Expand Your Coaching Capacity and Capability 


Partner with your Clients by integrating the proven 8-Step Systemic StageSHIFT Architecture to accelerate their evolutionary development: Self, Other, System, and Culture simultaneously. They will discover how to navigate and transform complex volatile change with purpose and confidence.

StageSHIFT enables CXO and Divisional Teams to quickly uplift their Leadership Effectiveness and  Systemic Architecture to Create Purposeful Strategic Alignment and Meaningful People Engagement!


  1. Leadership Development Programs are often ineffective. It's reported that 50-70% of new Senior Executives fail in the first 18 months in their role, because they don’t get the advanced CXO development or coaching needed for this level. This is StageSHIFT's niche.
  2. CEOs want to spend more time reinventing their business model today knowing that it won't survive 10 years. Yet many are mired in operations. (PwC 2023) They need the expanded Synergist mindset and proven knowhow to rise above the noise, trust in emergence and lead transformation.
  3. We also know that Average Global People Engagement is stalled at 23% (Gallup 2023), barely changing year on year. 70% put this down to their manager. StageSHIFT's 21st Century Systemic Engagement Architecture uplifts CXO and Divisional Leaders, Managers and Teams.


We offer StageSHIFT Online Executive Resources to expand your Coaching Capacity & Capability. 

Customize and include Online Executive Resources in your Leadership Discovery Programs with Senior Executives, Executive Teams, and Groups of Senior Leaders to rapidly build a more adaptive, collaborative, and empowering culture that enables high trust team performance and a flourishing business ecosystem.


Lead Meaningful Transformation for Executives

Master your capacity to apply the evidence-based StageSHIFT architecture to enable your clients to:

  • Lead their business, division, region or organization to realize sustainable outcomes during challenging volatile times.
  • Free them from overwhelming workloads, pressing deadlines, and difficult people, to move confidently into emergent flow.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind and inner wellbeing following shadow resolution and soul evolution, to build trusted relationships.
  • Cut through complexity with the intuitive awareness that enables them to see beneath and beyond systemic dynamics.
  • Leave a legacy of a more sustainable, healthy, and equitable business ecosystem for current and future generations.


  • Increased their Leadership Effectiveness from 60% to 80% in 2 years.
  • Created leaps in People Engagement from 30% to 60% in just 6-months.
  • Delivered consistently on almost impossible deadlines on $1B+ Programs.
  • Won Industry Awards e.g., Most Outstanding Infrastructure Project of the Year.
  • Become highly sought after inspiring Keynote Speakers with amazing reviews.
  • Been Awarded esteemed Public Service Medals for Extraordinary Service.
  • Doubled sustainable business revenue growth in a matter of months.
  • Won Successive Promotions to CXO roles with larger companies.

We partner with you so your clients can realize their highest aspirations. Develop their capacity to master time, move into flow, diagnose shadow, eliminate emotional triggers, cultivate their most inspiring self, embrace diversity, find their voice, and develop the inner confidence and outer presence to strategically and systemically lead their team, business, division or organization and multiple cross-sector stakeholders to build coalitions and create a better tomorrow today. Leverage the StageSHIFT Online Executive Resources and enjoy the spiritual camaraderie by continuing your membership of the global StageSHIFT community.



Discover how to expand and scale your Coaching Practice to focus on Teams. Our Online Executive Resources will proactively expand their conscious awareness, and enable you to guide clients to lead transformation strategically and systemically with integrity and courage, while building a strong High Trust Team Performance Culture and purposefully reinventing their business model!

Webinar describing the New Learning Architecture and StageSHIFT Programs in 2024

StageSHIFT offers the RADAR Learning Architecture blending Online Resources with Live Discovery Dialogues to optimise the use of time and energy, as well as focus attention on the learning journey from content to awareness, and application to integration.


Discover the PSYCHOLOGY, STRUCTURE & NATURE of Vertical Holistic Leadership Development

This is a self-paced Program of 3 Modules, each with a set of notes and 3 videos that take you on a tour of the history, current architecture and proven pathway in Vertical Holistic Leadership Development. Included is the VHLP Report (see immediately below) and an online Discovery Debrief with Dr Antoinette Braks to gain deeper insights and co-create a personalized 12-month Map of your Evolutionary Leadership Journey.


The Vertical Holistic Leadership Profile (VHLP) Model integrates 156 Leadership Capabilities defined across the 6 LEVELS of Development from Specialist to Alchemist; 5 LEADS involving Leadership-in-Action; 4 LINES of Development - AQ, EQ, MQ, SQ; and 3 Shadow LIMITS. 

