Jessica Löwenhielm

MBA, ICF Accredited Coach (ACC), Certfied Professional Co-Active Coach ( CPCC), Certified Relational Organisation Gestalt Practitioner, Certified EQ Coach, StageSHIFT Coaching Certificate & VHLP

English, Swedish / Sweden

Jessica is a highly experienced Life & Leadership Coach with certifications as a Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Relational Organisational Gestalt Practitioner, Vertical Development Synergist (StageSHIFT), Transformative Coach (CPCC, ACC (ICF)) as well as an Organisational Consultant in Enterprise Evolution to Teal. Jessica develops individuals & leaders from the inside-out to integrate the wholeness of their potential: bigger mind, open heart and spirit in action.  

Jessica grows her clients leadership capacity by supporting her clients develop their holistic presence and self awareness, uplifting their life experience and consciousness, supporting their soul evolution, attracting greater serendipity and synchronicity into ones’s life experience through more conscious aspirational self expression. 

Jessica enables her clients to grow as leaders by inviting them to develop their aspirational self and deepen their self-awareness. With her guidance, they discover how to build a more conscious leadership presence to attract greater serendipity and synchronicity into their life experience and advance their soul evolution. 

She is the co-founder of IntoTheNew who develop individuals, leaders and their organisations vertically using a combination of vertical and relational coaching, facilitating and OD methodologies. 

Before devoting all her time in the service of helping people grow and contributing to uplifting human consciousness Jessica was an experienced leader with more than 15 years' experience working deeply with leadership,  business operations and transformations within international and nordic organisations (FMCG, Banking/ Insurance, Media & Education). She holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from University of Gothenburg, School of Business, Economics and Law. 

Jessica now specialises in developing and delivering relational leadership and vertical transformative coaching programs that will take people and enterprise, outcomes and contribution to a whole new level. Her passion is to transform people's lives, uplift leadership and develop organisations so we all flourish as part of one larger whole and co-creating a more loving world. 


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Partnering with CXOs and Strategic Leaders to Rise Above the Turbulence and Flourish in Emergence

We're renowned for accelerating our clients' capacity to realise extraordinary outcomes through our unique and proven blend of strategic enterprise evolution, vertical holistic leadership development and transformative executive coaching to swiftly realise visionary, inspiring and purposeful aspirations.

Maja Dahlberg, Owner på Tre Lejon 

A natural leader with high energy, a strategic mindset and the boldness to challenge “old truths” to accomplish transformations - always with the customer in mind. She truly has the gift to motivate and inspire colleagues to make things happen.

Christopher McCann, MBA

When I first started my coaching with Jessica I was frustrated and knew I needed to change some fundamental patterns in my life.

Through our discussions, she encouraged me to shift perspectives, understand my values and focus on the outline of a fulfilling life.

As a person I found Jessica inspirational, challenging, alive, and most of all, dedicated to helping me reach where I wanted to go. If you are even the slightest bit interested in coaching I can’t recommend Jessica highly enough.

Dr Antoinette Braks, PhD Master Executive Coach

Jessica is a wonderful person, an amazing elixir of passion, love, vulnerability and graciousness … with a tremendous capacity to understand and heal self and others. Jessica brings her soul to her coaching and personal self-awareness, and shines the light on shadow to free us from the past.

Together with her strategic corporate experience and strong business acumen and, most importantly, her later stage perspective, she brings a deeply felt consciousness and commercial insight to her transformative work in leadership development and enterprise evolution.