Create the opportunity for everyone to realize more of their intrinsic potential.

Our purpose is to partner with strategic leaders to inspire and accelerate a quantum vertical shift in consciousness, leadership culture, and socioeconomic ecosystems, to embrace the opportunity in systemic complexity and global volatility to co-create more sustainable, healthy, and equitable organizations, and a more peaceful, and joyful world.

We promise a powerful and proven value proposition integrating Vertical, Strategic, Systemic, and Holistic Leadership Development for CXO leaders, boards, divisional leaders, and their teams, leading to the conscious, purposeful evolution of the whole organization while empowering and liberating the latent talent within.

In terms of Vertical Organizational Development, we help your leaders to build the Systemic Strategic Scaffolding that creates a new upper level for your strategic leaders to tune into their surrounding ecosystem, and reframes the space for each team to realize their intrinsic potential to take broader accountability at their next level.

In relation to enailing Vertical Leadership Development, StageSHIFT has distilled and refined an inspiring mind-body-spirit holistic approach imbued in expanding consciousness that is quite extraordinary in its capacity to accelerate Vertical Leadership Development. It offers a new paradigm in perceiving our life experience in relation to our self-expression and perspective awareness.

The StageSHIFT for strategic leaders from the high performing leader at 3rd Perspective (Achievist) to the systemic transforming leader at mature 4th Perspective (Synergist) enables:

  • The progressive organic evolution of the organization to accommodate Orange, Green and Teal uplifting all role levels
  • The capacity to become a more purposeful, self-managing, sustainable, equitable, and holistic values-based organization
  • An increase in creative productivity while transitioning from a physical workplace to a digital WFH / 4DW workspace
  • The higher and deeper level of consciousness that enables leaders to cut through complexity and embrace volatility
  • Increased leadership effectiveness leading to higher people engagement and an abundance of improved business outcomes
  • The shift from struggling and striving to moving into the organic flow of evolutionary emergence to thrive and flourish
  • A marked reduction in unhealthy business norms that carry a high business and human cost e.g., burnout and disrespect
  • Enhanced business relationships by resolving the source of conflict in interpersonal dynamics rather than just its symptoms
  • The organic psychological growth of adults that is stymied by organizational constraints from top to bottom
  • The greater opportunity for all people to tune into and fulfil their authentic life purpose and lead a more meaningful life.

Below you will find outlines of the following types of StageSHIFT Leadership Development Coaching Programs:

  1. The StageSHIFT INTRODUCTION to Vertical Leadership Development.
  2. Our StageSHIFT Vertical Holistic Leadership Profile (VHLP) Assessment and Discovery Debrief.
  3. Our StageSHIFT Vertical Transformative CXO Divisional Leadership Coaching Program.
  4. Our StageSHIFT Vertical Systemic Team Dynamics Coaching Program for Executive Teams.
  5. Our StageSHIFT Vertical Leadership Development Programs for Groups of Strategic Leaders.
  6. Our Signature StageSHIFT Vertical Leadership Culture Evolution Program for organizations, combining the above.

followed by an introduction to Dr Antoinette Braks, the Founder of StageSHIFT.


Join this Introductory Program to discover or extend your understanding of Vertical Leadership Development in relation to StageSHIFT’s expansive integrated holistic approach to human evolution.

It incorporates a number of vertical theories and models and outlines our unique model.

This Program is a prerequisite for all other StageSHIFT Coaching and Leadership Programs.

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The Vertical Holistic Leadership Profile (VHLP) is an alternative vertical capability-based instrument for strategic and senior leaders. It is an automated vertical self-assessment against 156 executive leadership capabilities and shadow elements based on a sophisticated 4D leadership model integrating 6 levels, 5 leads, 4 lines, and 3 limits of vertical development. It is directly applicable to the workplace.

It generates an elegant 40p VHLP Report including background on Vertical Development, the person's top 7 Strengths, Stressors, Blind Spots, and Stretches, a series of reflective questions to synthesise the findings. It includes robust descriptions of the Stages and deliberately developmental practices to expand capacity at each Stage.

