Marianne Borg Hyökki

PCC DSc MA OMD Coaching Supervisor & Mentor Coaching Certificates VHLP

English / Finnish / Swedish | Finland

Marianne Borg Hyökki is passionate about transforming leadership, creating thriving and sustainable enterprises, and regenerating the planet. She has coached and mentored hundreds of leaders, managers, coaches and individuals to find purpose, balance, direction, to release energy, gain clarity, flourish and evolve personally and professionally.

Her background in Science and Gestalt Psychology and her deep understanding of the human condition enables her to inspire strategic leaders in their transformative inner journeys. Her coaching helps them to develop the strategic clarity and calm authority to guide us through today’s turbulence.

She develops leaders who set clear strategies and processes in a completely new, structured, evidence-based manner. Leaders who listen, include, inspire and support. Leaders who evolve themselves and their enterprises to ensure the sustainability of people, society, the environment and economy now and in the future.

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CEO Consulting & Training UK

Marianne has a wonderful calm coaching manner. I felt very supported, not judged and really helped during my sessions with her. She is an exceptionally good listener, she helped me get to the answers inside myself with her excellent questioning. Her gentleness creates powerful coaching.

I felt more in balance and harmony within myself at a time when I had an extremely heavy workload and some business and personal challenges. Marianne is a warm, supportive and skilled coach, who quietly, gently and competently helps you get to the heart of the matter. I loved my sessions with Marianne and really looked forward to them!

Director, Business Development & Consulting, USA

Marianne has a strong yet quiet coaching presence. I was comfortable and confident that she was "with me" each and every coaching session. She gave me space to think. She allowed the silence to take me deeper in the various domains.

Marianne also did an excellent job of connecting themes from previous coaching conversations. Marianne helped me re/discover the importance of carving out space for me in spite of the busy-ness of work and home life. I set several goals during our time working together and have achieved them all.

It is clear that Marianne cares deeply for her clients. She looks to connect on several levels, holds the space, and in the midst of this coaching presence - she pushes you to see things that are slightly out of your view.