Gill How

BSc, MBA, Accredited Master Executive Coach (AC)

English / Englank UK

Gill's passion is inspiring international executives, professionals and senior managers to evolve and transform their leadership perspective, confidence and capability.

Gill partners with and challenges ambitious leaders to develop presence, inspire their teams and enable positive, sustainable organisational outcomes.

Her track record includes creating, facilitating and measuring impact from unique, growing edge leadership programmes in the areas of:

* C Suite and Executive Coaching, often with outcomes of strategic impact and personal presence
* Strengths based leadership development programmes and qualifications; including programmes in vertical development, for women leaders and for international teams
* Employee engagement, facilitation of behaviour change leading to performance improvement, and
* Innovative business process improvement, appreciative inquiry & solutions focussed culture change programmes.

Over the last two decades Gill has supported a wide range of organisations to stretch and develop their senior people. Large (multi year) projects with impressive outcomes include Arriva, American Express, British Computer Society (BCS), Southern Railway, NHS, the University of East London (UEL), QCA, GlaxoSmithKline, Plan International and Hewlett Packard.

At my best she is part of transformative leadership development initiatives or complex change projects. Gill can lead, co-lead or be a part of a client or consultancy team, working effectively with all key stakeholders.

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Partnering with CXOs and Strategic Leaders to Rise Above the Turbulence and Flourish in Emergence

We're renowned for accelerating our clients' capacity to realise extraordinary outcomes through our unique and proven blend of strategic enterprise evolution, vertical holistic leadership development and transformative executive coaching to swiftly realise visionary, inspiring and purposeful aspirations.

Victoria Murphy, Director Training & Resouring, PSI

I was fortunate to attend the workshops Gill conducted for PSI as part of a global management development programme. Having attended a lot of courses and workshops in different countries conducted by a wide range of professionals, I can honestly say that Gill is one of the most knowledgeable, enthusiastic and amazing facilitators I have ever met. She has a quiet confidence that makes people want to come to her for advice, her opinion, and to hang on her every word when she is presenting a topic. Gill is an amazing story-teller, and her genuine interest towards people and life around her combined with her extensive multi-cultural experience truly inspires those who have had the privilege to work with her. Gill truly cares for the people she works with, and makes sure to address all her client’s learning needs, going the proverbial extra mile for every single person she coaches and teaches. During the workshops she conducted for PSI, I have seen Gill miss lunches for the sake of providing one-on-one advice to workshop participants, and her legacy is that I still hear colleagues in the company talk about her and the workshops she facilitated months after they were finished. I recommend Gill as a management development facilitator wholeheartedly!

Kate Daniel, Senior Strategic Communications Manager

I was fortunate enough to be matched with Gill as part of a Guildford Coaches co-coaching programme. Gill provided me with a huge amount of space to verbalise my goals and articulate my thinking within each coaching session. Gill is an excellent listener at a deep level and never failed to ask a provocative question, focus on a specific nugget, or provide an insightful summary. She would play these back to me in a way which deepened my self-awareness and provoked thinking in areas I hadn’t previously considered. Gill’s sessions were practical, gave me the opportunity to develop strategies, explore new ways of thinking and map out next steps. I appreciated Gill’s use of silence, her style of questioning, and tenacious testing of my proposals for putting plans into action.

Tamlyn Stinson, National Sales Manager, Allsop

Gill helps you to examine the parts of you that need to be uncovered and celebrated! Meeting Gill as a leadership facilitator and executive coach through the BCS Empowering You programme took me out of my comfort level and challenged me in ways I never was before. With the help of Gill, I was able to see my strengths for what they are truly worth. Gill offered the right amount of empathy and pressure for me to apply my strengths every day to my own leadership style - whilst being completely true to myself. It's inspiring and I would encourage anyone to take part in Gill’s coaching either 1-2-1 or as part of a program where possible!