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Executive Leaders

Accelerate your Strategic Authentic Leadership Development to quickly become a more visionary, inspiring and purposeful leader who is highly effective in Senior Executive Roles.


Executive Coaches

Elevate your Coaching Presence to Synergist, and then use the proven 8-Step StageSHIFT System to fast track the growth of your Executive Clients leading Divisions, Regions and organizations.


StageSHIFT Coaches

Advance your Coaching Capacity with DEEPER Supervision, Vertical Systemic Team Dynamics, and our new Vertical Systemic IMPACT Profile to assess the Vertical Development of organizations.


Hi, I'm Antoinette Braks,

Founder of StageSHIFT.

I enable Senior Executives and their Teams become much more effective business leaders quickly. They learn to rise above systemic complexity to master their inner self, find their voice, develop strategic focus, scale their business, and lead a more fulfilling life. Clients have increased their Leadership Effectiveness by 20% in 1-2 years, increased People Engagement by 30% in 6-months, and doubled their Business Revenues after just 3 months. 

In terms of credentials, I am a Master Certified Executive Coach with over 8,000 hours of Individual, Group and Team Coaching Experience with Senior Executives and Coaches following a 30-year global corporate career with Shell and Korn Ferry. I hold a PhD in Leadership Psychology, an MBA from London Business School, and an inter-systemic evolutionary Alchemist mindset. As author of Executive Coaching in Strategic Holistic Leadership (McGraw Hill 2020), I offer an adaptive, innovative and collaborative approach to Vertical Development and was honoured to win the CEO Award for Leadership Coaching 2020.

My career has always been important to me. I’ve been a bit of a crusader. This has enabled me to excel and also got me into hot water from time to time. I've learned how to bridge opportunity with reality, to align my passions, principles and purpose with the deeply transformative and systemic work I do with people. I am becoming more patiently aspirational, gently provocative, and humbly tenacious.

More than 50 highly qualified and equally committed and experienced Executive Coaches with international corporate careers behind them, have become certified as Transformative StageSHIFT Coaches. Located all around the world, we offer the distinct advantage of the mature Synergist or Alchemist Mindset. We embody a level of consciousness that offers deep personal inquiry, systemic dynamic meaning-making and a heartfelt presence to guide your leadership journey to become more.


"I feel and believe strongly that this is 'the real deal' in executive leadership development. As a humble attempt, I would say that it is unrivalled in its blend of science and applied wisdom, and in the inner more conscious self that evolves in embodied leadership presence."

- Paul Smith, Transformative Executive StageSHIFT Coach

"Antoinette is one of only three Thought Leaders I know who credibly and passionately integrates business and spirituality. It's rare and profound, and much needed today. Her brilliant intellect, fearless consulting and coaching has created a great suite of offerings."

- Emma Pearson, Transformative Executive StageSHIFT Coach

"The Program was indeed transformative. Through her collaborative, uplifting and deeply thought provoking approach, Antoinette challenged me to enquire deeply and articulate concepts that were just beyond my reach. It lifted my consciousness to another level. Her work is brilliant!"

- Heather Monro, Transformative Executive StageSHIFT Coach


Accelerate your development and team coherence with these breakthrough programs.

StageSHIFT Vertical Executive Coaching

Discover how to build the Systemic Strategic Scaffolding to evolve the organization and learn to cultivate your self and resolve shadow to expand your Conscious Authentic Holistic Leadership presence and capacity.


StageSHIFT Systemic Team Dynamics

Transcend complexity, diversity and uncertainty to move into flow while building a high trust team performance culture within your team and with colleagues and stakeholders in your business ecosystem. Reinvent your culture.


Maturing Leadership Perspectives

Most Executives embody the accountable Achievist: the high performing heroic leader who thrives in a conventional competitive environment where profits come first. 

The systemic Synergist is the high trust team performance culture leader who flourishes in a complex collaborative community context where purpose, people and profits are held in a sustainable balance for the good of all in the long run. Examples are well known Synergists are Angela Merkel, Anita Roddick, Barack Obama, and Warren Buffett.

The evolutionary Alchemist is the rare socioeconomic leader who shifts civilisations to reform society such as Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi.

In today's complex volatile world, large organizations need to be led by Senior Executive Teams at Synergist: bold, purposeful, systemic, transforming leaders of their business ecosystem. StageSHIFT delivers an accelerated proven pathway to enable this vital leadership growth beyond conventional commercial norms for Senior Executives.

