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Vertical Leadership Development

8 April 2020
Vertical Development Theory

The 3 Underlying Principles of Vertical Leadership Development


Global Integral Awakens

26-31 May, 2020 Siofok Hungary
4th Integral European Conference

Vertical Development Theory (VDT)

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EMCC Annual Global Coaching Conference

1-3 June 2020 Paris
26th Annual Global Conference

Diversity in How We Perceive & Interpret the World Around Us


Coaching Meets Research: Coaching Essentials 1980-2050

9-10 June 2020 Olten Switzerland
6th International Coaching Conference

The Integration of Coaching Practice wtih Empirical Research

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Creating a World We Want to Live In

24-27 June Iceland
10th European Conference in Positive Psychology

The Correlation Between Positive Psychology & Developmental Psychology

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EMCC Research Conference 2020

2-3 July 2020 London
10th International Research Conference

Transformative Executive Coaching in Leadership re Vertical Development Theory (VDT)

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Conference Events, Webinars and Masterclasses

  • I liked this talk the best. “Organisations that are stuck in old structures is our limiting factor.” She summed it up in one go. 
  • This lady was next level! Rarely is it that you meet someone who has transcended to the next level of understanding humans and our ability to grow. Amazing speaker that I could listen to all day.
  • Antoinette was wonderful and engaging ... I have some great thought starters to take with me and a shifted view which is exciting.
  • The best of the 2 days. Recent research. Powerful and engaging tone.
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Coaching Psychology Henley Business School

16 Jan 2020 Online
Coaching Research Findings

The Drivers & Dynamics in Transformative Coaching

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EMCC Coaching Practice Webinar

28 Jan 2020 Online
Professionalising Your Practice Series

Coaching Effectiveness in Vertical Leadership Development


EMCC Ireland

20 Feb 2020 Dublin
Pathway to Transformative Development

The Transformative StageSHIFT Pathway in Vertical Development

  • Inspiring inputs for transformative coaching in the context of vertical leadership development.
  • Provided a framework for leadership coaching that is sustainable and delivers results.
  • Excellent insight into the stages of development of leaders. Be prepared to have your own thinking about yourself challenged (positively) so that you come away having identified even more work to do - on yourself!
  • This was a great opportunity to learn something new and to gain fresh perspectives on development. 
  • A brilliant opportunity to uncover insights into how leaders develop and where they need to be to create sustainable profitable organisations that work for employees, customers and wider society.
  • The perfect introduction into how to coach senior executives in personal growth that delivers sustainable organisational success.
  • Elegant and sophisticated in its simplicity. Antoinette presents a congruent and holistic model of vertical development that helps us make sense of how we engage with the world at each stage of development.
  • A powerful model for personal growth and transformative development.
  • I wouldn't change a thing. The pace and balance between theory and experiential was spot on.
  • Total rating of Masterclass: 5.8/6

EMCC Research Conference

4-5 July 2019 Oxford
9th International Research Conference

Executive Coaching to Liberate Later Stage Vertical Development

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EMCC Ireland National Conference

24-26 Oct 2019 Dublin
How to Respond to Evolutionary Change in the Workplace

Swift Evolutionary Shifts in Leadership Effectiveness

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PRAESTA   International Conference

14 Nov 2019 Sitges Spain
New Coaching Trends

Transformative Executive Coaching in Vertical Development

Antoinette came to our international coaching conference and ran a session on stage leadership development for us.  The audience had had mixed exposure to vertical learning and Antoinette covered a lot of ground.  She spoke eloquently about how to liberate later stage development using the drivers that she’s tested through her research.  The workshop was illuminating and encouraged us to think radically about our own purpose and aspirations as coaches. ~ Louise Sheppard, Partner, Praesta LLP, London

EMCC Annual Conference

24-26 Apr 2019 Dublin
9th International Coaching, Mentoring & Supervision Conference

Transformative Executive Coaching in Later Stage Vertical Development

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Integral European Regathering

24-26 May 2019 Vienna

The Spirit, Self and Shadow in Holistic Vertical Leadership Development

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International Conference Coaching Psychology

6-7 June 2020 London

The Stages of Vertical Development & Leadership Effectiveness

  • Antoinette’s depth of knowledge was clear with detailed linking to relevant related research.
  • Totally impressed with your knowledge in this space Antoinette!! Thanks for helping in my understanding.
  • Totally awesome - by far the most exciting topic I’ve ever seen on an EMCC conference agenda. MORE of this stuff please.
  • Really great session, highly relevant and useful content to help me to reflect on my coaching, my clients and my own development.
  • Great tools for shift and experience with different tools explained.
  • Very interesting. One of the only sessions where I can say I learnt something completely new.
  • Brilliant, confident, bold, generous.
  • Engaging, conveyed a deep understanding of her subject in a practical and applied way. Impressive command of subject.
  • Pace was fast but done in service to audience questions.