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Lyssa deHart, Master Coach @The Coaching Studio

Lyssa deHart, a Master Coach based in the U.S., interviews other Master Coaches to share their journey with coaches at earlier stages in our profession. I hope you'll enjoy our conversation, my story that led me into Vertical Development, and insights into expanding our consciousness and cultivating our self identity to uplift our coaching presence and elevate our own life experience.

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Pete Holliday and Dave Yeates lead WHAT'S NXT

Pete and Dave are both experts in Integral Theory and Vertical Development, and have been interviewing advocates of vertical evolution to share their stories, challenges, insights, and solutions.

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Poster presented at the Coaching Meets Research Conference 2020-2050, Nov 2021

Presentation at Columbia Coaching Conference Oct 2021

Exploring what it takes for Executive Coaching to be Effective in facilitating the development of Strategic Leaders to the Later Stage of SYNERGIST.

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Jeff and Mindi Caselden lead Caselden Chats

Jeff and Mindi invite diverse perspectives to explore today's challenges in shifting to the leadership of a more inclusive, sustainable, holistic world.

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The StageSHIFT Proven Pathway in Vertical Development

Why it's important and what it is. StageSHIFT Models and Value Proposition. Our Purpose, Values and Guiding Principles. How we Partner with you in Transformative Coaching Programs and Vertical Assessments.

Introducing StageSHIFT Vertical Development
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The StageSHIFT Vertical Leadership Culture Evolution Program

An outline of the benefits and features of our Leadership Development Program incorporating Enterprise Culture Evolution for Strategic Leaders in Organizations.

Outline of the StageSHIFT VLCEP

“This is a much-needed, research-based book that has already helped me to refine my coaching!”

—Maureen Metcalf, Founder & CEO, Innovative Leadership Institute

"Antoinette Braks shows us how executive coaching can become a transformational dialogue; a holistic path that can humanise our world.”

—Reinhard Stelter, Professor of Coaching Psychology, University of Copenhagen

“It is more vital than ever before that leaders develop the ability to take multiple perspectives, think systemically, consider the long-term effects of decisions and base them on the best of available scientific evidence – this book offers a path to help leaders acquire these later stage characteristics.” 

—Susanne Cook-Greuter, Strategic Advisor & Research Director, Vertical Development Academy

Antoinette’s brilliant work creates an effective, practical and grounded approach to guide coaches and leaders in a pivotal arc in the developmental spectrum to see what is not yet seen and heal underlying hidden dilemmas not yet identified. 

—Terri O'Fallon, Founder & Partner of STAGES International

Published by McGraw Hill 2020. Click on the book to purchase.

Complimentary Chapters 1 and 2 from Executive Coaching in Strategic Holistic Leadership: The Drivers and Dynamics in Vertical Development

by Dr Antoinette Braks (McGraw Hill, 2020)

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Beer et al, Why Leadership Training Fails and What to Do About It, Harvard Business Review 2016

They advise that corporations are victims of the great training robbery! They suggest organisational redesign to enable the system to change is essential for leaders to change. They also don't appreciate vertical development to Synergist when the two become synonymous.

Antoinette J Braks, From Vanilla to Vertical Coaching, 2021

Braks presents the 5 Active Coaching Ingredients that facilitated Vertical Development from Achievist to Synergist in one year drawing on coaching and vertical development literature.

Antoinette J Braks, Leadership Coaching Leads to Later Stage Development, Integral Review Special Issue Stages Edition, Vol 16.1 2020

Braks presents the drivers and dynamics of vertical development to Synergist following a multiple case study where 80% of Strategic Leaders shifted one stage and 20% shifted two stages to SYNERGIST after an average of 8 * 90-min Transformative Coaching Sessions.

Barrett Brown, The Future of Leadership for Conscious Capitalism, 2015

One of the most diligent and compelling summaries of vertical development in relation to business. "Meet complexity with consciousness."

Susanne Cook-Greuter, Ego Development: Nine Levels of Increasing Embrace, 2005.

A thorough evidence-based and sophisticated lens to view and understand the individual stages of development through the eyes of one of the most erudite and compassionate researchers in stage leadership development in this era.

Jones, Chesley & Egan, Helping Leaders Grow Up: Vertical Leadership Development in Practice, The Journal of Values-based Leadership 2020

The trio explored the implementation of vertical development in 15 large organisations. They found that a conscious open mindset, leadership principles and later stage executive coaches who had navigated vertical development themselves, were critical to outcomes.

Kaiser & Kaplan, The Deeper Work of Executive Development: Outgrowing Sensitivities, The Academy of Management Learning & Education, 2006

The authors focus on the inner game of leadership and take it to a deeper level of shadow resolution in relation to failure, inadequacy, rejection and dependency. Doesn't go quite as far as spiritual intelligence but it's going in that direction.

Kilburg, When Shadows Fall: Using Psychodynamic Approaches in Executive Coaching, Consulting psychology Journal, 2004

Kilburg explores the significance of resolving shadow as part of the executive coach's repertoire. He provides examples of coaching conversations to illuminate the psychodynamics approach for practitioners.

McCauley et al, The Use of Constructive-Developmental Theory to Advance the Understanding of Leadership, The Leadership Quarterly 2006

McCauley and her friends look at the stages of development through the eyes of Kegan, Torbert & Kohlberg to better appreciate the demonstration of increasingly effective leadership in relation to vertical development.

Moldoveanu & Narayandas, The Future of Leadership Development, Harvard Business Review 2019

They advise that 50% of senior leaders realise their talent development efforts don’t build critical skills and organisational capabilities. They're right but their answer that development go digital is insufficient, it needs to go vertical as well.

Terri O'Fallon, Growing Up is Waking Up - Interpenetrating Quadrants, Stages & Structures, 2011

A complex and intricate exploration of the stages in terms of the Tiers and Zones of inner and outer development in the Individual and Collective quadrants. 

Nick Petrie, Vertical Leadership Development Part I, Centre of Creative Leadership 2014

He provides a great introduction to the concept of vertical development vs. horizontal development and the expanding capacity of leadership from Conformist to Achievist and onto Synergist.

Nick Petrie, Vertical Leadership Development Part II, Centre of Creative Leadership 2015

Petrie extends his introduction to encapsulate some ideas on the who, what and how of vertical development. It's a great initiation although I would add the inclusion of later stage perspectives to facilitate vertical development. 

PwC Report, The Hidden Talent, 2015

in collaboration with Rooke at Harthill Consultants, PwC expose vertical development and offer new statistics over the last two decades in relation to the executive population. They extol the value of Synergists in organisations.

Rooke & Torbert, Organisational Transformation as a Function of the CEOs' Developmental Stage, Organisational Development Journal, 1998

The only longitudinal research study reviewing organisational transformations and business performance in relation to the vertical development of their leaders and executive teams. Evidence of the need for transformative CEOs at Synergist+..

Rooke & Torbert, 7 Transformations of Leadership, Harvard Business Review 2005

One of the most popular articles on leadership ever published in the Harvard Business Review. Pragmatic examples and statistical distribution of executives operating at different stages of development.

Reinhard Stelter, Third-Generation Coaching - striving towards value-oriented and collaborative dialogues, 2014.

Stelter takes the lid off developmental coaching taking us to a new generation of transformative coaching that includes mutual insight and meaning-making as foundational to the discovery dialogue in a coaching partnership.

Vincent et al, Promoting Post-Conventional Consciousness in Leaders, The Leadership Quarterly 2015

Vincent undertakes a substantial research study of 335 adults attending Community Leadership Programs in South Australia. She measures their vertical stage development before and after the programs in contrast to a control group.


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