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The current reset in the world demands the next evolution of executive coaching - transformative coaching - to expedite the Vertical Development of us as coaches and our client executives to the later stage of maturity at the transforming mind of the SYNERGIST, found in less than 10% of leaders today. 

StageSHIFT Coaching in Vertical Development


Executive Coaching in Strategic Holistic Leadership

The Drivers and Dynamics of Vertical Development

Come along to the webinar to explore the findings in my new book on how to navigate your self and your enterprise to later more powerful, liberating stages.

StageSHIFT Coaching in Vertical Development

StageSHIFT Coaching is a breakthrough evidence-based coaching approach that expedites vertical development to the later rare stage of a mature SYNERGIST - the level of the self-transforming mind, found in less than 10% of leaders today. It is only at this level of expanded consciousness that a leader is able to transcend the chaotic 21st century VUCA world and lead the generation of interconnected policies, strategies and systems to transform social norms and economic foundations so that a more sustainable, healthy and equitable world can emerge.

The StageSHIFT Pathway of Vertical Development has been proven to enable 100% of participants to navigate a vertical shift to their next post-conventional stage in just one year, and 20% of participants shift twice. It is four times more effective in 10% of the time invested in contrast to most leadership development programs due to the breadth and depth of the rich StageSHIFT content and its unique evolutionary transformative coaching approach.