While everyone takes a unique journey in developing self-mastery, there are universal signposts on the way. If you’re a Senior Executive who would like to master this massive step up in leadership, we offer a scalable 8-Step StageSHIFT Solution that’s been designed explicitly for you! Become an extraordinarily effective Senior Executive leader like the maestro conductor of an incredible orchestra, in just half the time!


Hi, I'm Antoinette Braks

I'm a student of life, leadership, business, and consciousness in the light of evolution. I read a book most Saturdays to keep up to date, and have managed to accumulate 7 degrees in law, political science, marketing, management, research, coaching and development psychology.

In addition to reading, my other favourite thing as a child was to go cycling, to see further afield. This has morphed into traveling. I've lived in and traveled to many different countries through the course of my work. This includes leadership roles with Shell covering Latin America, with Korn Ferry for Asia Pacific, and, in recent years I was based in Europe while building the global StageSHIFT community. I've otherwise been based in Australia.

I developed my career leading People & Culture learning through trial and error. I led three significant business culture transformations building on my experience of what worked each time. Client organizations have doubled their Leadership Effectiveness within 2 years, doubled their People Engagement within 6-months, and a 50-p trading company even doubled its revenues 3-months following a StageSHIFT implementation.

When I moved onto Executive Coaching, I offered what I'd learned from my executive experience. In my PhD research of executive coaching conversations, I distilled the 8 key drivers that enabled Senior Executives to accelerate the development of their leadership capacity to the later stage of Synergist in just 1-2 years, less than half the usual time of 5-6 years. They also achieved spectacular business outcomes, won industry awards, and swift promotions to larger roles.

Our unique proven approach has since been refined and encapsulated as the 8-Step StageSHIFT Solution integrating the development of self, others, system, and culture. It's extraordinarily effective in enabling Senior Executives to quickly develop the level of consciousness needed to transcend complexity and flow confidently with uncertainty.

"Antoinette, what a blessing that the fabric of life weaved your thread into my weave. The StageSHIFT Program is the most comprehensive I've ever seen, linking relevant frameworks in organizations, human development, psychology, and life as a whole. Thank you for openheartedly sharing your personal experience and soul nuances with me on our journey."

- Niklas Lindhardt, Transformative Executive Coach

"Without her firm, generous, friendly, thought-provoking, heart-opening and soul-freeing guidance, I wouldn't be where I am today: totally on purpose with a big mind and open heart. Antoinette is the most aspirational, knowledgeable and loving leader I have come across. She is the go-to thought leader, guide in vertical development."

- Sharifah Raudhah AlQudsy, Transformative Executive Coach

"The StageSHIFT Coaching Certification is a masterpiece!. It has expanded my capacity to enable strategic leaders and their organizations to prosper in a more sustainable, equitable and joyful world. Antoinette is an inspiring person with a remarkably sharp intellect, lots of love, tons of professional experience combined with an even more remarkable wisdom and spiritual consciousness."

- Thomas Bjerkhede, Transformative Executive Coach Integral Consultant

Speaker Background

2020 was a big year for me. I was awarded my PhD in Leadership Psychology; McGraw Hill published my book: Executive Coaching in Strategic Holistic Leadership; and I was honoured to receive the CEO Today Award for Leadership Coaching.

Around this time, I presented at over 12 global Leadership, Coaching, and Psychology Conferences sharing my research findings on how to accelerate leadership development to the rare later stage of Synergist. The 8 drivers or leadership dimensions quickly enable Senior Executives to lead culture transformation, industry renewal, and the evolution of their business ecosystem.


"Fascinating, fast-paced, very informative; complex and interesting; nice personal style; superb and simply fantastic; high octane, high energy, with lots to say; extremely relevant topic to guide coaches in the digital era; brilliant presentation. "

- EMCC Conference Presentation Feedback

I loved your passion. the workshop was really enlightening and educational. It was more than I expected, and opened the door to further self-development, not just in the context of work, but knowledge and belief in self. The facilitator was terrific. She. knew her stuff and it wasn't boring!

- Workshop Feedback

Honestly one of, if not the best facilitator I have ever had. Really knowledgeable and positive with lots of theoretical background (really got into the ‚Äúwhy‚ÄĚ). Very inclusive, warm and open. Loved the neuropsychology theory built into this workshop ‚Äď I really feel I will go away and remember a lot of it.

- Workshop Feedback

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Antoinette is one of only three Thought Leaders I know who credibly and passionately integrates business and spirituality. It's rare and profound, and much needed today. Her brilliant intellect, fearless consulting and coaching has created a great suite of offerings.

- Emma Pearson, Transformative Executive Leadership Coach; Leadership & OD Consultant

Not only has Antoinette helped me to take my leadership development programs to a totally new level of impact, she has also elevated my own consciousness and strongly contributed to my soul development. Antoinette is the most aspirational, knowledgeable and loving leader I have come across. She is the go-to thought leader, mentor and guide in vertical development.

- Jessica Lowenhielm, Transformative Executive Leadership Coach

Antoinette's profound and rare capacity to inspire development in individuals, teams, and the wider community is remarkable. She is part of a class of brilliant, humble human beings who invite you to fully meet yourself, your shadows and unfolding potential, simply by their presence and capacity to hold that space. Her unique, well-researched body of work enables leaders to integrate business and human development.

- Jacqueline van Paassen, Transformative Executive Coach & Consultant

I feel and believe strongly that this is 'the real deal' in executive leadership development. As a humble attempt, I would say that it is unrivalled in its blend of science and applied wisdom, and in the inner more conscious self that evolves in embodied leadership presence.

- Paul Smith, Transformative Executive StageSHIFT Coach

The Program was indeed transformative. Through her collaborative, uplifting and deeply thought provoking approach, Antoinette challenged me to inquire deeply and articulate concepts just beyond my reach. It lifted my consciousness to another level. Her work is brilliant!

- Heather Monro, Transformative Executive StageSHIFT Coach

I'd emphasise Antoinette's discernment and the ability to beautifully conceptualise complex ideas and get to the very core of things. I am fascinated by her constantly inquiring mind and lightness

Another unique thing is the community of late stage coaches and the depth of conversation that I rarely experience anywhere else.

- Ekaterina Surkova, Transformative Executive StageSHIFT Coach