Transform Your Career Online Program

Make your Career Transition an empowering journey to realize your intrinsic purpose and highest career aspirations. 

Crystal Clear Aspirations to Define Brand You!

Use the power of conscious intention and crystal clear aspirations to create and realize your vison of the future. In the first part you will learn how to define your purpose so you can realize visionary outcomes. You'll clarify this by defining your prospects, value proposition and promise, as well as a vision of your ideal future, so you can move forward with confidence and conviction. By also appreciating your distinctive strengths and style at a strategic level, you'll be able to promote yourself in an authentic and powerful way at the senior executive level.

A Magnetic Resume and Powerful LinkedIn Profile

In the second part we get practical and focus on giving precise definition to your ideal next role. Then you will learn how to create a compelling magnetic Resume that will instantly get you into the Yes pile in job applications. We give special attention on how to create an attractive and authoritative front page as this is a critical element in the process. And you will discover how to build a strong profile on LinkedIn and use the platform to your advantage.

Rehearse for Your Interview with Succinct Sound Bites

The third part focuses on how best to prepare for the interview so you have excellent answers immediately at hand and already wired into the neural networks of your mind! There is a specific methodology that enables you to do this efficiently and effectively. You'll be able to practice answering interview questions succinctly and confidently. The final module explains how you can sustain a positive mindset and what to do immediately before an interview to make a strong impression.

Help, Support and Guidance Throughout Your Career Transition

If you find you'd like more direct assistance, I can create your Resume for you and also provide you with one-on-one Coaching if you'd like guidance on career direction, creating your interview sound bites or rehearsing pre interviews.

Make your career transition an inspiring one by following the steps set out for you and you will be well on the way to making your career aspirations a reality.

I look forward to seeing you online!

All the best,



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