Heather Monro

BA  MA Cantab (1st Class Hons)  BEd  PG  Dip Executive Coaching VHLP

English Norwegian / England UK

Heather Monro is a StageSHIFT executive coach with a passion for transforming the way we do business through the development of more conscious leaders. With ‘ruthless compassion’ she has helped hundreds of leaders to connect with a sense of purpose, think courageously, remove limiting assumptions, bring fresh ideas to life, grow, flourish and evolve.

At home in environments characterized by aspiration and the pursuit of excellence, Heather draws on a 15-year career as a world-medal winning athlete and subsequent experience in corporate leadership providing a unique personal insight into what it takes to be at our best.

Heather is particularly interested in personal holistic leadership. Drawing on vertical development theory, psychodynamics, neuropsychology and systems thinking, she helps leaders to understand themselves better; to examine what lies behind their thinking, actions and communication preferences and to leverage these for best effect.

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StageSHIFT Coaching is 4 times more effective in realising vertical leadership development, in 10% of the time invested than most Leadership Programs. It offers a 120% StageSHIFT in just 8 coaching sessions, a total of 2 days instead of 20.

Research Lead, Global Pharmaceuticals

I had never before been exposed to dialogue with anyone about my values and personal vision - as a person or as an employee. Heather gave me profound insight into my behaviours and beliefs based on open and honest discussion which was both cathartic and enlightening. I now have an awareness of my limiting behaviours, strategies for managing difficult situations and a clarity about my ultimate potential as a human being. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Heather.

Divisional IT Director UK

The work I have done with Heather has had a profound impact. A part of me naively hoped for either easy fixes or validation that I was right all along. I got neither! Instead, Heather’s experience and depth of insight allowed us to explore and address deeper underlying issues, and how they affected my thinking and behaviours both in my work and many other areas of my life. I now have better tools for tackling a wider range of issues. I can honestly say the work with Heather has been liberating and transformational.

Head of Faculty, Russell Group University UK

Heather created a space that enabled me to set aside inhibitions. Her in-depth approach facilitated self-reflection in a structured, sustained manner and guided me to think more deeply about the implications and consequences of my choices and goals in a wider perspective. I understand much better how my attitudes and priorities in life and at work are interlinked. I have become more forgiving towards myself. I have a sense of taking practical steps to reach a ‘higher’ goal. I feel much more at peace with myself and my position in work and life.