Vertical Leadership Development

The StageSHIFT Proven Vertical Leadership Programs for Strategic Leaders and Executive Coaches are super-effective in expediting vertical development to the top 10% of leaders at Synergist!

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Transcend the Turmoil and Cut through Complexity

Current disruptive change demands the renewal of liberating strategic business frameworks so that everyone is engaged, encouraged and empowered to collaborate across boundaries and synergise to design and deliver on shared aspirational outcomes.

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Trust Emergence to Navigate Uncertainty

By cultivating inner identity, exploring power psychodynamics, resolving shadow and establishing a consistent Dynamic Operating Rhythm, leaders can reduce time pressures, eliminate triggers, navigate interpersonal issues, optimise creativity and double productivity.

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Transform Your World with Strategic Ingenuity

Invest in expanding your leadership capacity to take more radical responsibility for self, others and the community, to invite and leverage everyone's collective genius. StageSHIFT Programs uplift leaders and whole organisations to thrive and flourish amidst disruption.

Quarterly Live StageSHIFT Webinar: Tues 6 Oct 2020

Our current reset in life from an evolutionary perspective ...

A live webinar sharing new insights into Vertical Leadership Development, the Spectrum Stage Shift and personal, organisational and social evolution. All questions and thoughts are welcome. Gain new insights into how a vertically informed integral transpersonal perspective can illuminate critical decisions and pivot points in political agendas and social evolution.

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Recorded and Live Webinars, the best articles on Vertical Development and special offers on introductory Programs that will give you lots of insights into Vertical Leadership Development.

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Time is of the essence! Find out about our proven track record in expediting 100% StageSHIFTS to later Stages in just 2 days of executive coaching spread pa instead of 20 intensive days off-site of executive education!

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For all strategic leaders such as C-suite and Divisional leaders, executive teams, high potential leaders, groups of high potential leaders and Executive Coaches in leadership development.

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Join the 2020 Research: What's Your Altitude?

Previous research shows that less than 10% of executive leaders have attained the level of Synergist where they can transcend disruption, transform their industry and reinvent their business model. Synergist leadership capacity is growing at a snail's pace of 1% per decade.

Register for this Research Study to discover where global leaders are today and what you can do immediately to make a quantum shift in your leadership capacity. All profiles will be held in the strictest of confidence. Only aggregate data by country and industry will be presented externally. You will receive a copy of the summary and full report as soon as they become available.

Take the Vertical Assessment, Receive a Leadership Profile, StageSHIFT Report and 90-min In-depth StageSHIFT Debrief followed by Summary & Full Copies of the Research Report

2020 Leadership Coaching Award

SYNERGIST Leadership Executive Coaching Programs for CEOs, Strategic Leaders and High Potentials. A blend of Team Workshops to set strategic intent, online self-paced learning, Group Coaching for groups of senior leaders and Executive Coaching for strategic leaders. Proven outcomes in vertical development and organisation evolution. Click here to see CEO Today Management Consulting Awards 2020 or click on the logo to download a pdf on Antoinette's unique contribution to Leadership Coaching. Set up a meeting with her by clicking here.

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“This is a much-needed, research-based book that has already helped me to refine my coaching!”

—Maureen Metcalf, Founder & CEO, Innovative Leadership Institute

"Antoinette Braks shows us how executive coaching can become a transformational dialogue; a holistic path that can humanise our world.”

—Reinhard Stelter, Professor of Coaching Psychology, University of Copenhagen

“It is more vital than ever before that leaders develop the ability to take multiple perspectives, think systemically, consider the long-term effects of decisions and base them on the best of available scientific evidence – this book offers a path to help leaders acquire these later stage characteristics.” 

—Susanne Cook-Greuter, Strategic Advisor & Research Director, Vertical Development Academy

Antoinette’s brilliant work creates an effective, practical and grounded approach to guide coaches and leaders in a pivotal arc in the developmental spectrum to see what is not yet seen and heal underlying hidden dilemmas not yet identified. 

—Terri O'Fallon, Founder & Partner of STAGES International

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Executive Coaching in Strategic Holistic Leadership

The Drivers and Dynamics of Vertical Development

Read Chapters 1 and 2

Find out about the theory of Developmental Psychology and the strengths and shadows of each of the Stages of Vertical Leadership Development.

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Most coaching approaches focus on strengths, soft skills, emotional intelligence and developmental goals. These strategies are useful but not sufficient to expedite the shift to Synergist.

StageSHIFT Coaching invites aspirational intent and resolves shadow at source to eliminate emotional triggers and appreciate interpersonal psychodynamics to enable inspiring, systemic, visionary, synergistic leadership.

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Most coaches work with the person, their responsibilities, relationships and identity. While this focus is highly valuable, it is not sufficiently systemic to enable the shift to Synergist.

StageSHIFT Coaching guides the strategic leader to transform that part of the workplace for which they're responsible to generate a highly empowering, values-based, psychologically safe and respectful diverse culture.

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Developmental coaching is humanistic and person-centric. Coaches ask open questions inviting the coachee to respond. This is effective but not sufficient to enable the shift to Synergist.

StageSHIFT Coaching is a form of 3rd generation coaching. It is a holistic transformative coaching partnership including guidance through leading questions and shared insights with a later stage coach who has the presence to hold expansive emergent space.

PDF StageSHIFT Vertical Development

A comprehensive outline of what makes StageSHIFT Coaching distinctive such as  transformative coaching, the drivers and dynamics of development, an outline of the StageSHIFT Programs and a little about us. Click on the image to download the pdf.

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About Us

Our Purpose and Values, Value Proposition & Coaching Profiles

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Insights into Vertical Leadership Development for you to peruse.

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Practitioner Partner

Gain insight into your vertical development with StageSHIFT.

Braks, AJ (2020) Leadership Coaching Leads to Later Stage Development, Integral Review Vol 16.1 April 2020.

Braks presents the drivers and dynamics of vertical development to Synergist following a multiple case study where 80% shifted one stage and 20% shifted two stages after an average of 8 * 90-min Transformative Coaching Sessions. Click on the pic to download the article.

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Antoinette Braks is a Master Certified Award Winning Leadership Coach, the Founder and CEO of StageSHIFT Coaching and author of Executive Coaching in Strategic Holistic Leadership, The Drivers and Dynamics of Vertical Development. She has pioneered an accelerated pathway in vertical leadership development to Synergist, the top 10% of leaders in terms of adult maturity, who can transcend the turmoil in today’s world and cut through complexity, trust emergence and navigate uncertainty and transform their world with strategic ingenuity. Click here to set up a meeting.