Wish you could do more as an Executive Coach?

Learn the proven StageSHIFT strategies Transformative Coaches use to accelerate their own and their clients' Vertical Holistic Leadership Development and Systemic Evolution to Synergist.

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Did you know that less than 10% of Executives have matured to Synergist?

Discover how to accelerate Vertical Development to Synergist and beyond, for yourself and your clients. We need many more Senior Executives at mature Synergist to co-create a more sustainable, healthy, and equitable world.


Recreate Your Self and Your Coaching Outcomes

Learn the evidence-based formula to Vertical Systemic Holistic Development and use it to:

  • Partner more proactively with Client Executives to guide their Vertical Leadership Development and Systemic Evolution.
  • Free yourself and your clients from pressing deadlines, difficult people, and heavy workloads, and move into emergent flow.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind and inner wellbeing following shadow resolution and soul evolution, sharing the solution with clients.
  • Expand your coaching repertoire, leadership capacity and market presence to customize and deliver Group Coaching Programs.
  • Leave a legacy of more sustainable, healthy, and equitable business ecosystems for current and future generations.

Learn to Master Your Evolution to Later Stages!



The StageSHIFT Coaching Certification Program

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Our 12-month Certification Program will teach you ...

the evidence-based 8-Step System to Synergist Leadership Development for the individual Self and to Green/Teal for the collective System using our RADAR Vertical Learning Methodology. By developing the knowhow and experiencing your own evolution, you'll be able to guide clients in new transformative ways that lead to extraordinary accelerated outcomes.

Our Transformative Coaching Certification in Vertical Leadership Development comprises:

  • Extensive online videos and 20p notes with associated articles for each of the 8 Modules.
  • 2 Live 110-min Discovery Dialogues with Dr Antoinette Braks to cover concept, content and individual case studies for each Module - you help to set the Agenda.
  • A pre-arranged Peer Collaboration in dyads and triads for you to collaborate on your Masterpieces-in-Progress with different fellow participants throughout the year.
  • An Assignment for each of the 8 Modules returned to you with reflections from Antoinette.

Past participants have described the Program as a uniquely enriching experience in terms of the breadth of information shared and the depth of conversation held during Discovery Dialogues.

"The Program was indeed transformative. Through her collaborative, uplifting and deeply thought-provoking approach, Antoinette challenged me to enquire deeply and articulate concepts and ideas that were just beyond my reach. It lifted my consciousness to another level. Her work is brilliant!"

- Heather Monro, Transformative Executive Coach

"Without her firm, generous, friendly, thought-provoking, heart-opening and soul-freeing guidance, I wouldn't be where I am today: totally on purpose with a big mind and open heart. Antoinette is the most aspirational, knowledgeable and loving leader I have come across. She is the go-to guide in VLD!"

- Sharifah Raudhah AlQudsy, Transformative Executive Coach

"I feel and believe strongly that this is 'the real deal' in executive leadership development. As a humble attempt, I would say that it is unrivalled in its blend of science and applied wisdom, and in the inner conscious self that evolves in embodied leadership presence, leading directly into culture transformation."

- Paul Smith, Transformative Executive Coach & Consultant

In The Next 12 Months, You Could…

  • Finally let go of the past and shape the future
  • Build a mature Synergist Coaching Presence
  • Enable clients to realize amazing outcomes.

Our proven Vertical Systemic Holistic approach makes all the difference. It generates rapid momentum. Create space for growth, expand your inner consciousness, and develop a systemic mindset. We’ll cover it all in the Certification Program.

The Series of 8 Modules are ...



Build the Systemic Strategic Scaffolding to facilitate your own and your client's aspirational intent to re-imagine their place in the world, build a more conscious sustainable business, and co-create an open expansive space for conscious vertical growth at all levels in the organization.

  • Visionary Purpose
  • Evolutionary Values
  • Team EQUIP Scorecards

The power of INTENTION catapults Vertical Development and the Systemic Strategic Scaffolding uplifts team accountability throughout the organization.



