Paul Smith

MA Business Studies, IMI Executive Coaching, IMI Leadership Excellence

English / IrelandofPaul Smith was a Senior Manager primarily in Guinness-Diageo to 2012 with over 30 years experience in Finance, Supply Chain Operations, Business Process Governance (incl SAP Process Management), Business Unit Start Ups, Shared Services, Lean Business Transformation, and general consulting (incl. a period with PWC. Qualified management accountant (in practice since 1982)

Now an independent Business Owner with expanded specialisation in all aspects of executive development, education and consulting support. Associate Faculty member for a number of Masters level Strategy, Leadership and General Management Programs in both the Irish Management Institute (IMI) and University of Dublin (TCD).

Paul combines the perspective of an experienced business practitioner with the rigour of a demonstrably strong and up-to-date academic track record.

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Gerry Boylam, Diageo Ireland

I have known Paul for several years and worked with him directly in my capacity as Head of Logistics for Diageo in Ireland. Paul consistently delivered strongly in his field of continuous improvement and SAP process developent. He worked against a background of Logistics function outsourcing which required constant agile changes in ways of working to make the chanegs a success. Paul played a key role in upholding primary customer service performance measure OTIF (delivery on time in full) throughout and developed many new and innovative solutions to meet business change and customer requirements. Paul was especially effective in leading and working within a variety of governance structures across different functional areas (manufacturing, sales, innovation, purchasing, finance) in order to facilitate the emergence of solutions which were integrated, sustainable, and supported cross-functionally Paul was a valued member of the Supply Chain leadership Team throughout this period. His wide ranging experience makes him a very credible leader. He has an engaging personal style that is both inclusive and relationships-based. A highly capable senior business manager, professional, thoughtful, Insightful, supportive and trusted

Gabor Zeisler, Finance Director Diageo

Paul and I worked together during my shared services time at Diageo. Paul had a great experience of PtP Process and Supply Chain by that time. He was in charge of managing process improvement, I was impressed by his ability to manage a wide range of activities, projects across multiple countries and the same time keeping energy levels high in his team. He is strong at building great relationships and communicating both up and down effectively. Having Paul on board during the times of massive changes was a great asset, he took a great level of accountability for the work and was restless till everything got done....thank you Paul! Great memories!

Dr Antoinette Braks, PhD Master Executive Coach

Paul Smith is one of the kindest, strongest and gentlest people I know. He is deeply reflective and always gracious. Paul has invested significantly in developing an integrity of character that is at various times wise, joyful, cajoling yet compassionate. As an executive coach he brings together a broad strategic and operational understanding of corporate organisations, systems and processes, as well as an insightful and inquiring appreciation into team dynamics, shadow resolution and the bigger difference we can each make through our own unique purposeful human evolution. I highly recommend Paul as a systemic transformative coach who fosters vertical development for strategic leaders, so they become more inspiring visionary leaders. Through his coaching and consulting work, he also ignites evolution for organisations so that everyone is more empowered to realise aspirational goals in tune with their values.