"I enjoy my coaching meetings with Antoinette principally because she continually challenges my normalized way of thinking.

The coaching is not a linear process. It’s emergent, disruptive, and even disconcerting - that’s where the magic is. Antoinette considers things from a deeper dynamic perspective.

Her focus on embracing our uniqueness is inspiring and amazingly effective."

- Greg Ellis, Regional Executive Director Transport

"Antoinette is an extraordinary leadership coach who truly 'listens' from multiple levels. Her commitment to her own evolution and growth and her innate ability to access her vast inner wisdom and bring it into form to guide others is a beautiful and powerful gift.

Couple this with her extensive knowledge and an establish (and tried and tested) suite of personal leadership development tools and approaches - and the result can only be WOW!"

- Nicola Vague, Change Management Consultant

"While working with the Board and Management Team, Antoinette helped us to turnaround our national Association. Her commitment to bringing our vision to life and focus on results, inspired us to achieve much more than we thought was possible.

Her style is fast-paced, insightful, strategic, always positive and encouraging. Her high energy level literally “swept us up” and moved us along. Together we achieved audacious goals, developed a national profile and became a significant influencer of national government policy.” 

- Judith Speight, Chairman TUANZ

Extraordinary Results

Restructures on a horizontal level will tweak strategic focus but they won't transform the organization's capacity to realize more purposeful aspirations. As Einstein said, we cannot solve problems at the level they're created.

Our PURPOSE is to partner with strategic leaders to inspire and accelerate a quantum vertical shift in leadership capacity and effectiveness so we can cut through complexity and rise above volatility to co-create more sustainable, healthy and equitable business ecosystems where everyone flourishes.

We design StageSHIFT Transformations taking organizations from Amber and Orange, to include Green and Teal at cross-boundary and upper levels (see diagram), so that everyone gets to level up and realize their latent inner potential! 

In one 1,000-person organization, the Leadership Effectiveness of the top 75 leaders increased by 20% within 21-months of restructuring. In another, People Engagement leapt by 30% in just 6-months during an extensive merger of centralized business services. In a third 50-p trading business, revenues doubled within 6-months!

Our integrated approach to Vertical Systemic Holistic Development for leaders, their organization and external stakeholders, generates extraordinary results fast!

"The StageSHIFT Program is unique in that it takes a holistic approach to transformation. Antoinette is a collaborative intuitive whose depth of knowledge in leadership development is unsurpassed. In a short period of time, she has galvanized the organization in a way that is remarkable due to her ability to understand and engage with people.

She has clear insight into what drives behaviours in the workplace and how to make momentous changes in perspective. Her strong strategic focus, business acumen and gracious understanding of people mean you will gain far more than you expect!

Did I say there was a whiff of culture change in the air? There is a gale force wind blowing and the organization and people are the ultimate winners!"

- Anne Cosgrove, Executive Director People and Culture

“Antoinette was an engaging, skilful, challenging and enthusiastic person to work with. She integrated many new initiatives to transform our culture creating momentum from which results soon flowed.

The terrific speed of success was due to her great ability to engage with the leaders and ensure that the adopted strategies were well understood and effectively implemented to drive toward the desired outcomes.

She was a vital source of energy and inspiration in setting our new course and getting us going!"

- Pat Richards, CEO Shared Business Services Company

"Antoinette instigated a terrific collaboration with us by leading a Strategic Offsite for our new Executive Team. It was an invigorating and highly productive 2-day workshop to set our Strategic Direction and the Leadership Culture we wanted.

She then designed and led a CONFIDENT Leaders Program that enabled the Top 75 leaders become more self-aware and develop the courageous authenticity and team accountability to lift our performance.

Her broad strategic perspective and deep insights into mindfulness, emotional intelligence and personal power stimulated a significant shift in our ability to collaborate with our business partners and build a thriving sustainable agricultural sector."

- Michael Bullen, Deputy Director General, Agriculture

Become a Transformative Executive Coach in Vertical Leadership Development for Senior Executives

FAST TRACK YOUR SUCCESS as a Senior Executive Coach by getting the Advanced Leadership Development your clients need to cut thru complexity and uplift Self, Others, System & Culture.



Uplift your coaching presence, inner wisdom, and outer skills with these enriching programs.

The StageSHIFT Vertical Coaching Certification Program

Discover the 8-Step StageSHIFT Solution to expand your coaching capacity and generate transformative outcomes for your clients.