Explore the interweaving concepts of time and energy to significantly uplift your creative productivity and that of strategic leaders and their teams. By orchestrating engagement, streamlining work, and leveraging neuroscience, there is a magical shift in ingenuity and team engagement.

  • Dynamic Operating Rhythm to double creative productivity
  • Value Creation Streams beyond Position Descriptions
  • Liberating Meeting Agendas to create radical accountability

Enjoy moving into the flow of emergence with a mind free of distractions and focused on important strategic priorities from a mature 4th Perspective.



We turn inwards to cultivate our mindset and heartset, in relation to positive psychology, emotional awareness and resonance, conscious mindfulness, and wellbeing. We review and reframe internal voices and default responses while cultivating the gifts we share to build respectful relationships.

  • How to cultivate mindset and self-expression
  • The value of emotional dissonance and resonance
  • Identifying shadow and developing trust in relationships 

Our systemic 4th Perspective revises the significance of our emotional ripple effect. By becoming aware of mood as a contagious virus, we uplift culture.



While the sabotaging effect of the reactive amygdala needs conscious regulation, we can transcend emotional drama by resolving and healing personal shadow at 4th Perspective. This frees us from the distracting inner voices of our disparate selves and leads to a calm, clear, and open mind.

  • Emotional triggers, transference and throw-away lines
  • The G-R-I-E-F Shadow Resolution Process
  • Collective ancestral and cultural shadow

Identifying, resolving and healing shadow at source is an essential part of the journey at 4th Perspective and critical in Transformative Vertical Coaching.

This Program is especially suited to you if you're an experienced Executive Coach or a Senior Executive moving into Coaching, and you're interested in the Transformation of Self and System.  StageSHIFT Coaches work through and with Senior Leaders to evolve the whole.

By leading the implementation of the Systemic Strategic Scaffolding to create a new upper level in the organization, lift each subsequent level and create open expansive space for collaborative High Trust Team Performance, you and your executive clients grow organically as systemic transforming Synergist leaders.

This creates the traction for the systemic evolution of the interconnected business ecosystem.



Undertake a Vertical Holistic Life Review to understand your history, reframe the narrative, redesign your identity, and shape a new destiny. We set the context of storytelling for deeper transformative meaning making, drawing on interpersonal dynamics and universal archetypes.

  • Stories as Meaning-Making Learning Vehicles
  • The Heroic Journey through 4th Perspective
  • Stories of the past, in the present and for the future

Elevated interpretation and resonant imagination have the power to reforge memory and history to renew identity and destiny in profound ways.



The capacity to set and hold values-based standards, boundaries and priorities to create psychological safety for self and others is only found at mature Synergist. Taking responsibility for culture  increases authentic conscious engagement, shared vulnerability, and collaborative innovation.

  • Standards in contrast to Expectations and Rules
  • Ethical Standards through the Stages of Development
  • Holding Courageous Caring Conversations

Effective Synergist Leaders hold the space for respectful relationships while voicing the truth and implications of systemic bias to inspire real change. 



Articulate your Voice to give the highest expression to your intrinsic purpose in life and business, and similarly, to guide your executive clients. We review the structure and tenor of presentations from Ted Talks to Conferences so you can create our own Unique Living Signature Presentation.

  • Allow your Personal Story to bring life to your Presence
  • The 12 P's of Passionate Purposeful Presentations
  • Inspire, inform and invite your audience to join you.

The courage to step up into and stand strong with our own Voice in the business ecosystem is another distinctive capacity of the mature Synergist. 



This Module extends Synergist leadership to the wider business ecosystem to proactively build momentum across a broad stakeholder coalition including community interests to realize long-term sustainable outcomes for current and future generations.

  • Explore the wider socio-economic business ecosystem
  • Lead collaborative distributed stakeholder engagement
  • Build multi-party coalitions for cross-cultural innovation.

It's no longer enough to act alone with partial responsibility for global issues. Generating synergy with all parties will yield integrated long term solutions.


