StageSHIFT Vertical Leadership RESEARCH

A Survey of CEOs, C-Suite Leaders and Executive Teams leading corporations and social enterprises to benchmark and increase the conscious leadership capacity available to reinvent business and economic norms, and heal the growing divides across society today.

Undertake a confidential objective leadership assessment and receive an expert debrief on the key steps you can take to instantly elevate your leadership capacity.

Join the 2020 Research - What's My Altitude?

What can I do to Lift my Perspective?


The world urgently needs leaders at mature Synergist who can lead collaborative systemic transformation, use the disruption to reinvent business and revitalise engagement, and heal the polarising issues in society today.


Research shows that less than 10% of executive leaders have matured to Synergist where they can transcend disruption, reinvent their business model and reinvigorate people engagement. Moreover, Synergist leadership capacity is barely growing at the rate of 1% per decade.

Given that the world is becoming more turbulent and that conventional commerce and ways of working are being disrupted, it's more important than ever that the world's global and national leaders rise to Synergist - a person who can lead the resolution of the emerging conflicts and the reinvention of new synergistic business models.

Please join the Research Study. Discover what you can do to immediately make a quantum vertical shift in your leadership capacity. It involves a straightforward yet sophisticated sentence completion exercise. You will then receive a Vertical Leadership Profile, StageSHIFT Report and in-depth Debrief with your Coach.

All profiles will be held in the strictest of confidence. Anonymous aggregate data by role level, size of company, industry and country with key findings will be shared with you and distributed more broadly to a wider audience as a summary White Paper and a more extensive Research Report.

This is your opportunity to better prepare yourself to meet today's generational challenge by appreciating your vertical altitude and discovering the proven actions you can take to expedite and integrate later stage vertical leadership capacity at Synergist and beyond. We ask you to contribute $1,500 to cover the cost of the Research Study.

I'd like to join the 2020 Research Study in Vertical Development and gain some key new insights into how I can immediately step up my effectiveness as a leader

Led by StageSHIFT Coaching

Antoinette Braks, the Founder of StageSHIFT Coaching, is leading this Research Study. She is a Master Certified Coach and her PhD thesis is in Coaching Psychology in Vertical Development

Antoinette won the CEO Today Management Consulting Award 2020 for Leadership Coaching and is the author of Executive Coaching: The Drivers and Dynamics of Vertical Development. 

The global StageSHIFT Coaching Community is a network of Synergist+ transformative executive coaches expediting vertical development to later stages.

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StageSHIFT Coaching is 4 times more effective in 10% of the time invested than most advanced leadership programs in accelerating vertical development to Synergist


We invite your confidential participation in this research study to profile your worldview and create new norms for C-suite leaders. Your one-on-one debrief will equip you with new key insights to instantly expedite your vertical evolution. They are based on the proven accelerated pathway distilled by StageSHIFT Coaching Research where 80% of participants shifted a full stage in one year (previously thought to take 5 years) and 20% shifted twice.

I'd like to be part of this Research Study in Vertical Development and discover how to quickly uplift my perspective to become a more inspiring visionary leader

The StageSHIFT Difference



Most coaching approaches deploy emotional intelligence and developmental goals. This is useful at earlier stages but not sufficient to expedite the shift to Synergist and later stages. StageSHIFT Coaching sets aspirational intent and resolves shadow at source to eliminate emotional triggers and integrate psychodynamics so clients arrive at a calm, clear and open mind trusting emergence to realise shared aspirations despite conflict and disruption.


Most coaches work primarily with the executive, their identity, challenges, responsibilities and relationships. While this is valuable, it is not sufficiently systemic to enable the shift to Synergist and later stages. StageSHIFT Coaching shows the leader how to uplift and evolve the workplace with new strategic scaffolding to generate a more empowering, psychologically safe and consistently respectful, innovative and vibrant, high performance values-based culture.


Developmental coaching is  person-centric and assymetric. This can be effective but again not sufficient to enable the shift to Synergist and Alchemist. StageSHIFT Coaches offer the next evolution of coaching: transformative coaching. Its success rests on a dialogical partnership with a later stage coach who offers inspiring guidance by asking leading questions and sharing deep insights to accelerate the development of an expanded worldview for the coachee.

I'd like to join this Research Study in Vertical Development. I'll receive a Vertical Leadership Profile, StageSHIFT Report and an in-depth StageSHIFT Debrief followed by the White Paper & Research Report.