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CEO StageSHIFT Coaching with Antoinette Braks, Alchemist and Award-Winning Master Coach

Annual Coaching Program 

Take a proven accelerated journey to realise your full potential as an inspiring, visionary and transformative leader at mature Synergist or Alchemist.

Join the top 10% of leaders worldwide who have the expanded level of consciousness to lead people during this pivotal point in the world's evolution. 

Before and after Vertical Assessments, intensive monthly coaching sessions and intervening access as issues arise.

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Executive StageSHIFT Coaching Program in Vertical Leadership Evolution

Annual Coaching Program 

Take the proven fast-track with a StageSHIFT Certified Coach - all of whom have their Centre of Gravity at mature Synergist or beyond, to realise your potential as an inspiring visionary leader.

Join the top 10% of leaders worldwide who can transcend the current turmoil, cut through the complexity, trust emergence and lead your enterprise to flourish in sustainable, synergistic ways.

Synergist leadership is essential today to reset, renew and rebuild our economy and society.

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StageSHIFT Fast Track in Vertical Enterprise and Leadership Evolution

Transformation Program 

The proven StageSHIFT pathway including frameworks, processes and a unique coaching/consulting approach will uplift your organisation to Green/Teal and all levels of leaders to the next level.

The StageSHIFT approach has led to a 120% vertical shift for strategic leaders in one year; a 20% increase in the Leadership Effectiveness of large groups of senior leaders in one year; a 30% shift in People Engagement in 6 months; and a 100% increase in business revenues 3 weeks following implementation for a 50-person trading company.

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The What, Why and How of Vertical Development

An introduction to Vertical Development and why it's so urgent today. Discover how to expedite your journey to the later stage of Synergist, attained by less then 10% of executives today.
Gain an overview of StageSHIFT's proven evidence-based Programs and make the most of a Special Offer that appears near the end of the Webinar to thank you for listening.

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The StageSHIFT Synergist Teal Leadership Program

Customised to Organisations

A proven online 12-month modular program supported by small group coaching webinars to expedite the StageSHIFT for Strategic and High Potential Leaders to the later stages of Catalyst, Synergist and Alchemist.

Liberate and transform your organisation during these unpredictable times and realise your latent potential to transcend the volatility by expediting rapid vertical leadership development and enterprise evolution to green and teal.

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The Introductory Spectrum Stage SHIFT Program

Online Modular Program

An online 8 module program providing an insightful and pragmatic overview of the Stages of Vertical Development and the drivers and dynamics of making a StageSHIFT to the top 10% of leaders at mature Synergist. 

Find out all about the evolution of developmental psychology, the stages, nature and structure of Vertical Development, the 2-Step Square Dance and the three key principles of emergence in Vertical Development Theory.

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The StageSHIFT Coaching Certification Program

New Cohort January 2021

An online accelerated modular program covering the four dimensions of Strategic, Holistic, Transforming and Inspiring Leadership with 36 modules and 18 group coaching webinars to expedite the shift for Executive Coaches to mature Synergist and early Alchemist.

By completing your own journey in personal mastery and strategic leadership, you'll be able to enable your clients to make the same quantum leap with ease and confidence.

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Discover Breakthrough Findings

Download our Report on how StageSHIFT Coaching is so extraordinarily effective in expediting Later Stage Vertical Transformation to Synergist - visionary, inspiring, transformative, aspirational leaders.

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