The Discovery Debrief process is remarkably resonant for participants due to our distinctive thematic approach to distilling the key findings and collaborating on the development of their aspirational intent.

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Bindra Navneet Singh, Ingram Micro

The Vertical Holistic Leadership Profile was the best, most useful piece of reading I have ever done. I read it cover to cover three times. My own results aside, I learned so much about what leadership really means. I found the “Holistic” approach especially enriching – it goes well beyond the most evolved leadership concepts I have come across so far.

Jakob Holm Nielsen, Oatly

My VHLP Discovery Debrief session was exactly what I needed. I had been seeking answers in different places to pull myself forward to my next step. I was fascinated and inspired by the way it systemized and helped me see patterns very clearly. It gave me a deeper explanation for a lot of issues that I was facing, as well as concrete and practical actions to further my development. In short, it was like being recognized for who I really am and thus every comforting word and clear action rang crystal clear in every part of my being.

Annette Byrne, Director Leadership & Talent, Central Bank of Ireland

Antoinette’s ability to draw out insights from VHLP in a clear and encouraging manner greatly increased my awareness of myself as a leader. From the outset the questions posed in VHLP made me reflect on a deeper level. Powerful insights for clear action emerged for me as a result. StageShift coaching and the VHLP adds a different layer to leadership development that supports leaders and the organisations they lead to add greater value to their stakeholders, communities and employees.

CEO VERTICAL TRANSFORMATIVE COACHING with Dr Antoinette Braks & StageSHIFT Synergist+ Transformative  Coaches

Either individually, or as part of our Vertical Systemic Team Dynamics Coaching and Leadership Culture Evolution Programs, we offer Transformative Vertical Coaching for C-suite Executives.

As Purposeful Passionate Practitioners, we offer our later stage Perspective at Synergist or Alchemist, a Proven Pathway and Promise accelerated outcomes.

Transformative Coaching is a generation beyond Developmental Coaching. It involves developing a dialogical inquiry that accesses a deeper 'we-space' from which insights and inspiring ideas can emerge.


Thomas Bjerkhede, Leadership Coach & Vertical Consultant

She is one of the most extraordinary human beings I have met.     An inspiring person with a remarkably sharp intellect, lots of love,   tons of professional experience, combined with an even more remarkable wisdom and spiritual consciousness.

Karin Hamrin, Executive Leadership Coach

Antoinette is one of the most brilliant coaches I have ever experienced. Both gentle and direct, intuitive and clear, she generously and courageously shares her wisdom.

Sharifah Raudhah AlQudsy, Leadership Coach

Antoinette is the most aspirational, knowledgeable, and loving leader I have come across. She is the go-to thought leader, mentor and guide in the field of vertical development.

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Vertical Systemic Team Dynamics Coaching enables an executive, divisional, cross-boundary or cross-sector leadership team to develop their Perception, Personal, and Perspective Awareness. This enables them to increasingly act with cognizance amidst complexity, embrace difference amidst diversity, and trust emergence amidst uncertainty (see Model of Conscious Evolution).

At 3rd Perspective, the organization is still seen as a sum of its parts, individual roles and business units. A the 4th Perspective, the organization is understood to be the product of its interactions in a complex adaptive system. 

Vertical Systemic Team Dynamics Coaching goes to the source of these interactions to resolve interpersonal conflict, personal shadow, and build team coherence at 4th Perspective. The significantly reduces tensions, facilitates increasing psychological safety, and builds strong robust relationships within and across teams.

As the 4th Perspective becomes more embodied and the organization stabilizes at its new level of leadership capacity, strategic leaders gain the opportunity to extend and expand their new mature 4th Perspective to the surrounding ecosystem of multiple stakeholders and all members of the community @Synergist/Teal.

By orchestrating and leading external engagement through stakeholder envoys and community forums across industry sectors, and across sector boundaries, to explore urgent complex socioeconomic dilemmas, they will have the opportunity to lead an evolution of our society.


Paul Smith, Executive Coach

I feel and believe strongly that this is “the real deal” in executive leadership development. As a humble attempt, I would say that it is unrivalled in its blend of science and applied wisdom, and in the inner more conscious self that evolves in embodied leadership presence, leading directly into culture change.

