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StageSHIFT partners with executive leaders to inspire and accelerate a quantum vertical shift in conscious leadership capacity and effectiveness, embracing the opportunity in systemic complexity and rising volatility to co-create more sustainable, healthy, and equitable business ecosystems where everyone and all of life flourishes as a community.

10 Reasons to Evolve to SYNERGIST

executive coaching group coaching leadership development vertical development Apr 30, 2020
  1. To realise your potential – it’s latent, it’s there, it’s ready … from acorn to oak tree ...
  2. Vertical development is natural, organic, it’s just that it’s been inhibited by old ways.
  3. There’s more to life than more of the same – it’s time to change how we live.
  4. It's urgent ... there is so much havoc in the world that to thrive we must evolve.
  5. Synergist leaders enable cohesion and connectedness even with remote working.
  6. To lead a more purposeful life and make a bigger difference for having lived.
  7. To lead a more fulfilling life – a richer, easier, deeper and more meaningful life.
  8. To transcend the turmoil in your life and learn how to navigate and trust emergence.
  9. To help create a more sustainable, healthy and equitable world so we can all flourish.
  10. To increase your powers of manifestation and live with greater ease and grace.

The problems we are experiencing in the world today can only be transcended at the level of Synergist, only they can surf the waves of change and create anew. At Synergist, life is fun, bold, vital and transformative. From work to play, grow to flow, calm to care, and free to love.

Key Facts

Less than 10% of leaders have evolved to Synergist, yet only at that culminating stage of development do we have the courage, capacity and compassion to re-engineer organisations, industries and society where people and planet prevail.

Conventional organisations and our economic infrastructure inhibit our vertical development. They contain it just like a jar placed on top of a plant. By removing the container and re-engineering the ways you lead your people, you will not only thrive, but flourish. The combination of strategic and holistic development, outer and inner evolution, has been proven to expedite later stage development to Synergist.

You can do this as a leader from anywhere in your organisation. I've seen my clients do it. As the CEO, as the leader of a function, region, division or business unit, you can hold and sustain your own corporate culture within the larger macrocosm as you evolve to the stage of Synergist. The two elements, organisational development and leadership development, go hand-in-hand. One without the other cannot expedite vertical development to Synergist.

StageSHIFT Leadership Programs have a proven fast-track methodology. Rather than taking years to master vertical development to Synergist, it can be accomplished in just 12 months! ALL participants in the StageSHIFT research project shifted a full stage - extraordinarily so - and 20% shifted twice to Synergist in the one year with others following.

For those of you who understand vertical development, the evolution to Synergist includes the spectrum of stages immediately before and after: Trailing edge: Achievist, Secondary stage: Catalyst, Primary stage and Centre of Gravity: Synergist; and Leading edge: Constructivist leaning into Alchemist. An alignment of Heart, Mind and Spirit.

The StageSHIFT SYNERGIST LEADERSHIP PROGRAM is launching this week. Each quarter we will travel through a different dimension: Strategic Leadership, Holistic Leadership, Transforming Leadership and Inspiring Leadership. You’ll be able to customise proven strategic business processes and frameworks and also explore deep within to understand and heal shadow, and eliminate transference and emotional triggers. With high aspirational intent and a series of inward and outward journeys taken with compassion and courage, you too will evolve to Synergist and join the top 10% of leaders today and help to create the world anew.

12 Modules – 3-4 video topics in each – coupled with fortnightly transformative small group coaching, max 12 in a group. Check out the StageSHIFT SYNERGIST Program here … special rate for those affected by the pandemic …

Feel free to email or set up a call if you're interested in investing in your potential as a Synergist leader: [email protected] ... or go to the program page.

Love to see you on the program,



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