Brigitte Deden

MBA, MSc, ICF Master Certified Coach, EMCC certified Coach Supervisor, Stage SHIFT Certified Vertical Coach

English, German / Germany

Brigitte is a highly experienced professional coach and coach supervisor who combines 10+ years of executive coaching with a strong business background from 15+ years in international business consulting. She has the presence, energy and acumen to partner senior leaders and executives as they navigate the growing complexity of today’s environment and balance the paradoxical demands of their stakeholders. Her clients are top-level Corporate and Government bodies in Singapore, Asia and Europe.

With a German background and having lived and worked in both Europe and Asia, Brigitte has substantial knowledge of the requirements necessary to be successful in culturally diverse, mature and emerging markets.

Before qualifying as a professional coach, Brigitte spent more than a decade as a business consultant with Accenture. As a senior manager in Europe and Asia, Brigitte was responsible for forming and leading high performance teams to design and implement innovative IT and business solutions for clients in the Financial Services sector.

Prior to joining Accenture, Brigitte followed her curiosity in foreign cultures and established her own business as an independent IT consultant in Jakarta, Indonesia, for several years after finishing her education in Germany.

Working in the dynamic consulting environment, Brigitte developed the capability to quickly understand new corporate environments and structure complex business issues. She is well acquainted with the challenges executives face when pioneering their way to the most senior levels in organisations, and the different focus required in maintaining those positions.

Brigitte approaches coaching from a position of fearless compassion. She has a natural talent for building trustful relationships, the capacity to listen deeply and the courage to give insightful and honest feedback. With positive energy and an appreciative attitude, she creates a safe environment for her clients to openly share their challenges, discover blind-spots, explore new possibilities and take courageous new steps forward. Where appropriate, she draws from a rich toolkit of frameworks and best practices to enrich the coaching and to craft interventions that address the client’s individual needs in alignment with the organizations they serve.

Brigitte has formally coached over 600 leaders across 20 countries. Her areas of expertise include:

  • Onboarding of new executives
  • Developing executive talent and high potentials
  • Leadership Transition including international transitions and new leadership roles
  • Leading across cultures and geographies
  • Leading through change

As a Stage SHIFT coach Brigitte’s purpose is to grow a leader’s capacity to create vibrant, engaging, empowering and soulful organisations that serve humanity in meaningful and sustainable ways.

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Hilde Mußinghoff M.A.

Approaching professional and private changes and still not neglecting the full-time job is a balancing act that demands more capacities than I would have expected. The coaching “kept me on the way” and brought me further in every respect.

The goal-oriented approach, the mutual opening of new perspectives and the continuous support over a fixed period of time were the decisive factors for me. Brigitte combines well-founded technical know-how with a high level of social competence in a very special way.

Dr. Freya Hahn

On the threshold to an outstanding leadership position and with a personally obstructive, somewhat stuck conviction, Brigitte was a very good, stable and extremely helpful coach to me. With great expertise, empathy and a big heart, she guided me safely on my way, helped me to identify and pursue my goals. With great skill, she always captured the core issues precisely.

She thus helped me to confidently and successfully implement my professional and private goals. I was surprised at how much vigor she was able to unleash in me. I feel effective and empowered to take on further new challenges. Brigitte’s consistently optimistic and confident attitude was extremely contagious and still continues to affect me.

Brigitte’s coaching has enriched me professionally and personally and has brought me far beyond achieving my goals. I can unreservedly recommend Brigitte as a coach. She is a great gift for everyone who receives advice and support from her.

Deputy CEO of a Singapore Government Organisation

Brigitte’s greatest strength is her immense ability to listen deeply to what I am saying, not just what I am speaking. She is skilful in helping me discover the insights along the coaching journey rather than adopting a prescriptive approach. She exhibits great patience in her coaching method and has provided useful resources to help me in specific areas.

I have gained tremendous insights from Brigitte’s coaching sessions as I regard them as an asset to senior leaders in further discovering, validating leadership traits, values, behaviours, and methods. I would highly recommend her as a coach for senior people in leadership as she draws from a wealth of experience and will be of great help to them.