Corinna Kingston, Executive Coach in Vertical Development

The StageSHIFT process offers both an introspective approach to our own coaching practices whilst simultaneously developing our intervention skills, through a mixture of transformative coaching, OD techniques and so much more, for leaders to learn how to pivot in their leadership and show up in a manner that is far more impactful creating a ripple effect throughout the organization!

Jessica Lowenhielm, Vertical Transformative Coach

I will be forever grateful to Antoinette for enabling me to fully grasp the vastness, importance and grandness of vertical development, yet making it easy to start infusing and transforming my own work with clients. Catch her program if you can – it might be the most uplifting decision in your life.


This 1-3-year Program enables a quantum shift for small groups of 5-8 leaders amongst cohorts of 100 or more from the conventional leadership capacity of a business manager at Achievist: 3rd Perspective, to a change leader at Catalyst: early 4th, and a systemic transformative leader at Synergist: mature 4th. 

The shift in mindset happens in countless ways from goals to outcomes, alignment to coherence,  and ambition to purposeful aspirit ions. There is also an uplift in accountability to the impact of the organization on its customers, community of stakeholders, and society in general - the way we work and live.

Programs have led to a 20% leap in Leadership Effectiveness in 18-months, a 30% leap in People Engagement in 6-months, as well as quantum shifts in the leadership culture and sustainable business performance. 

Most leadership programs cannot facilitate growth to Synergist, where as this is essential to cut through complexity and flourish in uncertainty. StageSHIFT's proven Model of Vertical Evolution awakens this potential in your leaders to collaborate and co-create a more sustainable, healthy, and equitable ecosystem.


Marianne Borg Hyokki, Vertical Transformative Gestalt Coach

This is most of all a developmental program for myself, while I simultaneously learn about vertical development and how to support my coaching clients to grow and mature. I have learnt so much in this extremely generous program that is firmly based in scientific research. Antoinette supports in a loving and peaceful way and challenges me to go deeper.

I realize how urgent it is to help leaders maturate and shift to the Synergist level - leading evolution, sustainable change, mutual collaboration, systemic actions with purpose, trust building, and being vigilant and vulnerable. This opens a new window for me as a coach and I can integrate my work with Gestalt Psychotherapy and even my past as a Scientist in Vertical Transformation.

Heather Monro, Executive Coach and Vertical Development Consultant

Antoinette's thought leadership in the fields of transformative coaching and expediting the vertical development of leaders is a refreshingly unique step up and speaks to so many of the challenges humankind is facing on a global scale. Through her collaborative, uplifting and deeply thought provoking approach,

Antoinette challenges me to enquire deeply into my own development, examine my coaching practice and articulate concepts and ideas that had been just beyond my reach. It has lifted my consciousness to another level. Working with Antoinette has helped me to shape my coaching business so I can more effectively generate transformative change. If you aspire to do the same, Antoinette's work is brilliant - and the world needs more of it!

Emma Pearson, Transformative Coach & Vertical Consultant

Antoinette is one of only three Thought Leaders I know who credibly and passionately integrates business and spirituality. It’s rare, it’s profound, and it’s much needed in the world today. We need business and a healthy planet.

Relevant, purposeful leadership is about bringing conscious leadership and evolutionary organisation development to serve employees and customers, the planet, and future generations.

Antoinette’s brilliant intellect, her fearless consulting, coaching and OD skills, have generated a suite of offerings suitable for the senior-most leaders in organisations, who want to be a part of creating a healthy future with regenerative business practices. I am honoured to be part of her community.

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This 2-3-year Program enables a quantum shift across the organization in terms of conscious leadership capacity and leadership effectiveness, genuine people engagement and empowerment, and purposeful and sustainable business performance across your ecosystem. 

Most significantly, it enables your strategic leaders to shift through to Synergist, and each level of leadership to rise to their latent potential to fill the vacuum. It's essential to take the lid off the 'brass ceiling' to enable all leaders to realize their intrinsic capacity for psychological growth.

It is essential to have Synergist leaders at strategic levels as only they have sufficient consciousness to transcend the complexity and volatility, and intervene in the climbing chaos to create a new ecosystemic order that is genuinely inclusive and regenerative.

