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StageSHIFT INTRODUCTION to Vertical Leadership Development (VLD) incl. VAT if applic.

PAYMENT OPTIONS   If you coach largely in the public sector (>80%) or are self-funding your program as an executive leader, please use the coupon SECTOR to receive a 15% saving. If you are coaching or working in a developing economy, you are welcome to use the coupon ECONOMY to receive a 25% saving. 

This Program is Designed for Coaches and Leaders Everywhere

Vertical Leadership Development (VLD) is the fastest growing field of inquiry in Leadership Development today. It is essential for senior strategic leaders to shift to the later stages of Synergist and Alchemist if we are to cut through the complexity, transcend the volatility, and embrace the uncertainty of living in a more chaotic evolving world. 

StageSHIFT integrates many lines of Vertical Development to arrive at a holistic approach to VLD. We incorporate the Motives, Means, Morals, and Memes of VLD as well as the latest scientific findings to introduce you to an amazing structural landscape of how we elevate to later more expansive levels of human consciousness.

  • Vertical Leadership Development Psychology

A review of the motives (Maslow), means (Kegan), morals (Kohlberg) and memes (Graves) of Vertical Holistic Leadership Evolution, integrating levels of consciousness (Hawkins).

  • 2-Step Square Dance Spectrum StageSHIFT

A review of the Tiers, and 2-Step Square Dance to explore the pioneering research that led to the systemic architectural that underlies the process of VLD (Loevinger, Cook-Greuter, O’Fallon).

  • Holistic StageSHIFTs in Consciousness

A review of the power of the Centres of Gravity across the Stage Spectrum and the impact of our flourishing human faculties in The StageSHIFT Holistic Energy Operating System (Braks).

The 12-Week Program

In this 12-Week Program, a 4-Week Cycle repeats three times. To make the most of the Program, you will devote 2-hours/week in either study, dialogue, reflection, or application.

Week 1     A set of Self-Study Videos and Notes created and curated by Dr Antoinette Braks will take you deeply into the theory and concepts, their application and implications.

Week 2     A Group Webinar by way of a  Discovery Dialogue hosted by Dr Antoinette Braks to explore the materials, deepen your inquiry, and offer new insights will extend your appreciation of each topic.

Week 3     A period of reflection when you can choose to complete and submit the associated assignment to integrate your understanding and obtain individual feedback from Dr Antoinette Braks or post online.

Week 4     A peer-to-peer dyad or triad with your colleagues to share with each other what you have learned, and wonder about. You are welcome to post any reflections and questions in the SLACK channel.


The Program will launch on Thursday 6 and Friday 7 October 2022 with the first set of Self-Study Resources. Please register on or before 10 October 2022.

The Discovery Dialogues will take place at 7pm/11am CEST/CET on Thursdays/Fridays (choose one) on 13/14 October, 10/11 November, and 8/9 December 2022. The Peer Collaborations will take place at the same time a fortnight later. The Program completes just before Xmas.

Enjoy an enriching and intensive Transformative Vertical Leadership Group Coaching Program immersed in the world of Vertical Leadership Development from its psychological roots to the most advanced breakthroughs in the Holistic Leadership Development of our self-expression, self-awareness, life experience, and soul evolution!

About Dr Antoinette Braks

Dr Antoinette Braks has a PhD in Developmental Psychology and Transformative Coaching from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management, an MBA from London Business School, and graduated LLB(Hons) / BA(Pol Sci). She won two University Prizes for outstanding achievement while undertaking an MA in Management Research, and has completed Advanced Studies in Coaching Supervision at Oxford Brookes University.

Antoinette’s career includes EGM of People and Culture in the Energy sector; leading Strategic HR with Shell across Latin America and Africa while based in London; leading Leadership Capital Solutions for Korn Ferry Asia Pacific from Sydney; and she co-founded the Executive Coaching Division for Hudson Talent Management Australia. Antoinette has also led vertical transformations with 1000p organizations that led to a 20% increase in Leadership Effectiveness in one year, and a 30% increase in People Engagement in six months. Earlier in her career, the Business Revenues of a 50p trading company increased >100% in 3-months.

Antoinette has over 3,500 hours of individual, team, and group executive coaching experience at the most senior levels of organizations across the private and public sectors. She is a Master Certified Coach (EMCC), and won the CEO Today Management Consulting Award for Leadership Coaching in 2020. She is the author of Strategic Holistic Executive Coaching: The Drivers and Dynamics of Vertical Development (McGraw Hill, 2020) and has had articles published in academic journals. Antoinette also leads StageSHIFT Vertical Executive and Team Coaching Certification Programs, and Vertical Leadership Culture Evolution Programs.

Antoinette is an eternal student, prolific reader, and itinerant traveller who divides her time between Europe and Australia. She has raised three children as a solo parent, and is cognisant of developing an increasingly healthy and simple lifestyle while purposefully contributing to socio-economic evolution.

What Clients have said:

Antoinette’s coaching approach is highly thought provoking, collaborative and uplifting. She has challenged and supported me to articulate concepts and ideas that have been just beyond my reach. I am already benefiting from more congruence with my evolutionary aspirations and clarity regarding my strategic direction. The coaching is helping me to more effectively generate transformative change and liberate the energy of potential bound up in human hearts and souls.

Heather Monro

She is one of the most extraordinary human beings I have met. An inspiring person with a remarkably sharp intellect, lots of love, tons of professional experience combined with an even more remarkable wisdom and spiritual consciousness.

Thomas Bjerkhede

Antoinette is the most aspirational, knowledgeable and loving leader I have came across. She is the go-to thought leader, mentor and guide in the field of vertical development.

Sharifah AlQudsy

I enjoy my coaching meetings with Antoinette principally because I find myself uncomfortable. She continually challenges my normalized way of thinking. The coaching is not a linear process. It’s emergent, disruptive and even disconcerting - that’s where the magic is. Antoinette considers things from a deeper dynamic perspective. Her focus on embracing our uniqueness is inspiring and amazingly effective.

Greg Ellis EGM Opal Transport

Antoinette is one of only three Thought Leaders I know who credibly and passionately integrates business and spirituality. It’s rare, it’s profound, and it’s much needed in the world today. Her brilliant intellect, fearless consulting, coaching and OD skills, have generated a great suite of offerings for leaders.

Emma Pearson

Occasionally we meet folks who bring a unique perspective to strategic conversations. Antoinette is one such person, drawing on a wonderful understanding in so many aspects of life and business.

Richard Boggon Regional Manager

Your creative and spiritual thinking has impacted so positively on my life this year. I reflect back and think about how far I have come with your assistance along the way. Antoinette is a sensitive, creative and highly gifted coach. Her ability to coach senior leaders through the strategic maze of government while they balance their personal development is her strength. She is an Executive Coach of the highest calibre.

Jane Simmons, Executive Director

Antoinette has a unique ability to recognize, understand and explain complex leadership issues. Attuning my inner self and harnessing my authenticity to be more innovative and strategic awoke the inner warrior in me as a leader of my organization.

Gary Groves Regional Executive Director

Antoinette is one of the most brilliant coaches I have ever experienced. Both gentle and direct, intuitive and clear, she generously and courageously shares her wisdom.

Karin Hamrin

I strongly believe this is “the real deal” in executive leadership development. As a humble attempt, I would say that it is unrivalled in its blend of science and applied wisdom, and in the inner more conscious self that evolves in embodied leadership presence, leading directly into culture change.

Paul Smith