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to Uplift Your Perspective, Evolve Your Culture and Create a More Inspiring Purposeful Future!


StageSHIFT Coaching promises a proven fast track in VERTICAL Development to the Transforming Synergist and Green/Teal Enterprise. Mature Synergist leaders bring a calm authority, strategic clarity and compassionate integrity to lead systemic renewal.

C-Suite Individual & Team Coaching to Synergist

Vertical Assessments and transformative StageSHIFT Coaching, the proven fast track in Vertical Development to Synergist+.

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StageSHIFT Vertical Leadership Programs for Strategic Leaders

Vertical Assessments and StageSHIFT Group Coaching & Consulting to expedite vertical development across and for the organisation.

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The StageSHIFT Vertical Holistic Leadership Profile

A Self-Assessment for Executive Leaders to find out more about Vertical Development and clarify their Developmental Trajectory.

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A Proven Fast Track that is 4 times more effective in 10% of the time invested

In terms of Vertical Development, only leaders who hold their centre of gravity at Synergist can rise above the disruption, build innovative and collaborative partnerships, and lead systemic transformation. Yet only 8% of executive leaders profile here and their proportion has only been growing at the rate of 1% per decade (PwC-Harthill).

A research study showed that 30% of participants in a deliberately developmental program shifted to a later stage following >20-days in offsite leadership programs (Vincent, 2015).

This contrasts with 100% of the strategic leaders engaged in a StageSHIFT Coaching Program shifting at least one stage in one year after an average of just 8 coaching sessions, including 20% shifting two stages to Synergist (Braks, 2020). This amounts to a 120% StageSHIFT in a total of 2 days spread throughout the year.

StageSHIFT promises vertical outcomes fast. We offer a distinctive value proposition that integrates on-site development, enterprise evolution and executive coaching in holistic leadership development that goes to the heart of identity to expedite vertical evolution. 

Antoinette's new book sets out the executive prototypes at progressive stages and the drivers and dynamics of vertical development that underpin the StageSHIFT approach.

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The StageSHIFT Coaching Certification Program

A 12-month intensive immersion into Vertical Leadership Development and Vertical Enterprise Evolution for Executive Coaches.

New Program Jan 2021

Customised Small Group Coaching to Alchemist

This open program is designed to support the monumental shift from the Subtle to the MetAware Tier in Vertical Development.

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StageSHIFT Vertical Evolution for Lead Dev & OD Executives

The A-Z of Vertical Leadership Development and Strategic Enterprise Evolution to enable you to design and lead transformation.

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Dr Antoinette J Braks 

MCC   PhD   PCASCS.OxB   MA   MBA.LBS   Dip Intl Mktg (Hons)   LLB(Hons)   BA 

Antoinette is a Master Certified Leadership Coach, Founder of StageSHIFT Coaching and has a PhD in Executive Coaching in Vertical Leadership Development.  She has coached >3,500 hours with C-suite and strategic leaders, and designed and led enterprise transformations in the energy, business, financial and government services sectors. Previously Antoinette built a global corporate career leading OD, Leadership Development, People & Culture and  Executive Coaching with Shell, Korn Ferry, Vector and Hudson respectively. 

Antoinette partners with CEOs, Talent and OD leaders to design, lead and oversee vertical leadership and enterprise evolution programs. Transformative StageSHIFT coaching and consulting in vertical evolution takes the lid off the latent growth potential of strategic leaders and promises swift systemic outcomes in resolving today’s complex challenges.

Mature Synergist leaders hold the expanded consciousness to transcend VUCA, reinvent business models, elevate the enterprise, guide the evolution of leaders and build trust in emergence to generate a more sustainable, healthy, equitable and joyful world for all.

The StageSHIFT Model of Vertical Evolution

Vertical Evolution is not a linear model. The StageSHIFT approach involves a Spectrum Stage Shift and a 2-Step Square Dance!

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StageSHIFT Case Studies of Vertical Evolution

How companies used StageSHIFT to make a quantum leap in leadership effectiveness, people engagement and business revenues.

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Select Your StageSHIFT Executive Coach

Meet our global community of amazing StageSHIFT coaches. All are certified in the proven StageSHIFT accelerated approach.

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