The automated 40p VHLP Report offers rich data, insights, a workbook, and a range of practices to guide your client to create their own unique 12-month Vertical Evolutionary Map.

The Executive Online Resources expand on the PSYCHOLOGY, STRUCTURE and NATURE of VHLD integrating their VHLP Report and Discovery Debrief with you in the creative learning process of rising self-awareness and development mapping.

VHLP Certified Coaches can purchase the VHLP for their clients @€200 or the VHLP with OER @€500.

The VHLP Certification Program 2024 is open to Executive Coaches and is complimentary to VHLP Certified Coaches.

I will be forever grateful to Antoinette for enabling me to fully grasp the vastness, importance and grandness of vertical development, yet making it easy to start infusing and transforming my own work with clients. Catch her program if you can - it might be the most uplifting decision in your life.

- Jessica Lowenhielm, Transformative StageSHIFT Leadership Coach

I feel and believe strongly that this is “the real deal” in executive leadership development. As a humble attempt, I would say that it is unrivalled in its blend of science and applied wisdom, and in the inner more conscious self that evolves in embodied leadership presence, leading directly into culture change.

- Paul Smith, Transformative StageSHIFT Executive Coach

Through her collaborative, uplifting and deeply thought provoking approach, Antoinette challenged me to enquire deeply into my own development, examine my coaching practice and articulate concepts and ideas that had been just beyond my reach. It lifted my consciousness to another level.

- Heather Monro, Transformative StageSHIFT Leadership Coach


This is our original Signature Program that provides a deep and broad immersion into the 8 StageSHIFT Drivers that accelerate and illuminate the evolutionary journey from leading performance at Achievist to adaptive leadership at Synergist. 

There are four key phases shown in the AQAL Model below:

The SYSTEM: Uplift and expand the quantum playing field with STRATEGY by embedding aspirational intent and SYNCHRONY to master time and energy and move into flow;

The SELF: Cultivate and appreciate your self-expression and self-awareness with SINCERITY to upgrade your mindset and STANDARDS to stand your ground with courageous care;

The JOURNEY: Integrate and radiate your expansive self: by healing SHADOW and eliminating reactive patterns and retelling STORY to reframe history and reset identity; and

The CULTURE: Lead the evolution of a business ecosystem with your SIGNATORY Voice and SYNERGY with Stakeholders building collaborative coalitions across sectors and industries.

The StageSHIFT Vertical Holistic Systemic Coaching Certification Program 2024 runs from Feb. to Dec. 2024 with a break in June/July.

The drivers and dynamics of Vertical Holistic Systemic Leadership Development were distilled from >100,000 hours of coaching conversations where 80% of Senior Executive Clients shifted one stage in just one year, and the other 20% shifted two stages from Achievist to Synergist in one year. 

The Program is evidence-based. It is rich with diverse systemic proven psychological, scientific, OD and business frameworks, and explicitly infuses rising personal consciousness in heart, mind, and soul to enjoy spiritual coherence.

StageSHIFT Coaches have gone onto enjoy subsequent StageSHIFT Coaching Supervision and more advanced programs such as Vertical Systemic Team Dynamics to organically evolve to Constructivist and Alchemist. 


The StageSHIFT Coaching Supervision Program 2024 is for all StageSHIFT Certified Coaches.

Following an Induction, we will explore the Executive Online Resources (EOR) for each of the 8 Modules so that you have the most up-to-date and succinct information to remind yourself of what you have learnt and discover what you have yet to fully integrate. We complete with Enduction.

The EOR are available for you to purchase (and translate - license/language) for your clients so you can scale your Coaching Business to work directly with CXO, Teams and Organizations.


Our focus expands on the:

DYNAMICS in Executive Coaching Conversations

ETHICS issues that may arise in the course of your work

EFFICACY in integrating StageSHIFT Frameworks

PARTNERING courageously with your Executive Clients

EVOLUTION of your Self as you journey further

RENEWAL of our Global StageSHIFT Community.


Impromptu Reflections

"I was quite attached to what I was doing, cause and effect and it will happen. And then to come up that notch, it's like being in water where you can't touch the bottom. Treading water is reinforcing that I'd better get used to this floating feeling. Even enjoying the process, it's not painful, just disconcerting. I think I've got more energy because of it, I’m feeling great!"

"Now surfing the chaos. Starting to get it, a very different person from what I used to be ... Confident, relaxed, calm and self-assured. Giving up control, giving up striving, surrender is a key thing to progress, a new architecture internally. Life is completely taken care of. This is a new way of being."

"Finding myself with more free time ... I now have time to synthesize: what’s my position going to be in the next meeting? More influential in meetings? Yes, absolutely."

