Niklas Lindhardt

Advanced Practitioner, GLA, MSc Chalmers

English, Swedish / Sweden

Niklas believes in leadership that takes responsibility: for oneself, for the employees and the organisation, and also for a sustainable society and a planet where our children and their children will be able to live, just like us.

Leaders at later vertical stages are the only ones that can lead effectively in these times. And they create the organisational scaffolding necessary to support both human evolution and organisational growth. The time has come for a change! To the benefit of all! Co-creative relationships help us to grow, and facilitates improved performance and greater wellbeing.

In an increasingly complex world, it is time to update our leadership template. Research (Josephs & Joiner, Braks, Torbert and many more) clearly illustrate the link between a leader's psychological level of development and their ability to lead an organisation in a agile, globalised era.

When you work with Niklas, you get all of him. All his heart, knowledge and commitment. Niklas sees himself, and network of close co-creators, as your trusted partner.

He is certified as an Advanced Practitioner @ Global Leadership Associates (one of a small handful in the world), in MIT:s Theory U, in Sociocracy 3.0, in Cultural Transformation Tools, and in StageSHIFT Vertical Coaching. He has also gained extensive coaching and consulting experience over many years.

Niklas has valuable perspectives and a deep knowledge of systemic dynamics ensuring that any conversation around organisation and leadership development are definitely worth your while.

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We're renowned for accelerating our clients' capacity to realise extraordinary outcomes through our unique and proven blend of strategic enterprise evolution, vertical holistic leadership development and transformative executive coaching to swiftly realise visionary, inspiring and purposeful aspirations.

Tom Strömberg, Software by Quokka

I worked with Niklas since the beginning of the century, both as project manager and as a manager. Niklas is a brilliant manager and always strives to be better and updated with the latest in people skills. He is truly commited to his crew and will go a long way to make them happy at work.

In the management group Niklas would often think outside the box and see things from another angle, pushing us in new directions. Niklas is also an engineer at heart and he is an experienced technician and project manager. I'd work with him again any day!

Antoinette Braks, PhD Master Executive Coach

Niklas, it's been a great delight to connect with you and your team and experience the love and light that you bring to each encounter.

Your soulfulness, vulnerability and acceptance of life resonated deeply within me, as did your bold inspired actions to purposefully lead transformative vertical leadership programs intent on enterprise evolution for the benefit of all!

Soul to soul, I acknowledge you as a wizard and light bearer bringing a splendid inspiring presence with INTO THE NEW that invites TRUE CHANGE to unfold and evolve.

Deep transformation that sits silently in the darkness of the night and manifests magically in the stillness of the dawn. Thank you for sharing the light and the dark with me, it's an honour to walk with you.