I'm Antoinette Braks

I'm a Master Executive Coach and qualified in Coaching Supervision from Oxford Brookes. Over the last few years I've been designing and delivering Vertical Systemic Holistic Leadership Programs employing 3rd Generation Transformative Coaching to enable Executive Coaches embody the mature Synergist and beyond.

It's a great honour and delight to share in our mutually rising consciousness. Our Discovery Dialogues deepen as we journey together in our evolutionary spirals and develop the capacity to generate a more sustainable, healthy, and equitable world fulfilling our soul purpose. 

"I will be forever grateful to Antoinette for enabling me to fully grasp the vastness, importance and grandness of vertical development, yet making it easy to start infusing and transforming my own work with clients. Catch her program if you can - it might be the most uplifting decision in your life."

- Jessica Lowenhielm, Transformative Executive Coach

"It has been a true privilege to have Antoinette as my guide, coach and teacher along this journey. She is an inspiring person with a remarkably sharp intellect, lots of love, tons of professional experience combined with an even more remarkable wisdom and spiritual consciousness. I am honoured to be in her community."

- Thomas Bjerkhede, Transformative Executive Coach

"Antoinette credibly and passionately integrates business and spirituality. It’s rare, it’s profound, and it’s much needed in the world today. Her brilliant intellect, fearless consulting, coaching and OD skills, have generated a suite of offerings for coaches, OD consultants, and senior leaders who want to adopt regenerative business practices."

- Emma Pearson, Transformative Executive Coach & Consultant

The StageSHIFT Coaching Certification Program commencing 25 January 2024


The Total Value of all the components in this Program with 8 participants is USD $8,500 per person (€7,630 or AUD12,615).The Regular Price has been USD $6,750 and the Early Bird is USD $5,995 (€5,497 or AUD $6,125) offering a Package Saving of 30% on the Total Value.

The same Early Bird Price applies to the Program commencing Thursday 25 January 2023 @ 10am CET and 5pm EST if you Register on or before Saturday 28 October 2023. As soon as you Save Your Place below, you will receive a SPECIAL GIFT - a series of 3 StageSHIFT Modules on the STAGES of Development. You can deduct your initial payment from your Early Bird Single or Monthly Payments by registering on or before 28 October 2023 with the coupon PLACE.

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If you aren’t completely satisfied with the quality of the materials, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.

Supplementary Certification Option

We also offer the Vertical Holistic Leadership Profile (VHLP) Certification for StageSHIFT Coaches. It focuses on the Structure of Vertical Holistic Development, our 4D capability-based elegant automated Assessment, and uniquely tailored Debriefing Process. You can undertake both in the same year and realize a further 20% Saving.


"Antoinette has a unique style and approach. I'd emphasize her discernment and the ability to beautifully conceptualize complex ideas and get to the very core of things.  he Program was indeed transformative. I am fascinated by her methodology and her constantly inquiring mind and lightness. Another unique thing is the community of late stage coaches and the depth of conversation that I rarely experience anywhere else."

- Ekaterina Surkova, Transformative Executive Coach

"Antoinette's profound and rare capacity to inspire developmental movement in individuals, teams, and the wider community is remarkable. She is part of a class of brilliant,  humble human beings who invite you to fully meet yourself, your shadows and unfolding potential, simply by their presence and capacity to hold that space. Her unique, well-researched body of work enables leaders to integrate business and human development."

- Jacqueline van Paassen, Transformative Executive Coach

"I have recently completed the StageSHIFT Vertical Development Coaching Certification Program under the leadership and guidance of Antoinette, and can say it's been one of the most rewarding programs I've ever undertaken. It takes Coaching to another level - Transformative Coaching, and expanded my capacity at an accelerated pace. This Program is exactly what the world needs right now. I look forward to continuing our work together as part of the Global StageSHIFT Community." 

- Valerie Gleeson, Executive Coach & Vertical Leadership Development Consultant

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