"I was always intolerant of fools and cranky with idiotic people behaving badly ... Realizing that whatever happens in their life, they are trying to do the best they can. Huge shift ... Biggest shift of all!"

"Team members are starting to collaborate and starting to listen and consult more. I'm becoming really good with the collaborative stuff, finding the intersections, common ground ... building trusted relationships."

"There's a new sense of commitment and dedication to the bigger picture, and the challenging possibility of really realizing an aspirational purpose."

"My approach is successful, meeting every timeframe to the day. Tore down the transactional framework to focus on relationships. It’s unheard of to hit deadlines as consistently as this. Met every single deliverable on time every time. Our key supplier relationship evolved into a real partnership."

"Since our conversations, there are places I've gone to as a leader, that I would've have been blind to in the past. Really tuning into me, has allowed me to hold crucial conversations. Team members have been in tears because they're learning things that are fundamental to who they are. Authenticity breeds authenticity. Me growing is causing their growth!" 

The StageSHIFT from a high performing superman leader at Achievist (3rd Perspective) to a high-trust-team-performance-culture leader at Synergist (4th), involves quantum shifts in Mindset. To become a high performing leader @Achievist, we shift from a Fixed to a Growth Mindset; to become a high trust team performance leader @Synergist, we shift from an Agile, Curious Mindset to a Calm, Clear, Open and Collaborative Mindset.


The VSTD Program is relatively new. I invite all those who have taken it previously to return to the revised and refined content as Executive Online Resources and experience the application of the key principles and concepts in practice. You can use the coupon REPEAT to enjoy a special saving.

Others are also welcome to join in. With a larger group we will practice 'live' with our Choices, Challenges, Conflicts, and Concerns. By exploring our insights as facilitators, participants and observers, we will become more adept and confident in leading Vertical Systemic Team Dynamics Workshops.

I will also introduce Team Case Studies that are commonly found in Systemic Team Dynamics. The focus will be on embracing our inner dissonance and resistance to develop resonance and deep evolutionary learning for all.

Antoinette's profound and rare capacity to simultaneously inspire developmental movement in individuals, teams and the wider community is remarkable. She is part of a class of brilliant, humble human beings, who invite you to fully meet yourself, both your shadows and unfolding potential, simply by their presence and capacity to hold that space.

Through her unique, well-researched body of work, she enables leaders to integrate business, spirituality, and human development in such a way that we all win: our planet, our communities, and our businesses.

I feel privileged and honoured to be part of her community.

- Jacqueline van Paassen, StageSHIFT Executive Leadership Coach & Vertical OD Consultant

Antoinette has a unique style and approach. I'd emphasize her discernment and the ability to beautifully conceptualize complex ideas and get to the very core of the things.

I am fascinated with the StageSHIFT methodology and her constantly inquiring mind and lightness.

I have not only learned coaching concepts and methodologies, but experienced my own deep personal transformation from Catalyst to Synergist in a rich and supportive environment among other coaches.

Another unique thing is the community of late stage coaches and the depth of conversation that I rarely experience anywhere else.

- Ekaterina Surkova, StageSHIFT Executive Leadership Coach and Vertical OD Consultant

Antoinette is one of only three Thought Leaders I know who credibly and passionately integrates business and spirituality. It’s rare, it’s profound, and it’s much needed in the world today.

We need business. AND we need a healthy planet. Relevant, purposeful leadership for me is about bringing conscious leadership and evolutionary OD to serve not only employees and customers, but also our planet, and future generations.

Antoinette’s brilliant intellect, her fearless consulting, her coaching and OD skills, have generated a suite of offerings for coaches, OD consultants, and senior leaders who want to create a healthy future with regenerative business practices. I am honoured to be part of her community.

- Emma Pearson, StageSHIFT Executive Leadership Coach & Vertical OD Consultant

Our New Vertical IMPACT Profile

Org. Restructures on a horizontal level will shift strategic focus but they won't transform the organization's capacity to realize more purposeful ecosystemic aspirations. For this the organization must also evolve as a helixed networked holarchy to include the Amber, Orange, Green and Teal levels of evolution.

With StageSHIFT Systemic Strategic Scaffolding, you can enable your clients to take their division or organization from Amber and Orange, and extend to Green and Teal at cross-boundary and upper levels of the organization, so that everyone gets to level up and realize their latent inner potential!

It's also highly valuable as a Vertical OD Consultant to be able to diagnose the organization's current Vertical orientation to customize your Leadership Program. The diagnostic is a combination of desk research i.e., a review of their current policies, people-related processes, and business reporting frameworks, and interviews with key executives to gain an understanding of the corporate culture, business challenges, and leadership concerns.

