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StageSHIFT Vertical Holistic Leadership Profile Assessment, Debrief and Development

Discover the power of Vertical Holistic Leadership Development to upgrade your life and career. Our unique focus is both Self and System, integrated simultaneously as we develop the mature Synergist identity and beyond to Alchemist.

This Program Modules:

  1. PREVIEW to the Program to optimize your participation
  2. Take the VHLP Self-ASSESSMENT including 156 elements from Specialist to Alchemist
  3. Online Materials on the PSYCHOLOGY of VHLD
  4. Review your VHLP REPORT to discover your resonance with your Strengths, Stressors, Blind  Spots and Stretches
  5. Online Materials on the STRUCTURE of VHLD
  6. Enjoy an Individual DISCOVERY DEBRIEF and deep inquiry into your findings with your StageSHIFT Coach or Dr Antoinette Braks
  7. Online Materials on the NATURE of VHLD
  8. Complete the EVOLUTIONARY MAP for your customized Conscious Development over the next 12-months.

The Self-Paced Program includes:

  • 3 Online Modules each with 3 Videos and Extensive Notes
  • The VHLP Assessment offering a comprehensive 40p Report
  • An Individual 90-min Discovery Debrief with Dr Antoinette Braks or your StageSHIFT Coach
  • The Expert Guidance to create your own customized Evolutionary Map for your Conscious Development over the next 12-months. 

The Online Materials will be accessible as soon as you register. You'll receive an email to complete the VHLP.

You'll be able to book your Individual Discovery Debriefs with Dr Antoinette Braks or your StageSHIFT Coach to take place as soon as you're ready.


During registration, you can also opt in to complete the Global Leadership Profile and receive a second 40p Vertical Report based on an expert assessment of your completed Sentence Prompts.

You will also receive the accompanying StageSHIFT Journey Report to add insight and context to your findings, and enjoy an additional 90-min Discovery Debrief with Dr Antoinette Braks to reveal and resolve shadow themes and patterns.

I'm delighted to welcome you to StageSHIFT!

Dr Antoinette Braks

Any questions, please email me: [email protected] 

What Clients have said:

I strongly believe this is “the real deal” in executive leadership development. As a humble attempt, I would say that it is unrivalled in its blend of science and applied wisdom, and in the inner more conscious self that evolves in embodied leadership presence, leading directly into culture change.

Paul Smith

Antoinette is one of the most brilliant coaches I have ever experienced. Both gentle and direct, intuitive and clear, she generously and courageously shares her wisdom.

Karin Hamrin

Antoinette has a unique ability to recognize, understand and explain complex leadership issues. Attuning my inner self and harnessing my authenticity to be more innovative and strategic awoke the inner warrior in me as a leader of my organization.

Gary Groves Regional Executive Director

Your creative and spiritual thinking has impacted so positively on my life this year. I reflect back and think about how far I have come with your assistance along the way. Antoinette is a sensitive, creative and highly gifted coach. Her ability to coach senior leaders through the strategic maze of government while they balance their personal development is her strength. She is an Executive Coach of the highest calibre.

Jane Simmons, Executive Director

Occasionally we meet folks who bring a unique perspective to strategic conversations. Antoinette is one such person, drawing on a wonderful understanding in so many aspects of life and business.

Richard Boggon Regional Manager

Antoinette is one of only three Thought Leaders I know who credibly and passionately integrates business and spirituality. It’s rare, it’s profound, and it’s much needed in the world today. Her brilliant intellect, fearless consulting, coaching and OD skills, have generated a great suite of offerings for leaders.

Emma Pearson

I enjoy my coaching meetings with Antoinette principally because I find myself uncomfortable. She continually challenges my normalized way of thinking. The coaching is not a linear process. It’s emergent, disruptive and even disconcerting - that’s where the magic is. Antoinette considers things from a deeper dynamic perspective. Her focus on embracing our uniqueness is inspiring and amazingly effective.

Greg Ellis EGM Opal Transport

Antoinette is the most aspirational, knowledgeable and loving leader I have came across. She is the go-to thought leader, mentor and guide in the field of vertical development.

Sharifah AlQudsy

She is one of the most extraordinary human beings I have met. An inspiring person with a remarkably sharp intellect, lots of love, tons of professional experience combined with an even more remarkable wisdom and spiritual consciousness.

Thomas Bjerkhede

Antoinette’s coaching approach is highly thought provoking, collaborative and uplifting. She has challenged and supported me to articulate concepts and ideas that have been just beyond my reach. I am already benefiting from more congruence with my evolutionary aspirations and clarity regarding my strategic direction. The coaching is helping me to more effectively generate transformative change and liberate the energy of potential bound up in human hearts and souls.

Heather Monro