Most leadership programs cannot facilitate growth to Synergist, as the proportion amongst executive leaders has only been growing at the rate of 1% per decade.

StageSHIFT's proven Model of Vertical Evolution awakens this potential so your leaders can collaboratively galvanize your organization to realize its role as a conscious business contributing to the co-creation of a more sustainable, healthy, and equitable world.


Pat Richards, CEO Businesslink

Antoinette was an engaging, skilful, intelligent, challenging and enthusiastic person to work with. She integrated many new initiatives to transform our culture creating momentum from which results soon flowed. The terrific speed of success was due to her great ability to engage with the leaders. She was a vital source of energy and inspiration in setting our new course and getting us going!

Anne Cosgrove, Executive Director People & Culture

The StageSHIFT Program is unique in that it takes a holistic approach to transformation. Antoinette is a collaborative intuitive whose depth of knowledge in leadership development is unsurpassed. In a short period of time, she has galvanized the organisation in a way that is remarkable. Did I say there was a whiff of culture change in the air? Well, I mean there is a gale force wind blowing and the organization and its people are the ultimate winners.

Michael Bullen, DG Agriculture

Antoinette instigated a terrific collaboration with us by leading a Strategic Off-Site for our new Executive Team. It was an invigorating and extremely productive two-day session to set our strategic direction and the leadership culture we wanted. We ran a values program around CONFIDENT Leaders designed and led by Antoinette that enabled the top 75 leaders become more self-aware and develop the courageous authenticity and team accountability we needed to uplift our performance. 

Antoinette’s broad strategic perspective and deep insights into mindfulness, emotional intelligence and personal power stimulated a significant shift in our capacity to collaborate with our business partners to build a thriving sustainable agricultural sector in NSW.

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Meet Dr Antoinette Braks

Antoinette Braks is a Master Certified Leadership Coach and Founder of StageSHIFT Coaching & Consulting Ltd. She completed her PhD in Transformative Coaching in Vertical Leadership Development and is the author of Executive Coaching in Strategic Holistic Leadership: The Drivers and Dynamics of Vertical Development (McGraw Hill 2020). Antoinette was awarded the CEO Today Management Consulting Award for Leadership Coaching in 2020.

She has coached over 300 senior strategic leaders over 3,500 hours coaching across multiple industries and government. Simultaneously Antoinette designed and led team and group leadership coaching programs, strategic off-sites, and evolutionary organisational transformations that led to quantum shifts in Leadership Effectiveness, People Engagement, and Business Performance.

Her earlier global corporate experience includes C-suite leadership of People & Culture in the Energy Sector; Regional HR Management across Latin America and Africa with SHELL International; Head of Leadership Capital Solutions with KORN FERRY Asia Pacific; and Co-Founder of the Coaching Division for HUDSON Talent Management Australia. She is now based in Europe and Australia.

Antoinette is highly purposeful in her intention to contribute to creating a more sustainable, healthy, equitable, peaceful, and joyful world for all. She collaborates with StageSHIFT coaches to co-pilot Vertical Leadership Culture Evolution Programs in partnership with CXO leaders to realize their potential to Synergist and Alchemist, and evolve their organizations to Agile Green and Purposeful Teal accommodating all levels and stages of vertical development.

She is an eternal student of life, itinerant traveller, prolific reader, and partner in cosmic evolution. It’s her absolute honour and delight to be involved in contributing to the evolution of coaching, leadership, and socio-economic ecosystems all around the world.

Antoinette's brilliant work creates an effective, practical and grounded approach focused on a pivotal arc in the developmental spectrum. ~ Terri O’Fallon, Founder of STAGES International and illustrious pioneer in Integral Vertical Development

[Antoinette Braks shows us] how executive coaching can become a transformational dialogue: a holistic path that can humanize our world. ~ Reinhard Stelter, Professor at Copenhagen University and Author of A Guide to 3rd Generation Coaching

"The higher our self-expression and the deeper our self-awareness, the richer our life experience and the greater our soul evolution." Antoinette J Braks

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