StageSHIFT Coaching Certification

Realise your highest potential and most expansive presence as a later stage inspiring transformative executive StageSHIFT coach. 

As executive coaches, we play an important role helping strategic leaders develop their leadership capacity to become more inspiring, visionary leaders. In addition to helping them to deepen their awareness, broaden their skills and develop greater authenticity, as transformative StageSHIFT Coaches, we can also facilitate their vertical development to the urgently needed Synergist. 

The StageSHIFT Coaching Certification Program offers you a proven pathway to ensure that you anchor your Centre of Gravity, your autopilot, fully matured at Synergist and leaning into Constructivist. It is not just a comprehensive transformative coaching approach, but a transformative journey for the expansion of your holistic self and coaching practice.

This Coaching Certification Program also shows you how to enable your clients to become more inspiring visionary leaders. It's a proven approach based on an in-depth research study of >100 coaching hours and >100,000 words in coaching conversations. It's been shown to be 4 times more effective than most advanced leadership programs in 10% of the time invested.

By expediting your journey to the later stage of Synergist, realised by less than 10% of executives today, you will be able to hold the expansive emergent space of a transformative StageSHIFT coach. By providing your clients with the proven approaches and frameworks to accelerate their vertical development, they too will realise their latent potential to reinvent our civilisation at this pivotal inflection point in the world.

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This is a recording of the quarterly webinar held in August 2020 exploring how you might explain Vertical Development to someone new to the subject and why it's so important in today's VUCA world. The last part of the recording offers a short explanation of the origins of the StageSHIFT Certification Program and includes a SEPTSPECIAL offer for the Program beginning in September. Fast forward to about 3 mins into the recording.

With a bigger mind, bigger heart and better self, we hold the power to co-create a better world.

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New StageSHIFT 6-month Program beginning 1 Sept 2020

Live Small Group Coaching on Wednesdays at 8am UTC  [6pm AEST] begins on 9 Sept and fortnightly thereafter

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The Proven 8 Drivers that Expedite Development to Synergist

In a research study of 12 coaching programs with strategic leaders, all 12 shifted at least a single stage and two shifted twice to Synergist. That's a 120% stage shift.

It was found that 8 key drivers expedited the shift to Catalyst and Synergist. Their aggregate 4th person perspective increased from 12% to 46% in one year, and to 88% three years later.

The 8 drivers shown in each corner of the matrix form the foundation of the StageSHIFT Program. Coaching across all four quadrants of Structure, Identity, Journey and Culture, generates the transformation to Synergist.

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Strategic Leadership

These elements establish an expansive playing field for your practice and your clients to become more inspiring strategic leaders of green-teal empowered eco-centric organisations.

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1. Strategy

Set an aspirational Purpose, an inspiring Vision and an uplifting set of Values along with a strategically selected set of transformative shifts in culture and performance.

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2. Synchrony

Cascade the Strategic Business Charter throughout your coachee's Division, move into flow and identify key strategic shifts in  culture and performance to evolve the organisation.

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3. Symmetry

Set up a Dynamic Operating Rhythm including Strategic, Culture and Operations Team Meeting Agendas to empower and liberate people to realise amazing results.

Holistic Leadership

These elements build and hold the elusive spacetime that invites organic emergence, vulnerability and agility through meaningful dialogue and personal authenticity.

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4. Sincerity

Set an Aspirational Purpose, a Vision of a more sustainable, healthy and equitable future, explore curiosity and creativity, and forge an inspiring Unique Value Proposition.

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5. Serenity

Apply positive psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and meditation, kindness and compassion, to generate grace, goodwill, generosity and wellbeing.

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6. Serendipity

Navigate uncertainty with a quiet confidence as you learn to access and listen to intuitive insights and embody spontaneous spiritual guidance.

Transforming Leadership

These elements focus on cultIvating the self, honouring and healing shadow, and embodying spiritual guidance to lead a more purposeful, flourishing and serendipitous life.

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7. Shadow

Discover the signalling system of emotional triggers to honour and transcend trauma to illuminate and heal personal and collective shadow. 

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8. Standards

Hold psychologically safe space by leading courageous, caring conversations to assert standards and boundaries, escalate as needed and apologise graciously.

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9. Story

How to use transference and psychodynamics to understand and learn from life's dramas, reframe the narrative and restore soul equilibrium.

