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StageSHIFT Coaching & Consulting promises quantum leaps in leadership effectiveness, people engagement, conscious culture and business performance.

We're renowned for accelerating our clients' capacity to realise extraordinary outcomes through our unique and proven blend of strategic enterprise evolution, vertical holistic leadership development and transformative executive coaching!

We partner with CEOs and Strategic Leaders to design and engineer a liberating Teal Enterprise that empowers and energises their people to trust their creative ingenuity and swiftly realise visionary purposeful aspirational conscious ecocentric outcomes.

Our Visionary Purpose

To inspire, ignite and expedite vertical leadership development, enterprise evolution and ecosystemic renewal by realising our immense collaborative power to build a more sustainable, healthy, equitable and joyful world for all.

Our Evolutionary Values

We hold the extraordinary POWER to  shape our world. We value expanding our conscious awareness to bring more Peace, Openness, Wisdom, Evolution, Reverence, Freedom, Unity and Love into the world.

Our Distinctive Promise

We invite you to swiftly liberate your latent leadership potential, build a more visionary and purposeful enterprise and realise aspirational business outcomes while everyone enjoys the most fulfilling and meaningful lives they can imagine.

What is Vertical Development?

Vertical Development is the expansion of our psychological, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual maturity to perceive, interpret and integrate ever-increasing subtlety and complexity in the world, and make decisions and lead others to take inspired action increasingly for the benefit of all people, the planet, and all of life over more extensive time horizons.

The paradigm shift from one Person Perspective (PP) to the next, is a quantum shift in consciousness and leadership capacity.

Maturing into each new PP is like getting an upgrade in the inner operating system of our holistic self gradually incorporating heart, mind, body, and soul. This is Vertical Development.

Broadening our capacity to integrate new knowledge is like adding new apps to our current operating system. This is horizontal development. Both valuable, but different.

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Why do we need Vertical Evolution?

The world is crashing into 4th Person Perspective (PP) exposing problems caused by prioritising win-lose capitalism, disregarding environmental sustainability, damaging personal and social wellbeing, and excusing systemic unconscious bias at the 3rd PP.

Further, the 4th PP technology is already here in the form of digital mobile interconnectivity and the nine Tech Giants in the US and China that dominate the economy and consumer access to information without ethical policies in place or oversight. The immoral use of this power has altered national election results.

This web of complex issues can only be transcended and resolved at the mature 4th PP (Teal – Synergist). Less mature leaders will attempt to manage or control the fall-out which will result in people movements going underground. This will shift the pendulum from evolution to revolution creating more chaos.

Mature leaders at Synergist and indeed Alchemist (5th PP) can bring a more conscious wisdom and understanding to embrace people’s pain, re-engineer the ecosystemic context to enable everyone to flourish, and model new social, digital, and cultural norms to regenerate the way we live in a healthier, equitable and joyful world.

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Vertical Leadership & Enterprise Evolution

We partner with C-suite and strategic leaders to guide and support them to  re-engineer and re-energise the organisation from an explicit vertical perspective.

We uplift the organisation with new Strategic Business Scaffolding that will regenerate a purposeful and visionary intent, revitalise values and clarify cascading business outcomes throughout the organisation. Together with a new Dynamic Operating Rhythm and Strategic Enterprise Initiatives, your organisation will move into emergent flow.

We then take global leaders to Alchemist, strategic regional, functional and divisional leaders to Synergist, change leaders across the business to Catalyst and enable all other business leaders, managers and individual contributors to realise their latent talents with customised vertical leadership development and executive coaching programs.

We offer a proven and accelerated pathway underpinned by INTENTION, INTERACTION and INTEGRATION that enables everyone to rise above the turbulence and flourish in emergence while tuning into their inner genius and conscious evolution.

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The Vertical Holistic Leadership Profile (VHLP)

The VHLP is a capability-based Self-Assessment integrating 4 Lines of Development, 5 Leads of Development and 6 Levels of Vertical Development. It is an ideal assessment tool for senior executives.

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Executive, Team & Group Coaching: Synergist/Alchemist

Vertical Assessments and Transformative Vertical StageSHIFT Coaching, the proven fast track in Vertical Development for strategic leaders to Synergist and onto Alchemist.

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StageSHIFT Vertical Leadership Programs for Strategic Leaders

Elevate your Leadership Capacity with the proven StageSHIFT master fast track that expedites vertical development to Catalyst, Synergist and Alchemist for strategic leaders.

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The 8 Distinguishing Features of StageSHIFT Vertical

StageSHIFT promises swift proven outcomes in vertical development and enterprise evolution based on decades of research, observation and explicit experience.

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StageSHIFT Case Studies of Vertical Evolution

How companies used StageSHIFT to make a quantum leap in leadership effectiveness, people engagement and business revenues.

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A Global Community of StageSHIFT Coaches at Synergist and Alchemist

Transformative coaching in vertical leadership development to later stages takes the lid off the latent growth potential of strategic leaders and promises significantly better and faster systemic outcomes in resolving today’s complex challenges. 

The global community of StageSHIFT Coaches promise a proven accelerated pathway to this later stage of visionary, inspiring, purposeful leadership at Synergist and onto the transpersonal Alchemist, attained by less than 10% of executives.

The StageSHIFT coaching approach is based on a research study where 80% of the strategic leaders shifted one stage after 8 coaching sessions to either Catalyst or Synergist while 20% made a double StageSHIFT from Achievist to Synergist.

These findings indicate that Synergist leadership capacity lies latent, dormant, ready for ignition with proven transformative coaching in vertical leadership development.

Global Community of StageSHIFT Coaches

VHLP Certification Program

This Program takes you through an intensive weekly program over 5-weeks to review StageSHIFT Vertical Evolution, the Vertical Holistic Leadership Model, the VHLP Report and Discovery Debrief. This is followed by practice and Discovery Dialogues.

Next Program August 2021

The StageSHIFT Coaching Certification Program

A 12-month intensive immersion into Vertical Leadership Development, Vertical Enterprise Evolution and Transformative Coaching for Executive Coaches and OD Consultants.

Next Program 1 Sept 2021

Soul Voyage into 5th Person Perspective in the MetAware

This open program is designed to support the monumental shift from mature Synergist in the Subtle Tier to Alchemist in the MetAware Tier of Vertical Development.

Next Program Jan 2022

A Proven Master Track 4 times more effective in 10% of the time invested

In terms of Vertical Development, only leaders who hold their centre of gravity at Synergist can rise above the disruption, build innovative and collaborative partnerships, and lead systemic transformation. Yet only 8% of executive leaders profile here and their proportion has only been growing at the rate of 1% per decade (PwC-Harthill).

A research study showed that 30% of participants in a deliberately developmental program shifted to a later stage following >20-days in offsite leadership programs (Vincent, 2015). This contrasts with participants at intensive 20-day retreat-type Integral Leadership Programs who generally shift a stage in one year (Brown).

This level of time investment contrasts with an 8-session StageSHIFT Coaching Program (2-days) where 100% of the strategic leaders engaged shift at least one stage in one year, while 20% shifting two stages to Synergist (Braks, 2020).

StageSHIFT promises vertical outcomes fast based on our evidence-based research findings. We offer a distinctive value proposition that integrates strategic leadership to enable enterprise evolution and holistic leadership that goes to the heart of cultivating a new conscious identity at a later stage, to expedite vertical development. 

Antoinette's new book sets out the executive prototypes at progressive stages and the drivers and dynamics of vertical development that underpin the StageSHIFT approach.

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