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INTRO. VHLD and VHLP Certification

The Introduction to Vertical Holistic Leadership Development covers 3 Modules

  1. The Psychology of Vertical Development
  2. The Structure of Vertical Development
  3. The Nature of Vertical Development.

The Program includes 3 sets of RADAR Notes and Inquiry, 3 * 1¾-hr. Live Group Discovery Dialogues, and a VHLP Self-Assessment for yourself with a Discovery Debrief.

The VHLP Certification Program covers:

  1. The StageSHIFT VHLP Model
  2. Its Application in Organizations
  3. The Executive Experience
  4. The VHLP Discovery Prebrief
  5. The VHLP Discovery Debrief
  6. The VHLP Unique Value Proposition

It includes 6 sets of RADAR Notes and Inquiry, 6 * 1¾-hr Live Group Discovery Dialogues with Timeline Notes and Recordings; and 2 VHLP Assessments for your client executives.

By offering these to clients accompanied by a Discovery Debrief, you can quickly recoup your investment in this Program.

VHLD/VHLP Community Discovery Dialogues 

Your VHLP Certification also includes participation in a seres of 10 complimentary VHLP Discovery Dialogues in the following year to review and diagnose VHLP Reports and inquire further into VHLD.

I look forward to welcoming you to the combined Program and the growing and flourishing global community of StageSHIFT Coaches.

Best wishes,


What People Are Saying:

The VHLP Certification provides a later generation Vertical Holistic Leadership Model and a multifaceted systemic view of vertical development. It teaches how to have a deep developmental conversation with a person who undertook the questionnaire. The advantage of the VHLP questionnaire is that it highlights specific areas where the development is most likely to bring about a major vertical shift.

Ekaterina Surkova, VHLP Certified Coach

The ability to draw out insights from my VHLP in a clear and encouraging manner greatly increased my awareness of myself as a leader. From the outset the questions posed in the VHLP made me reflect on a deeper level. Powerful insights for clear action emerged for me as a result. StageShift coaching and the VHLP adds a different layer to leadership development that supports leaders and the organisations they lead to add greater value to their stakeholders, communities and employees.

AB, Director Leadership, Central Bank of Ireland

The Vertical Holistic Leadership Profile was the best, most useful piece of reading I have ever done. I read it cover to cover three times. My own results aside, I learned so much about what leadership really means. I found the “Holistic” approach especially enriching – it goes well beyond the most evolved leadership concepts I have come across so far.

NSB, Senior Executive Leader, Ingram Micro

My VHLP Discovery Debrief session was exactly what I needed. I had been seeking answers and tools in a variety of different places to pull myself forward to my next step. I was fascinated and inspired by the way it systemized and helped me see the patterns very clearly. It gave me a deeper explanation for a lot of the issues that I was facing, as well as concrete and practical actions to further my development. In short it was like being recognized for who I really am and thus every comforting word and clear action rang crystal clear in every part of my being.

JHN, Senior Talent Executive, Oatly