Inspiring Leadership

These elements enable you to consolidate your Centre of Gravity at Synergist and lean into the MetAware Tier to realise the power of your voice to inspire others.

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10. Signatory

Discover the 12 P's to create your own unique and compelling signature presentation to galvanise others to take inspired, courageous action.

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11. Synthesis

Explore and synthesise the boundaries and dynamics of complex adaptive systems thinking across interconnected systems and integrating polarising issues. 

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12. Synergy

Learn to honour conflict, discover personal and collective shadow and embrace stakeholder synergy to create a more sustainable, healthy and equitable world.

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New StageSHIFT 6-month Program beginning 1 Sept 2020

Live Small Group Coaching on Wednesdays at 8am UTC  [6pm AEST] begins on 9 Sept and fortnightly thereafter

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A Program to Take Your Leadership Capacity to the Next Level

This program shows you how to evolve to become a Synergist Transformative Executive Coach to enable you and your clients to lead more enriching and fulfilling lives and lead others across boundaries and borders to realise purposeful evolutionary aspirational outcomes.

The StageSHIFT Coaching Certification Program enables you to create an expansive emergent coaching space and offer the proven strategic frameworks and holistic insights to expedite the vertical growth for your clients. This will give them the opportunity to contribute to their full potential and enable their organisation to thrive and flourish, and help to create a more sustainable, healthy and equitable world.

The Accelerated 6-Month Program

The StageSHIFT Program offers a comprehensive approach to personal, organisational and social evolution based on the 12 Modules from Strategy to Synergy. The modules take a very pragmatic approach designed to expedite implementation.

The 6-month Accelerated Program includes:

  • The 12 SYNERGIST Modules with three-four elements within each
  • An avg 30-min video for each element setting out the key concepts and ideas
  • Workbooks for each element and associated articles so you can review the material
  • The frameworks, processes and templates for you to apply and implement
  • A checklist at the end of each Module so you can gauge your progress
  • 12 Live 90-min Discovery Dialogue Q&A Webinars with Antoinette Braks
  • Video recordings and transcripts for each Discovery Dialogue, tagged by topic
  • A combined 36+ hours of active online learning and group coaching
  • An online StageSHIFT Community of peers to post questions and share insights
  • The opportunity to email any confidential sensitive documents for feedback

You will need to invest 3-4 hrs/week in the Accelerated Program. You can then apply and integrate that learning in your business, work and life. Implementation itself does not generally add to your workload, it changes the way you carry out your role so that you become more strategic, productive and creative.

The Accelerated Program includes 12 fortnightly Discovery Dialogues. These take place at the same time each fortnight.

The Discovery Dialogues provide you with the opportunity to

  1. Review your masterpieces-in-progress - assignments suggested in the modules
  2. Receive transformative coaching within the group and learn vicariously from each other, and
  3. Respond to your questions and challenges while applying the evolutionary frameworks and processes to self and case studies with coaching clients.

Each Program is limited to 8 participants to ensure personal attention. 

Click here to set up a Zoom meeting with me if you would like to go through the options and get a better sense of the StageSHIFT Certification Program. I'm very happy to talk you through it. We may not need the full 90-mins (default) but I look forward to the opportunity to get to know you a little and answer your questions.

I look forward to seeing you online, Antoinette :-)

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REGISTER for the Accelerated StageSHIFT Program

There are three options. 

  1. The SYNERGIST Online Program which is made up of 12 modules with 3-4 learning items within each, fortnightly 90-min Discovery Dialogues and open participation in an Online StageSHIFT Coaching Community Channel

  2. Option 1 plus your Individual STAGES Profile, personalised StageSHIFT Report and in-depth 90-min Debrief with Antoinette Braks which is best undertaken at the beginning of the program.

  3. Option 2 plus three 90-min Transformative Coaching Meetings with Antoinette to collaborate on strategic work and heal personally sensitive dilemmas and shadow challenges.

The Profile is highly recommended as you can expedite your journey by discovering more about your inner self from a vertical perspective. The StageSHIFT Report and Debrief is offered at just 30% of Antoinette's standard coaching fee to encourage you!

Once you are a StageSHIFT Program participant you can also access a set of 3 executive coaching meetings with Antoinette at a 20% discount.  You can also select between paying an annual fee or 6 monthly payments.

