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Here is a selection of excellent articles on Stage Leadership Development & Transformative Coaching.

The 7 Transformations of Leadership (2005)

By David Rooke & Bill Torbert, two of the world's leading exponents in stages. This is one of Harvard Business Review's top ten articles on Leadership.

Vertical Leadership Development Part I (2014)

By Nick Petrie on behalf of the Centre of Creative Leadership. He provides a great introduction to the concept of vertical development.

Vertical Leadership Development Part II (2015)

Also by Nick Petrie. After consulting with many experts, he identifies approaches to foster vertical development. The SHIFT Coaching approach advocates other dimensions e.g. aspirational intent and shadow resolution.

Learn how to become a more inspiring strategic leader fast!

One of the fastest growing trends in leadership development today is Vertical Learning.

StageSHIFT Coaching leverages the latest breakthrough research findings to expedite and accelerate the transformative journey from Achiever to Catalyst and Synergist, where less than 10% of leaders are anchored.

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PwC Report 2015

This Report focuses specifically on Strategists: their leadership capacity, capabilities and talents to transcend and transform wicked problems. Statistics are based on David Rooke's research.

Leadership of Conscious Capitalism

By Barrett Brown with MetaIntegral Assocs explains the power of Vertical Learning to unlock the leadership capacity needed today to transcend our VUCA world.

Transformative Coaching

At the heart of Transformative Coaching is mutual meaning making. Reinhold Stelter explains in excellent article on 3rd Generation Coaching.

SHIFT Coaching & Consulting Programs

SHIFT offers transformative executive coaching programs in vertical leadership development for senior executives, senior executive teams, groups of senior leaders and experienced executive coaches. We also design and lead the evolution of organisations to generate conscious, empowered, purposeful, eco-centric, high performance, developmental and inspiring teal workplaces.

Stages International Assessment

Find out more about the breakthrough research findings of Terri O'Fallon, Founder of Stages International. To undertake the Stages Assessment at the special price of USD400, register for the Special Offer Stages Debrief.

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