Ian Sellick

MBA Bristol Business School  Adv. Dip. Systemic Team Coaching AoEC  Newfield Ontological Coach  Marshall Goldsmith: SCC, Global Leader of the Future, Select 100 Coaches EU. PDD ICF  Neurolinguistic Coach & NLP Master Practitione. Vertical Assessments VHLP, LDP & Leadership Agility

English / UK

Ian has been a Professional Coach for 20 years following a successful career as a Senior Executive leader in high technology industries where his experience in leading people and change both within the organisation and for clients and business partners helped shape his love of leadership and human development.

Ian’s focus is Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, and  Team Dynamics underpinned by expanding Mindset in terms of Vertical Development. He works with Senior Executive leaders and their teams on a global scale, including Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe as well as UK, USA and Western Europe, helping to build the capacities and capabilities that today’s leaders need to lead their organisations in an ever-complex business ecosystem and turbulent world. His work includes many industry sectors such as High Technology, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, Renewable Energy, Financial Institutions, Public Sector and NHS.

Ian is passionate about wanting to help make a real difference in the world so that it is a more sustainable and equitable place for individuals, teams, organisations, and communities. He does that through helping those entities to create outstanding performance through the ongoing development of reflective thinking, behaviour and applied emotional intelligence. He guides leaders to build strategic scaffolding, lead diversity and inclusion, and many other leadership dimensions that take all to a higher level of engagement and sustainable performance.

Ian has held several senior positions in sales, marketing, services, and general business leadership. The time that Ian has spent in the corporate world has given him a real appreciation of the challenges individuals, teams and organisations face across a diverse range of industries, geographies, and cultures. A lifetime learner, Ian dedicates a good proportion of his time studying the latest issues and techniques for organisational development and personal leadership growth.

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Partnering with CXOs and Strategic Leaders to Rise Above the Turbulence and Flourish in Emergence

We unlock executives' latent capacity to realise extraordinary purposeful outcomes through our unique and proven blend of vertical holistic mindset development and organisational evolution through Transformative Executive Coaching that accelerates the development of Systemic Adaptive Generative Ethical Leadership needed to master complexity, thrive in volatility, and move into the flow of emergence with trust and confidence.

Recent Coaching Experience

  • Trained and coached the Board of Media Industry Company, delivering significant and tangible performance improvement through stronger teamwork, enhanced creativity, and developing improved competitiveness, including several key acquisitions.
  • Coached Senior Finance Executive and his team through organisational change shifting the focus from a regional model to a global one. He was recognised as a key change agent with the ability to bring people together and work collaboratively. 
  • The trusted advisor and Executive Coach to Senior Vice President of a global technical infrastructure provider undergoing a significant global restructure.
  • Coached the Finance Director, his team, and Director of Resources to enable CEO readiness for a large London Borough, including improved executive presence, leadership thinking, decision making, and communications.
  • Developed Senior Executive leader in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences sector to enable readiness for a global position including communication and influencing skills, expanded presence, and extensive stakeholder management.
  • Executive Coach to Senior Engineering Director driving a global transformation project in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry. The focus was on leadership development to enable critical decision making in the face of ambiguity and complexity.
  • Coached individual team members and facilitated Leadership Development workshops to establish a renewed sense of purpose and team cohesion in the Health Sector.
  • Coached Global Vice President of a high technology organisation leading change on a global scale including developing EQ, stakeholder management, and influencing others.