Marie-Louise Zollinger

MCC MBA Executive Coach – Certified Team Coach, Coaching Supervisor & Mentor

English / German / French / Spanish | Switzerland

Marie-Louise Zollinger is a Master Certified Executive Coach focusing on advancing Leadership Development for courageous strategic leaders who are getting ready to enable and lead transformational change in their organizations. Leaders who want to advance and evolve their leadership capacity in line with their aspirations and true identity.

With her calm presence, Marie-Louise is helping leaders to strengthen their conscious awareness, agility and adaptability. To grow the capacity to navigate through turbulent situations in complex business environments with clarity and confidence. To evolve from striving – to thriving and flourishing.

Marie-Louise brings 20+ years of insights from global Business Executive Leadership and Coaching experience. She is engaged and committed to contribute to a more healthy, more sustainable and joyful world.

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CFO in Energy Company, Switzerland

Marie-Louise has a calm presence that enables me to think beyond my current frame of reference. I feel invited to stretch my comfort zone and discover new perspectives and opportunities. Her direct communication allowed me to uncover blind spots and to rapidly gain a much clearer understanding of what is most important and relevant to me. She has a great gift in naming the intangible and making it concrete, specific and actionable.

COO in Tech Company, France

Marie-Louise provides me with the structure that I need to be more disciplined in my thinking and being. I have learned to be more intentional in my leadership and to be more consciously aware of my impact. Her insights have been very valuable to develop a deeper understanding of my leadership presence and progress on my journey and to make a visible difference in my organisation.

CCO in Life Science Company, Germany

Marie-Louise has not let me off the hook when I was avoiding facing the truth in my current reality. She has created a space for me to reflect and explore ways of seeing with new eyes that have helped me to expand my horizon and to develop the courage to chase my dreams with more focus and power. The coaching has been of great value on this journey.