Thomas Bjerkhede

M.Sc. Physics in Complex Adaptive Systems, University degree in Behavioural Science and Applied Pedagogics, Certified Practitioner Barrett Analytics, StageSHIFT Vertical Coaching Certificate

English Swedish / Sweden

Thomas has a rich 20-year corporate experience as a culture change leader, facilitator, consultant, coach and manager in executive, team, and group leadership development and in organizational development.

He combines his skills and experiences from scientific, structural, and strategic perspectives with those in behavioral science, cultural, integral, and holistic perspectives to support people in their vertical development and organizations in their evolution.

The ever-increasing external complexity of our world must be matched by an increased inner consciousness, within us to transcend and breakthrough this complexity. The connection between a leader's psychological level of development and their ability to lead an organization in an increasingly complex, uncertain, and even volatile world is now becoming increasingly obvious to us. It is critical and essential for us to also realize that only leaders in later vertical stages can lead effectively and purposefully during this paradigmatic quantum shift in our world.

Thomas is passionate about developing authentic, inspiring, holistic executives and strategic leaders who can co-create sustainable, attractive workplaces, where people and their organizations thrive and flourish, evolving to their full potential in synergy with customers, other stakeholders, to renew society as a whole.

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