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We partner with conscious business leaders to generate quantum vertical shifts in yourself, your executive team dynamics, people engagement, leadership culture, and live ecosystem, to foster flourishing communities and co-create a more sustainable, healthier, equitable, and joyful world.

How to Realise Aspirational Outcomes by Leading a Vertical Holistic Culture Evolution 

  2. VERTICAL EVOLUTION.     @5-mins
  3. EXECUTIVE STAGES.     @12-mins
  4. UNIQUE APPROACH.     @22-mins
  5. CASE STUDIES.     @30-mins
  6. MY STORY.     @37-mins

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Take a Proven Pathway in Vertical Evolution to Elevate Your Leadership and Organization

Elevate your Leadership Capacity to Transformative

StageSHIFT Strategic Holistic Leadership Programs in Vertical Development to Later Stages

Customise our Proven Pathway in Vertical Leadership Development so that your Strategic Leaders discover how to trust emergence, transcend complexity, and lead the evolution of your enterprise and business ecosystem to generate and sustain organic transformation.

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Hi, I’m Dr Antoinette Braks, Founder of the global StageSHIFT Coaching Community. We partner with conscious leaders to elevate their leadership capacity and evolve their culture so they can lead with clearer purpose, inner power, and greater presence to realise aspirational, visionary, ecocentric outcomes.

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The distinctive features in our proven accelerated pathway in


The Conscious Self

We offer a deeper journey than most showing leaders how to cultivate self, heal shadow and embody spirit. It is this depth that accelerates vertical development.

Transformative Coaching

Our later stage coaches offer insightful dialogical inquiry as part of our 3rd generation Coaching approach, going well beyond the confines of developmental coaching. 

Ecosystemic Evolution

We integrate vertical leadership development with enterprise evolution and ecosystemic renewal to release internal constraints and invite broader participation.

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Our Special Thanks to Michael Dziedzic @Unsplash for the enigmatic images.

Our Global Community of Exceptional Synergist & Alchemist Certified StageSHIFT Coaches & Consultants

Most executive coaches undertake Developmental Coaching whereas StageSHIFT Coaches offer 3rd generation Transformative Coaching. 

Our later stage consciousness at mature Synergist and emergent Alchemist can offer you insights and revelations not yet accessible at earlier stages of awareness to accelerate the vertical evolution of your strategic leaders.

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Become a Transformative Coach in Vertical Leadership Development and Enterprise Evolution

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The StageSHIFT Coaching Certification Program

This is an enriching, consciousness-raising 12-month Program. It teaches you the StageSHIFT Transformative Coaching approach and the 8 Drivers that accelerate Vertical Development for strategic executive leaders to Synergist.

This Program is the entry ticket to the StageSHIFT Global Community of Transformative Coaches with the opportunity to participate in organisational Vertical Leadership Culture Evolution Programs.

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Articles & Presentations on Vertical Development

Find out more about Vertical Development from the original pioneers and contemporary explorers.

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Complimentary Chapters 1 and 2 from Executive Coaching in Strategic Holistic Leadership by Dr Antoinette Braks

and receive  new insights and findings on Vertical Leadership Development direct to your inbox.

Complimentary Chapters 1 and 2 from Executive Coaching in Strategic Holistic Leadership

and receive new insights and finding on Vertical Leadership Development direct to your Inbox