StageSHIFT 5th Person Perspective


The PURPOSE of the Program

The Program has been designed to support people leaning into MetAware to understand, explore and navigate their voyage into the 5th Person Perspective through Constructivist to Alchemist when the time comes. Our initial immersion in the MetAware Tier can be a mysterious and often daunting passage into the dark designed for us to illuminate what has hitherto been hidden and lies deep within our soul. 

My intent is for us to co-create the foundations for a deeply meaningful soul sabbatical.


An Illuminating Experience  

  1. The Power of MetAware
  2. The Darkness of Despair
  3. The Lightness of Freedom
  4. The Joy of Blissful Wonder

The StageSHIFT 5th Person Perspective inquiry

This Program offers 5th Person Perspective Coaching for a small group of up to 8 people on Fridays at 10am CET beginning on 21 May 2021. 

It runs for 12 months. There are 12 live 2-hr Discovery Dialogues scheduled every 4 weeks with a break in Dec/Jan. These include 15-mins check-ins, 90-mins enriching Discovery Dialogue, followed by 15-mins check-outs sharing new insights and revelations.

Each of the 12 sessions will tune into an aspect of being in the MetAware Tier, symbolised by the following themes: Soulfulness, Surrender, Suspension, Shadowland, Solemnity, Sanctity, Sorrow, Solace, Silence, Serendipity, Symphony and Simplicity.

The Program involves a Reading and Reflection Exercise prior to each Discovery Dialogue in respect of your voyage into the 5th person perspective in the MetAware Tier. These readings will be drawn from poets and philosophers, spiritual teachers and modern day sharmas.

We will explore the meaning of our reflections, observations and experiences with each other. As always, everyone in the group will have the opportunity to explore their dilemmas and wonderings throughout the year.

Following the Discovery Dialogue, I will share the recording and transcript, as well as additional insights, reflections and questions to expand and deepen our inquiry. 

For those interested, you will be paired with a different member of the group each intervening fortnight to enjoy a further opportunity to explore and better understand the additional material and your emerging 5th Person Perspective. 

2 Hours/Week Time Investment

  • Week 1: Coaching Reflection Exercise before each Webinar
  • Week 2: Live Group Discovery Dialogue on Fridays @10am CET
  • Week 3: Deepening your emerging understanding of the MetaAware Tier.
  • Week 4: Peer Coaching to enrich your meaning-making if you choose


  1. 21 May 2021
  2. 18 June 2021
  3. 16 July 2021
  4. 13 August 2021 (+1 wk)
  5. 17 September 2021
  6. 15 October 2021
  7. 12 November 2021
  8. 10 December 2021 (+3 wks)
  9. 28 January 2022
  10. 25 February 2022
  11. 25 March 2022
  12. 22 April 2022

The StageSHIFT 5th Person Perspective Context

The shifts from Calm to Care, to Free to Love and Joy are significant. Care refers to Reverent Care; Free to Free Spirit; both at 5th PP to Alchemist living with Ease & Grace. Life takes place as me.

Love and Joy follow into 6th PP to Holist where Love is All and Joy in the Magic of Life leads us into Blissful Wonder. Life shifts to I am us.

We'll all learn much from each other as we take a voyage into the ocean of love. 

"The higher our self-expression and the deeper our self-awareness,

The richer our life experience and the greater our soul evolution." ~

Antoinette Braks

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StageSHIFT 5th Person Perspective Coaching Program

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