Esa Sütö

BSc Engineering, Economics & Marketing International Business Diploma Haaga-Helia University StageSHIFT Coaching Program

English Finnish / Finland

What's the recipe for success? Esa has been exploring this topic for the past 15+ years, first, through perspectives like Mindfulness, NLP, Mind hacking and Neuro-Science. Later on by learning skills for coaching, mentoring and facilitation, then adding insights from Vertical Development, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Handling and Workplace Mediation. Today, the exploration goes on, but Esa has discovered that these perspectives:
- provide a solid foundation (good start) for success through increasing e.g. self-management or interaction skills
- are the ones that many individuals, teams and organisations struggle with, and yet
- are not being valued or acknowledged enough.

Esa's goal is to help people and businesses succeed and thrive with less effort and increased mental well-being by providing science-based perspectives and hands-on tools. He looks forward to training, facilitating and coaching individuals and teams
- to develop their skills, increase their capacity and improve their performance
- to reduce the waste in their processes or
- in their change management and culture change activities.

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