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StageSHIFT Coaches have their centre of gravity at Synergist and beyond. We adopt a transformative coaching approach explicitly proven to expedite vertical development to later stages.

Transformative coaching is a quantum shift beyond developmental coaching. It involves asking leading questions as well as open questions, and offering direct invitations to the coachee to consider the insights and revelations of the StageSHIFT Coach. 

By accessing the breadth and depth of perspective of the later stage transformative coach in a more expansive coaching space, clients accelerate their vertical development to Synergist and beyond.

What is StageSHIFT Coaching?

A comprehensive outline of the nature of StageSHIFT Coaching and our Synergist Leadership Programs


Our Evolutionary Purpose

To inspire, ignite and integrate a strategic holistic evolution by expediting the vertical development of strategic leaders, conscious businesses and executive coaches so we can demonstrate more conscious inspiring visionary leadership.

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Our Aspirational Vision

A flourishing, eco-centric world where society is built on conscious business, equitable opportunity, healthy lifestyles, mutual respect, community wellbeing, and a sustainable regenerative planet where we can all live in joy and peace.

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To be POWERFUL as inspiring, visionary, transformative leaders who embody and engender Peace, Openness, Wisdom, Evolution, Reverence, Freedom, Unity and Love to lead more purposeful, loving, abundant and fulfilling lives.

The StageSHIFT Coaching Value Proposition

  • Empowering strategic leaders to take radical accountability, hold courageous caring conversations and align with their values to liberate latent potential and lead strategic cultural transformation.
  • Inspiring strategic leaders to uplift their organisations and liberate their latent talent to realise aspirational visionary purposeful outcomes that will enable the enterprise to thrive and flourish.
  • Inviting strategic leaders to apply neuroscience, mindfulness and psychodynamics, and reframe narrative and resolve shadow to integrate their identity and embody their aspirational self.
  • Enabling strategic leaders to lead others to articulate an aspirational purpose, evolutionary vision and inspiring values, optimise flow and psychological safety in systemic organisational dynamics.
  • Encouraging strategic leaders to generate a more sustainable, healthy and equitable future by giving voice to universal principles and orchestrating wide stakeholder and community engagement.

These dimensions incorporate the drivers and dynamics in Vertical Evolution that has been proven to expedite a quantum shift in leadership capacity to the top 10% of leaders at Synergist and simultaneously enable the enterprise to evolve to Green and Teal. The StageSHIFT approach has been shown to be 4 times more effective in 10% of the time invested. Accelerate your Vertical Evolution now.

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Antoinette Braks


Antoinette Braks

PhD(c)   MCC   PCAS Coaching Supervision   MBA.LBS   MA   Dip Intl Mktg (Hons)   LLB (Hons)   BA  

Antoinette Braks is a thought leader in vertical leadership development. She has a proven track record in enabling strategic leaders and executive coaches accomplish rapid shifts to later stages of vertical development and become more inspiring, visionary leaders who can lead the transformation and reinvention of today's world.

Her new book: Executive Coaching in Strategic Holistic Leadership - The Drivers and Dynamics in Vertical Development is available now. Antoinette is also the 2020 winner of the CEO Today Management Consulting Award for Leadership Coaching.

She is a Master Executive Coach, strategic facilitator and leadership consultant who brings deep insight and a global business perspective to her transformative work with C-suite leaders, executive teams and whole organisations to realise amazingly swift transformative outcomes. Antoinette is renowned for coaching others to transcend the turmoil, trust emergence and transform their world to become more inspiring, strategic and transformative, visionary leaders.

She has presented at many global Coaching, Leadership and Integral Conferences to share her Vertical Development Theory. She also leads StageSHIFT workshops for C-suite, divisional and high potential leaders, and Masterclasses for advanced coaches. Her StageSHIFT SYNERGIST Leadership Program can be customised and scaled to match the organisational context by blending e-learning with group workshops, team coaching and executive coaching.

Set up a meeting with Antoinette to find out more about the Coaching Certification Program or, for strategic leaders, how to inspire and ignite a strategic cultural transformation of your organisation so together, we can create a more sustainable, healthy and equitable world.

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Antoinette Braks Coaching Profile
Heather Monro

Recognition for StageSHIFT

  • Brilliant, confident, bold, generous.
  • Inspiring inputs for transformative coaching in the context of vertical leadership development.
  • Elegant and sophisticated in its simplicity. Antoinette presents a congruent and holistic model of vertical development that helps us make sense of how we engage with the world at each stage of development.
  • A powerful model for personal growth and transformative development.
  • I wouldn't change a thing. The pace and balance between theory and experiential was spot on.
  • Excellent insight into the stages of development of leaders. Be prepared to have your own thinking about yourself challenged (positively) so that you come away having identified even more work to do - on yourself!
  • A brilliant opportunity to uncover insights into how leaders develop and where they need to be to create sustainable profitable organisations that work for employees, customers and wider society.
  • The perfect introduction into how to coach senior executives in personal growth that delivers sustainable organisational success.
  • This was a great opportunity to learn something new and to gain fresh perspectives on development.
  • Antoinette’s depth of knowledge was clear with detailed linking to relevant related research.
  • Totally impressed with your knowledge in this space Antoinette!! Thanks for helping in my understanding.
  • Totally awesome - by far the most exciting topic I’ve ever seen on an EMCC conference agenda. MORE of this stuff please.
  • Really great session, highly relevant and useful content to help me to reflect on my coaching, my clients and my own development.
  • Very interesting. One of the only sessions where I can say I learnt something completely new.
  • Engaging, conveyed a deep understanding of her subject in a practical and applied way. Impressive command of subject.