This Diagnostic Review is embedded in the new IMPACT Vertical Profile. IMPACT covers Identity, Meetings, People, Accountability, Culture, and Transformation. You will learn to rate the organization on the 5 Elements in each dimension of IMPACT (30 in total) across Red, Amber, Orange, Green, and Teal to diagnose their unique situation. Their Profile will illuminate their inhibitors and liberators so you can tailor the design of your Leadership Program to optimize the IMPACT in igniting and sustaining their evolution.

The Vertical IMPACT Profile Program will run for the first time in 2024.  

Our VISIONARY PURPOSE is to partner with strategic leaders to inspire and accelerate a quantum vertical shift in systemic leadership capacity and effectiveness so we can cut through complexity and rise above volatility to co-create more sustainable, healthy and equitable business ecosystems.

The StageSHIFT Program is unique in that it takes a holistic approach to transformation. Antoinette is a collaborative intuitive whose depth of knowledge in leadership development is unsurpassed. In a short period of time, she has galvanized the organization in a way that is remarkable due to her ability to understand and engage with people.

She has clear insight into what drives behaviours in the workplace and how to make momentous changes in perspective. Her strong strategic focus, business acumen and gracious understanding of people mean you will gain far more than you expect!

Did I say there was a whiff of culture change in the air? There is a gale force wind blowing and the organization and people are the ultimate winners!

- Anne Cosgrove, Executive Director People and Culture

Antoinette was an engaging, skilful, challenging and enthusiastic person to work with. She integrated many new initiatives to transform our culture creating momentum from which results soon flowed.

The terrific speed of success was due to her great ability to engage with the leaders and ensure that the adopted strategies were well understood and effectively implemented to drive toward the desired outcomes.

She was a vital source of energy and inspiration in setting our new course and getting us going!

- Pat Richards, CEO Shared Business Services Company

Antoinette instigated a terrific collaboration with us by leading a Strategic Offsite for our new Executive Team. It was an invigorating and inspiring 2-day workshop to set our Strategic Direction and the Leadership Culture we wanted.

She then designed and led a CONFIDENT Leaders Program that enabled the Top 75 leaders become more self-aware and develop the courageous authenticity and team accountability to lift our performance.

Her broad strategic perspective and deep insights into mindfulness, emotional intelligence and personal power stimulated a significant shift in our ability to collaborate with our business partners and build a thriving sustainable agricultural sector.

- Michael Bullen, Deputy Director General, Agriculture

The Structure and Nature of StageSHIFT Programs

These Advanced Programs for StageSHIFT Coaches include:

- 10 Modules of Executive Online Resources or Other Revised Content
- 10 Live Online Group Discovery Dialogues at 10am CE(S)T Fridays for 100-mins
- 10 Live Peer-to-Peer Collaborations in pre-arranged dyads and triads
- The Programs run in 4-weekly cycles with a break in June/July.
NB Considered Wednesday and Thursday options. Based on your inputs - thank you - and on reflection, sticking to Friday seems best for our type of learning immersion.
Click here to download a 1p Summary of the Dates of the Live Discovery Dialogues

Please review the elements below carefully to choose the right button to register for your choice of Programs. Your options are:

  • DEEPER Supervision & Evolution with EOR for the 8 S's
  • Refined Vertical Systemic Team Dynamics Program
  • The Vertical Holistic Leadership Profile Certification
  • The Vertical IMPACT Profile to Assess Organizations
  • DEEPER Super, VSTD Program & IMPACT Profile
  • DEEPER Super, VSTD Repeat & IMPACT Profile

Everyone who is already Certified in the VHLP is welcome to continue to attend the VHLP Program on a complimentary basis in support of your continued learning.

Please join me at a Zoom Webinar to explore our future intentions and find out more about StageSHIFT Programs followed by Q&A. If you cannot attend you'll receive a link to the recording if you register below. Please also feel free to email me or set up a meeting with me if you'd like to talk through your thoughts and ideas.

Click here to set up a meeting with Antoinette

Join me to talk about our Intentions for the Future and receive 5 Articles on the Future of Leadership & Leadership Development in the New Era

10am CET on Friday 24 November 2023


You can either make a single payment, the most economical, or 12 monthly payments. There is a Special Package Deal for registering for all three Programs. If you would prefer to make the single payment in 2 instalments, one now and one in 6-months time, please email me.

All Special Savings are available to the EOD Friday 1 December 2023 CET.

To register at the Early Bird rate, please use the coupon: EARLYBIRD to save 10%.

