10 Reasons to Evolve to SYNERGIST

  1. To realise your potential – it’s latent, it’s there, it’s ready … from acorn to oak tree ...
  2. Vertical development is natural, organic, it’s just that it’s been inhibited by old ways.
  3. There’s more to life than more of the same – it’s time to change how we live.
  4. It's urgent ... there is so much havoc in the world that to thrive we must evolve.
  5. Synergist leaders enable cohesion and connectedness even with remote working.
  6. To lead a more purposeful life and make a bigger difference for having lived.
  7. To lead a more fulfilling life...
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The 7 Advantages of Small Group Leadership Coaching

The Main Goals of Leadership Coaching are:

  • To better know yourself: strengths, stretches, stressors and shadow
  • To develop a more confident, authentic and inspiring leadership presence
  • To build stronger relationships with others by communicating articulately
  • To exercise co-creative power aligned to your purpose with ease and grace, and
  • To create a more fulfilling quality of life and balance across life's dimensions.

To undertake developmental coaching within a Group adds significantly to the dynamic! According to Manfred Kets de Vries, Professor of Leadership Development and Director...

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The 7 Main Forms of Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching comes in different forms. It’s critical that you match the form of Executive Coaching and the different types of Executive Coaches with your particular situation.

  1. Performance Coaching
  2. Executive Coaching
  3. Leadership Coaching
  4. Career Coaching
  5. First 100-days Coaching
  6. Small Group Coaching
  7. Large Group Coaching

Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching is the most traditional form of coaching brought in by Senior Managers and HR Professionals to support and guide an executive who is or is likely to be overwhelmed in a role that requires significant stretch beyond their...

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