world

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Leadership Mindset Development 

Conventional leadership programs focus on skillset and horizontal development so leaders become more effective in organizations.

StageSHIFT delivers accelerated post-conventional leadership transformation focused on expanding the growth mindset to a calm, clear, open mind purposefully engaged in leading the broader ecosystem cognisant of all stakeholders including future generations.

We offer a customisable scalable solution including online resources that  integrate organizational transformation to co-create a Leadership Culture Evolution.

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StageSHIFT Coaching Certification

Our Certification Program enables you to make 5 quantum shifts in your coaching capacity:

  1. The shift in self-identity to embodied Synergist with a Transforming Mind

  2. The shift from Developmental to 3rd generation Transformative Coaching

  3. The shift to integrating strategic systemic organizational leadership in coaching. 

  4. The shift to incorporating shadow resolution in your coaching.

  5. The shift in proven knowhow to enable your clients to become Synergists.

We also offer a capability-based Vertical Holistic Leadership Profile Assessment for leaders in organizations in our VHLP Certification Program.

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