Emma Pearson

MSc, Occupational Psychology, Postgraduate Diploma, Adv. Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching, BA Hons and Diploma, University of Nottingham, PCC

English French / Switzerland, France

Emma supports individuals, teams and organisations through the change process

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Partnering with CXOs and Strategic Leaders to Rise Above the Turbulence and Flourish in Emergence

We're renowned for accelerating our clients' capacity to realise extraordinary outcomes through our unique and proven blend of strategic enterprise evolution, vertical holistic leadership development and transformative executive coaching to swiftly realise visionary, inspiring and purposeful aspirations.

Moritz Wenz, Head of Systems Engineering, SecOps EMEAR

Emma was an amazing Mentor during my coaching sessions, I learned so much about myself and she helped me so tremendously in my self reflection and gave me answers and guidance on where do get on my answers. I can totally recommend Emma as a Coach and as a person which I really enjoyed spending time with. Thank you so much. 

Elisabete Vasques, Leader Cisco Collaboration

I was fortunate enough to have Emma as what should have been a "professional coach". I very quickly discovered that with Emma you dive into an holistic experience that will positively affect both your profissional and personnal life. Emma is such an amazing listener and understands the human nature so well. Throughout the several sessions she helped me understand my challenges and how to use my strenghts to overcome them, look into myself and find ways to grow, become a better professional and a better human being. I hope I'll be able to engage with Emma in the near future. If anyone asks me for a reference I'll definitely recommend Emma Pearson

Anna Cook, CERN HR communications

I was fortunate to be able to have Emma as my professional coach over the course of several months this year. Emma is skilled in creating a safe, trusting environment with expert guidance where one can push oneself to explore opportunities and ways to grow beyond comfort zones and limitations. Her approach is structured yet flexible, her character kind and sunny, challenging and helpful. She gave me really good insights through a variety of tools and techniques which she tailors according to needs. I have enjoyed every step of the journey with Emma and she has given me tools to develop myself further and work smarter, not harder. Thank you Emma!