The Vertical Holistic Leadership Profile Certification Program

Learn all about Vertical Development and become certified in our unique capability-based automated 4D Leadership Profile.


Executive Coaching in Strategic Holistic Leadership by AJ Braks

A comprehensive introduction to the Stages of Vertical Holistic Leadership Development together with a summary of Strengths and Shadows of each Stage. Find out more about the PhD research findings that led to the distillation of the 8 Drivers and Dynamics of Later Stage Transformation to Synergist.


"Antoinette Braks' brilliant work, supported by her research, has focused on a pivotal arc in the developmental spectrum - the capacity of our leaders and coaches to take a mature, 4th Perspective. She has accessed the most salient aspects of different developmental models to create an effective, practical and grounded approach for guiding those who are ready, opening their eyes to the next generation of coaching and leading. This is much needed in a world that is hungry for new eyes that will see what is not yet seen, and heal hidden dilemmas that have not yet been identified."

- Terri O'Fallon, STAGES Global Thought Leader

"In these trying times of an unprecedented global health crisis, the smooth day-to-day running of civic affairs is disrupted. Thus, it is more urgent than ever before that mature leaders are at the helm of societies and corporations. As the speed and reach of global change and challenge in all areas of life is increasing, it becomes vital that more people develop the ability to take multiple perspectives, think systemically, consider the long-term effects of decisions and base them on the best available scientific evidence. This book offers a path to help leaders acquire these later stage characteristics."

- Susanne Cook-Greuter, STAGES Pioneer

"If executive coaching supports the transformation from Achievist to Synergist as this book lays out, it will become much more than the support towards achieving the next goal on the career ladder. It will instead become a transformational dialogue: a holistic path that can humanize our world."

- Reinhard Stelter, Psychology Prof. Copenhagen University. Author 3rd Gen Coaching

"This is a much-needed research-based book that shares crucial tools and techniques for coaches that are proven to move clients through the levels of developmental maturity."

- Maureen Metcalf, CEO Innovative Leadership Institute

Receive the first 2 Chapters for FREE.

Enjoy the first two chapters of Executive Coaching in Strategic Holistic Leadership to find out more about the History and Stages of Vertical Development. We'll also email you with our new insights, a play on words, our latest offers, and my story as it unfolds. Click on the book to purchase it on Amazon.

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Continue to expand your leadership coaching capacity to extend your impact.

StageSHIFT DEEPER Coaching Evolution

Deepen your understanding and application of the 8-Step StageSHIFT System by regularly tuning into Dynamics, Efficacy, Evolution, Partnerships, Ethics, and Renewal.


Vertical Systemic Team Dynamics

Extend your coaching capacity to design and lead Strategic and Systemic Team workshops to set shared aspirational direction, create outer alignment and inner team coherence. 


Leadership Programs

If you're an Executive Coach who dreams of making a much bigger and quicker impact, become a StageSHIFT Coach so you can on-sell our Strategic Holistic Leadership Programs.

Our Online Executive Resources including vital information in succinct videos and extended notes, blended with the live Discovery Dialogues that you lead as a StageSHIFT Synergist Coach are a winning combination. The know how is directly applied in the workspace to uplift Senior Executives, their Teams, organization, culture and business performance.

Expand your coaching, leadership, and market presence as a member of the global StageSHIFT community!

"I am blown away and mesmerized by the amount of knowledge, research, techniques and tools Antoinette has put together! Not only has she helped me to take my leadership development programs to a totally new level of impact, she has also elevated my own consciousness and strongly contributed to my soul development.

Antoinette is the most aspirational, knowledgeable and loving leader I have come across. She is the go-to thought leader, mentor and guide in vertical development."

- Jessica Lowenhielm, Transformative Executive StageSHIFT Coach

"Antoinette's profound and rare capacity to inspire developmental movement in individuals, teams, and the wider community is remarkable.

She is part of a class of brilliant, humble human beings who invite you to fully meet yourself, your shadows and unfolding potential, simply by their presence and capacity to hold that space. Her unique, well-researched body of work enables leaders to integrate business and human development."

- Jacqueline van Paassen, Transformative Executive StageSHIFT Coach

"Antoinette has a unique style and approach. I'd emphasize her discernment and the ability to beautifully conceptualize complex ideas and get to the very core of things. I am fascinated with her methodology and her constantly inquiring mind and lightness.

Another unique thing is the community of late stage coaches and the depth of conversation that I rarely experience anywhere else."

- Ekaterina Surkova, Transformative Executive StageSHIFT Coach