If you largely coach in the NFP, Public and/or Academic Sectors, please use the coupon: SECTOR to save 20%. This includes the 10% Early Bird.

If you coach in developing economies e.g., Eastern Europe and small island nations, please use the coupon ECONOMY to save 30%. This includes the 10% Early Bird.

There is also a Scholarship saving for Coaches who have been focused on studies or other non-work related needs or activities. Please email me if this applies to you.

I'm really looking forward to continuing to collaborate with you in 2024 and generate even more momentum around the design and delivery of Leadership Development Programs for Senior Executives. You are a big part of my world and I would love to have your company on our continuing travels, both within and in our wider contexts.

Warmest wishes, Antoinette

Click here to download a 1p Summary of the Dates for the Live Discovery Dialogues in 2024

The PSCYHOLOGY, STRUCTURE and NATURE of Vertical Holistic Leadership Development


A self-paced Program of 3 Modules, each with a series of Videos and comprehensive Notes to take you on a tour of VHLD, and undertake the VHLP Assessment with a 90-min Discovery Debrief with Dr Antoinette Braks.

SELF-PACED PROGRAM with VHLP Assessment and Discovery Debrief


Save €75 on Monthly Payments Option



DEEPER Super Program 3 Monthly Payments


3 Monthly Payments = €1,575



StageSHIFT Vertical Transformative Coaching Certification

This is our annual Coaching Certification Program. It shares the 8 S's across AQAL's Self-Identity, Journey, System, and Culture that accelerate a Senior Executive's evolution as a leader from Achievist to Synergist in just 1-2 years. It includes 10 Modules of Online Coaching Resources and 20 Discovery Dialogues to cover both the rich content and its application.

Click here for more information

StageSHIFT Vertical Transformative Coaching Certification


Save €500 on Monthly Payments Option



StageSHIFT Vertical Transformative Coaching Certification


12 Monthly Payments = €6,000



DEEPER Coaching Supervision, Integration and Evolution


This follows the StageSHIFT Coaching Certification. You'll receive the updated and refined 8 Modules for each of the 8 S's to Synergist that are included in the Online Executive Resources. You can add these OER to your Coaching Programs for Executives and Executive Teams to expand your value proposition. 

DEEPER Super Program with Single Payment


Save €300 on Monthly Payments Option



DEEPER Super Program 12 Monthly Payments


12 Monthly Payments = €1,800




The ongoing VHLP Discovery Dialogues are complimentary following VHLP Certification albeit without the Peer Collaborations. The Certification covers the same content. This year we'll focus on the VHLD OER, the Discovery Debrief and extend into Development Mapping.

VHLP CERTIFICATION with Single Payment


Save €250 on Monthly Payments Option



VHLP Certification in 12 Monthly Payments


12 Monthly Payments = €3,000





The VSTD Program is open to all StageSHIFT Coaches. If you have already completed the Program in 2023, please come back for our refined EOR content with the coupon REPEAT to enjoy a 50% Special Saving.

VSTD Program with Single Payment


Save €250 on Monthly Payments Option



VSTD Program 12 Monthly Payments


12 Monthly Payments = €3,000



The StageSHIFT IMPACT Profile Certification


This Program will enable you to develop an understanding of the Vertical IMPACT Profile in theory and practice so you can confidently conduct a Vertical Diagnosis of an organization, interpret the findings, and present recommendations.

The New IMPACT Profile Certification Single Payment


Save €500 on Monthly Payments Option



The New IMPACT Profile Certification in 12 Monthly Payments


12 Monthly Payments = €3,000



StageSHIFT DEEPER Super, VSTD Program & New IMPACT Profile


This Suite of Programs will enable you to become a Master StageSHIFT Coach and Vertical OD Consultant able to hold more enriching and inspiring conversations with your clients.

DEEPER Super, VSTD Program & IMPACT in a Single Payment


Total Value €7000 Save €1050 on Package & Save €590 on Monthly Payments Option



DEEPER Super, VSTD Program & IMPACT in 12 Monthly Payments


Save €105/month on Package with 12 Monthly Payments = €6540



StageSHIFT DEEPER Super, VSTD Repeat & New IMPACT Profile


This Suite of Programs will enable you to become a Master StageSHIFT Coach and Vertical OD Consultant able to hold more enriching and inspiring conversations with your clients.

DEEPER Super, VSTD Repeat & IMPACT in a Single Payment


Total Value €5625 Save €675 on Package & Save €390 on Monthly Payments Option



DEEPER Super, VSTD Repeat & IMPACT in 12 Monthly Payments


Save €100/month on Package with 12 Monthly Payments = €5100