Leen Lambrechts-Noël

MCC   Accredted Coach Supervisor    Postgrad Diploma Ashridge Executive Ed

English, Dutch / Belgium

Leen is an early pioneer in the field of professional coaching and the coaching leadership style. Since 1991, she has been specialising in the topics of coaching, coaching & leadership, coaching culture, feedback culture, self-development, self-direction, organisational development.

Early on in Leen's career she experienced the coaching style as a enormous boost in her own personal growth . In the 1990's she felt this area of development was very much underestimated in it's power. It felt as if it were her mission to provide highly specialised coaching training programs, coach and supervise professional coaches and leader coaches.

Leen relies on a broad management and training & development experience and many years of executive coaching. Her coaching tools range from the GROW model, over TPLC methods, Systemic methods, Constellation work, Emotional Integration, NLP, Lego Serious Play, to Systemic reflective tools, and many more.

Leen also supports organisations to build a sustainable development culture starting from a broad organisational perspective. She designs in co-creative partnership blended coaching programs, and believes that the combination of training, coaching, mentoring, self-observation, self-study....will deliver long term results if managers are the 'owner' of the change process.

In her coaching, Leen is known as an intuitive and goal oriented coach, driving for solutions and shifting mindsets that really fit her clients personal evolution, style and talents, challenging them to overcome dilemma's and pitfalls. 

Leen's last big professional ambition is to add value through "reflective supervision" for coaches in Belgium and beyond.

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Partnering with CXOs and Strategic Leaders to Rise Above the Turbulence and Flourish in Emergence

We're renowned for accelerating our clients' capacity to realise extraordinary outcomes through our unique and proven blend of strategic enterprise evolution, vertical holistic leadership development and transformative executive coaching to swiftly realise visionary, inspiring and purposeful aspirations.

Mathias Dusesoi, Coach

Leen knows how to safely guide participants to a deeper level of perception and insights. She uses a clear methodology but, where necessary, uses other learning methods that are most suitable at that time. You feel that she has a lot in her backpack to be able to respond to any need at any time, to help an individual team coach or the group further in his / her growth process.

Ingrid Coremans, Professional Certified Coach & Trainer

Leen's extensive experience, high expertise in different coaching tools, together with her high EQ and sensitivity makes her a TOP coach. Hiring her as trainer to improve your coaching skills or as a coach will lead to great results. It will also give you the opportunity to get to know and experience a role model coach.

Anne van Riet, Coach & Consultant

Leen draws on her immense coaching experience to pass on insights with practical examples. She explains models clearly, provides tools for practical application and specific and detailed feedback that takes you further on your own path to more expertise. Leen tunes in a sensitive way to the strings of the coachee. Her warmth and involvement ensure that you can safely investigate your obstacles and goals.