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The 7 Advantages of Small Group Leadership Coaching

executive coaching group coaching leadership development Jan 28, 2016

The Main Goals of Leadership Coaching are:

  • To better know yourself: strengths, stretches, stressors and shadow
  • To develop a more confident, authentic and inspiring leadership presence
  • To build stronger relationships with others by communicating articulately
  • To exercise co-creative power aligned to your purpose with ease and grace, and
  • To create a more fulfilling quality of life and balance across life's dimensions.

To undertake developmental coaching within a Group adds significantly to the dynamic! According to Manfred Kets de Vries, Professor of Leadership Development and Director of the Global Leadership Centre at INSEAD, in his 2014 article "The Group Coaching Conundrum" 

"Group work is demonstrated to be empirically effective and especially when combined with one-to-one work." 

The 7 Advantages of Small Group Work

1. Program Content

It carries Program Content within a proven methodology to generate a series of gateways and pathways to instigate and sustain leadership development across multiple personal and professional dimensions

2. Vicarious Learning

Vicarious learning is multiplied through the diversity of perspectives, group dynamics, mutual identification with specific challenges, constructive conflict resolution and open-ended questions that confront, explore and enable the discovery of new choices and possibilities

 3. Sharing Aloud Amongst Others

By speaking out openly within a small group in a safe confidential space held by the Coach, you learn to articulate your thoughts, feelings and point of view amongst others in an authentic, gracious and succinct way – to be vulnerable and real while feeling safe to do so

4. Opportunity to Deep Dive 

Your opportunity to deep-dive is exponentially increased through the course of buddy conversations followed by sharing of key insights and revelations to know more about your fears, conflicts, desires, wishes, biases and blind spots.

5. A Trusted Tribe

You get to know fellow travellers well and develop trust with them leading to an extended network of relationships that enrich your life. Bonding amongst peers who offer mutual support and encouragement can act as a powerful catalyst for change.

 6. Developing Compassion

When listening to others deeply in a heartfelt way, you will learn to develop understanding, compassion and the personal acuity to lead intimate conversations with others in order to build more meaningful relationships.

7. Mindful Conscious Awareness

Being mindful of self and others over the course of the coaching period, you will learn how unconscious behaviours and patterns play out in life and develop a greater sense of personal presence, and conscious self and social awareness to co-create a fulfilling, rewarding life.

You might be curious about Executive Coaching in Leadership because you want to:

  • Create an inflection point in your life's journey - There must be more to life!
  • Really see what you haven't seen into or through before - Not this again!
  • Activate your personal opportunity for transformation - Others are doing it! Why not me?!
You cannot teach a person anything. You can only help them discover it within themselves. ~ Galileo


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Antoinette Braks is a Transformational Post-conventional Executive Coach in Strategic and Holistic Leadership with 25+ years global experience. In recent years she has coached more than 50 Senior Executives, led many Strategic Off-sites for Executive Teams, and Leadership Development Programs for senior leaders with outstanding results.

Antoinette holds an MBA from London Business School and is currently completing her PhD in Leadership Transformation at the MGSM. Previously she has led Leadership Capital Solutions with Korn Ferry Asia Pacific, People and Culture with Shell in Latin America and Africa, and was GM People with Vector in New Zealand.

Antoinette is also the bestselling author of Executive SOS outlining the 7 Proven Steps to Set Up Your Own Strategic Operating System. This book shows you how to rise above the noise, get off the treadmill and lead your division and stakeholders as an Inspiring Strategic Leader, showcasing a number of success stories from her executive clients.


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