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About Antoinette Braks

PhD(c)   MCC   PCAS Coaching Supervision   MBA.LBS   MA   Dip Intl Mktg (Hons)   LLB (Hons)   BA  

Antoinette Braks is a thought leader in vertical leadership development and a Master Certified Leadership Coach and Founder of StageSHIFT Coaching.

StageSHIFT promises a proven accelerated pathway in vertical development that quickly takes leaders into the top 10% of inspiring, visionary leaders at Synergist, and liberates the people in organisations to realize their latent potential as conscious change Catalysts. Leaders discover how to cut through complexity and navigate uncertainty with synergistic ingenuity so they can transform and evolve their organisations and contribute to co-creating a more sustainable, healthy, and equitable world.

Antoinette won the CEO Today 2020 Leadership Coaching Award, and you can click here to order her new book; Executive Coaching in Strategic Holistic Leadership, The Drivers and Dynamics in Vertical Development. it is being released by McGraw Hill in August 2020.

She is a Master Executive Coach, strategic facilitator and leadership consultant who brings deep insight and a global business perspective to her transformative work with C-suite leaders, executive teams and whole organisations to realise amazingly swift transformative outcomes.

Antoinette is renowned for coaching others to transcend the turmoil, trust emergence and transform their world to become more inspiring, strategic and transformative, visionary leaders.

She has presented at many global Coaching, Leadership and Integral Conferences to share her Vertical Development Theory. She also leads StageSHIFT workshops for C-suite, divisional and high potential leaders, and Masterclasses for advanced coaches. 

The StageSHIFT SYNERGIST Leadership Program can be customised and scaled to match the organisational context by blending e-learning with group workshops, team coaching and executive coaching.

Join the SHIFT to guide your clients to ignite a strategic cultural transformation of their organisations so together, we can create a more sustainable, healthy and equitable world.

Set up a Zoom Meeting with Antoinette to find out more

Recognition for StageSHIFT

  • Antoinette’s coaching approach is highly thought provoking, collaborative and uplifting. She has challenged and supported me to articulate concepts that have been just beyond my reach. I am already benefiting from more congruence with my aspirations. The coaching is helping me to shape my coaching business so I can more effectively generate transformative change and liberate the energy of potential bound up in human hearts and souls. ~ Heather Monro, Director, Brightspace Thinking 

  • Antoinette is remarkably self-aware and is present with a rare vulnerability. There are several things that make coaching with her a unique experience, one of which – underpinned by a genuine curiosity and broad view of the world – is the support it lends to the development of new insight where even familiar things can be seen in a new light. it is difficult to precisely articulate, in what are higher resolution appreciations of former views as well as a large opening to the role of more transpersonal thinking and language in later-stage coaching. ~ Colin Wood, Director, Arete Integral

  • I first heard Antoinette speak at an EMCC conference and was immediately captured by her insights on vertical leadership development and her own StageSHIFT model. I've found Antoinette's teachings and methodology offer a very timely and practical approach to being of optimal service when working with leaders in today's fast paced, disruptive and volatile environment so they can pivot in their leadership and create a ripple effect that cascades throughout the organisation! Antoinette's deep knowledge, practical expertise and utter passion for her subject is awe-inspiring. She has clearly dedicated herself to sharing her aspirational vision with the world through her life-changing work and I feel privileged to be a part of that journey. Corinna Kingston, Executive Coach

Accelerated Vertical Leadership Development and a Quantum Leap in Organisational Evolution to Reinvent Our Civilisation

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Increased Leadership Effectiveness

This Strategic Leadership Program lays the groundwork to increase the leadership effectiveness of the organisation by 20% in one year. In Vertical Development, team leaders shift to become high performing Achievists, cross-boundary leaders become highly effective change Catalysts and strategic leaders join the top 10% of leaders at Synergist.

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Increased People Engagement

This Program significantly increases the level of discretionary effort people invest, and lifts the culture of the organisation so that it is more innovative, collaborative, accountable, respectful and effective. Implementation of the strategic frameworks has increased People Engagement by a quantum leap of 30% in just 6 months!

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Increased Business Performance

When applied to a small trading company of 50 people, their business revenues doubled 3-weeks following implementation. Customer satisfaction also rose significantly in a 1000-person business services company during implementation. And a national association enhanced its corporate reputation to become an important influencer of government policy.

Embrace and Embody Your Holistic Self

"The higher our self-expression and the deeper our self-awareness, the richer our life experience and the greater our soul evolution." ~ Antoinette J Braks