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Created by Antoinette Braks Master Executive Coach

PDF What is StageSHIFT Coaching?

A comprehensive 16p outline of what makes StageSHIFT Coaching distinctive from transformative coaching, the drivers and dynamics in development, an outline of the StageSHIFT Programs to a little about us. 

“This is a much-needed, research-based book that has already helped me to refine my coaching!”

—Maureen Metcalf, Founder & CEO, Innovative Leadership Institute

"Antoinette Braks shows us how executive coaching can become a transformational dialogue; a holistic path that can humanise our world.”

—Reinhard Stelter, Professor of Coaching Psychology, University of Copenhagen

“It is more vital than ever before that leaders develop the ability to take multiple perspectives, think systemically, consider the long-term effects of decisions and base them on the best of available scientific evidence – this book offers a path to help leaders acquire these later stage characteristics.” 

—Susanne Cook-Greuter, Strategic Advisor & Research Director, Vertical Development Academy

Antoinette’s brilliant work creates an effective, practical and grounded approach to guide coaches and leaders in a pivotal arc in the developmental spectrum to see what is not yet seen and heal underlying hidden dilemmas not yet identified. 

—Terri O'Fallon, Founder & Partner of STAGES International

Being published by McGraw Hill mid-year 2020. Click here to pre-order now.

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Webinar The What, Why and How of Vertical Development

A 30-min comprehensive introduction to Vertical Development and why it's so urgent today. Discover how to expedite your journey to the later stage of Synergist, attained by less than 10% of executives today. A 30-min overview of StageSHIFT's proven evidence-based Programs follows.

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30 min Outline of Vertical Development and 30 min Introduction to StageSHIFT Programs.

Braks, AJ (2020) Leadership Coaching Leads to Later Stage Development, Integral Review Vol 16.1 April 2020

Braks presents the drivers and dynamics of vertical development to Synergist following a multiple case study where 80% shifted one stage and 20% shifted two stages after an average of 8 * 90-min Transformative Coaching Sessions.

Live StageSHIFT Webinar: 6pm UTC Tues 14 July 2020 

A live webinar sharing new insights into Vertical Leadership Development, the Spectrum Stage Shift and organisational evolution. All questions and thoughts are welcome. StageSHIFT coaching enables leaders to become more inspiring strategic leaders who can transcend the turmoil and cut through complexity, trust emergence to navigate uncertainty, and transform their world with strategic ingenuity. Discover how to realise your aspirational intent, facilitate personal healing, and generate organisational evolution.

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Find out more about Transformative StageSHIFT Coaching in Vertical Leadership Development. 

Maureen Metcalf, CEO of the Innovating Leadership Institute in the US, Bestselling Author and regular Forbes Leadership Contributor interviews Antoinette Braks

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PDFs Top Articles on Vertical Development

Download some of the best articles on Vertical Leadership Development & Transformative Coaching.

There has never been a more important time to invest in vertical leadership development to realise your fullest potential, lead a more meaningful and enriching life, and make a more significant difference in creating a more sustainable, healthy and equitable world.

Program The Spectrum Stage Shift

Special Introductory Offer USD250

A series of 8 * 20-min Videos covering the Psychology, Structural Nature and Energy Dynamics of Vertical Leadership Development. Find out all about the Stages one by one, the 2-Step Square Dance of Vertical Development and the Figure-8 Holistic Energy Operating System. You'll gain many new insights and revelations into the mystery and mastery of Vertical Development.

Your Introduction to the proven and distinctive StageSHIFT pathway in Vertical Leadership Development

8 * 20-min Videos introducing you to the nature of Vertical Leadership Development. 

SPECIAL OFFER 30% PANDEMIC Discount for StageSHIFT Programs launching May/June 2020 

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Video The ROI on StageSHIFT Vertical Development

StageSHIFT Coaching is 4 Times More Effective than most leadership programs in just 10% of the time: 8 * 90-min Coaching Meetings pa = 2-days in contrast to typical 20-day offsite intensive leadership programs. 20-min Video


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